HUSTLE House Vol. 4 (8/2/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE House Vol. 4 , the first HUSTLE show of 2005. Let’s see what lies in store. DO THE HUSTLE!

-Taichi does the opening run down of things in the cosmic plain, Kawada interrupts him and kicks him into a black hole.

-they then have a recap video which includes Wataru Sakata wanting to join the Monsters, among other things.
-There’s a monster lair segment where Takada addresses Shimada and An jo, An Jo makes a sorry speech and then Yinling comes out, beats him up and breaks his arm.

-An Jo and Shimada then come out to open the show and run down things.

Match 1 – Hustle Kamen Blue, Hustle Kamen Red & Leonardo Spanky vs. Monster J, The Neo Devil Pierrot #1 & The Neo Devil Pierrot #2

The Neo Devil Pierrots are Shu & Kei Sato and are evil clowns like the other Pierrots, while Monster J is Sonjay Dutt partly face painted. Good opener though, again the usual fun, quick paced back and forth action that’s always enjoyable. At the end Hustle Kamen and spanky all hit moves(Yoshi tonic, snap ‘Rana etc.) that get their opponents into pins and the ref counts a 3 count for them all at once. Fun stuff.
Winners: Hustle Kamen/Spanky(via pinfall) ***1/4

-In the back Hikaru talks to Nakamura, she spots that he has Yinlings photobook which causes her to storm off.

Match 2 – Arisin Z & Super Virus vs. Hikaru & Juventud Guerrera

This was solid, had lots of very fun action with some cool spots and was well paced. Virus and Arisin get control of Hikaru for a small bit and keep using a chair in a variety of ways. The rest of the match is much more back and forth with Arisin Z getting the win with a Ki Krusher. Enjoyed this alot.
Winner: Arisin/Virus(via Ki Krusher) ***1/2

-They recap the press conference where Wataru Sakata asks to join the Monster’s and even rips up a picture of Naoya Ogawa.
-In the back Kantaku Nakamura walks up to Ogawa with the ripped up picture of him, there’s a white board with Sakata’s photo on it below the word ‘wanted’. Ogawa isn’t in a good mood and pulls the photo to the floor. He asks Shamoji Fujii if he’s ready for the match against Sakata and Fujii is all fired up, he then goes to elbow drop Sakata’s photo but misses it. Then walks out.

Match 3 – Monster Army Assessment Match: Shamoji Fujii vs. Wataru Sakata

So this is one of Sakata’s matches to assess whether he should join the Monster Army. it’s a short and decent affair. Fujii wastes no time going straight for Sakata just as he getting into the ring, Sakata soon enough retaliates and things get a little more back and forth. Once again Fujii tries his diving elbow drop, but this time Sakata is too close so he overshoots and misses it, Sakata gets the upper-hand then, which leads to him taking out Fujii with a stiff kick to the back of his head while in a seated position.
Winner: Sakata(via kick to the head) **3/4

-Back in the Monster lair, the Monster’s are all sat at desks while Shimada briefs them about the Monster Royale that is happening next and he makes them sign some form of document.

Match 4 – Monster Battle Royale: Dan Bobish vs. El Hatena Dos vs. El Hatena Uno vs. Giant Silva vs. New Jersey Power Warrior vs. Small Daio Gama

So when the match starts everyone just forces each other onto the ground like it’s a shoot wrestling match, Takada then comes up on the screen and announces that the match has an over the top rule which Shimada seemed to have left out. When the match is resumed most people get eliminated straight away and then everyone else gets eliminated quite quickly, until it is just Bobish and NJPW left, they have a small exchange and then Bobish get the win eliminating NJPW over the rope with a clothesline. Literally nothing to this at all, lasted just under 3 minutes.
Winner: Dan Bobish¬† –¬† NR

-After the match Takada comes up on-screen and seems to announce that Bobish will be in a tag match at HUSTLE-7 he also announces something to Shimada which he didn’t seem happy with.

-they recap what happened last show between Monster C and Kawada.
-Then in the Monster Lair, C is sat on a chair flicking a photo of Kawada, An Jo tries to perk him back up and Takada chimes in too, C rips Kawada’s photo in half and then Takada uses his magic on him that puts a small yellow circle on his mask by the C, making his name pronunciation change to Monster Doushi.

Match 5 – Monster *C vs. HUSTLE RIKISHI

Rather simple back and forth match which was alright. *C gets the upper-hand at the end with a low blow and Monster J comes in the ring and they alternate kicking RIKISHI, but he eventually gets up and clotheslines the both of them down. *C then grabs a chair and smashes it in RIKISHI’s head but Rikishi the punches the chair into *C’s face sending him to the floor, Rikishi then hits the Banzai drop to get the victory.
Winner: Rikishi(via Banzai Drop) **1/2

-Back in the lair Shimada discusses with Takada the next monster they’ll unleash who is named Onigumo.
-In the back Nakamura is looking through his Yinling magazine and HUSTLE TITUS(formerly Mr. USA) is busy posing. Shinjiro Otani walks in sees Nakamura with his mag, looks baffled and then has a go at him, he also then shouts at TITUS for posing and flexing and gives him a chop.

Main Event – Hakushi & Onigumo vs. Hustle Titus & Shinjiro Otani

Pretty decent match, Don’t know who plays Onigumo, he’s basically a masked wrestler that’s supposed have spider characteristics, so he ends shooting webs(streamers) at Otani at one point. Anyway it was a mainly back and forth affair that was rather simple and decently paced with Otani getting the win from a spiral bomb. Not bad at all.
Winner: Titus/Otani(via Spiral Bomb) **3/4

-Post-match the other Monsters come in and start beating on Otani and Titus, Captain HUSTLE Ogawa comes down and starts making the save, but Bobish manages to take him down and the monsters starts beating on him, but then former Monster Army member Kevin Randleman comes and makes the save, he’s now on the HUSTLE side.

-Takada then comes out to the balcony to address the situation Randleman says he never liked Takada and confirms he is no longer Team Monster. Takada makes his final speech and leaves and Ogawa addresses everyone and Randleman and Otani have their say too. END SHOW.

Well that was a rather fun show had some decent matches through-out and I particularly really liked the mixed tag match, I though that was rather good. So yeah still nothing special but quite enjoyable overall. **3/4





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