WWE Raw 15/5/17 Review


It’s Monday Night Raw and Braun Strowman is gonna be out of action for a good while. So that’s the funnest part of Raw gone, lets see what else they can do.

-Angle opens the show  and announces Braun will be out of action for 6 months(boo!) and that there’ll be an extreme rules 5 way match to determine the no.1 contender for Brock Lesnar.  it’ll be Seth Rollins vs. Roman reigns vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe.
-He goes to leave and Roman Reigns comes out says there’s no need for a 5 way match since he is the only no.1 contender.
-Balor comes out says line starts behind him since he never lost his Universal title…Roman thinks he couldn’t beat Lesnar…Balor mentions beating Roman on his first night on Raw.
-Out comes Samoa Joe says it’s all about actions and results and so he thinks he will win cause his actions produce results.
-Bray Wyatt suddenly appears in the ring starts his rambling but is quickly interrupted by Rollins…he says this isn’t a time for talking, it’s a time for fighting adn he’s here to fight Joe…him and Joe starts brawling on the outside, then everyone starts attacking each other, but Finn ends up the one on top, hitting a sling blade on Roman and then hitting a Tope con Hilo. Nice little segment to start the show, 5-way is an interesting could be quite the enjoyable match-up. Sucks so much about Braun though.

-Balor, Reigns, Rollins are arguing backstage, Angle puts them all in matches so it’ll be Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor tonight!

Match 1 – Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Good little opener, Sheamus gets control for a good portion, and it was quite fun overall. The end gets messed up a little as Matt is on the apron and Jeff goes for a twist of fate but Sheamus reverses and tries pushing Jeff into Matt, but Jeff manages to stop himself, so Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick and Matt tells Jeff to move, he does, so the kick is meant to hit Matt instead but it doesn’t connect properly so Matt doesn’t go down, so Sheamus has to kick him again for him to go down. Jeff then hits a twist of fate and a swanton bomb to get the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy(via swanton Bomb) **3/4

Match 2 – Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

So this is re-match from last week it was alright, just a very short little back and forth match, not much to it., surprisingly Fox actually gets the win, hitting her janky scissors kick. I guess the gotta give Sasha something to keep her appearing on Raw.
Winner: Alicia Fox(via Scissors Kick) **1/4

Match 3 – Intercontinental Title match: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

This was a solid match-up, was well paced and back and forth throughout, at the end Maryse distracts the ref, so Miz goes for a low blow but Ambrose grabs his hand before he can do it and retaliates with a low blow kick which the ref sees, so he disqualifies Ambrose. It’s a nice little way to continue the feud and give them a stipulation match at extreme rules. good effort from both, crowd were really into it too.
Winner: Miz(via disqualification) ***1/2

-Alexa Bliss is now out for a promo…she calls over and talks down Newark calls them failures and Bliss goes on about how shes a winner and all her accomplishments.
-Bayley interrupts says she’s invoking her re-match clause at Extreme Rules…Bliss says Bayley doesn’t understand what Extreme Rules means and she will never be Extreme and down to her like a kid….Bayley retaliates and shoves her down, Bliss manages to get her back though, then goes and grabs a kendo stick, which she whacks hard into Bayley’s back. Bliss was really good here, Bayley on the other hand seemed to stumble through her words but she got her point across I guess.

-Miz walks up to Angle in his office, complains about what happened with Ambrose..Angle agrees to give him a re-match at Extreme Rules but Miz wants a stipulation where a DQ means the title changes hands, which Angle agrees to. The Drifter then randomly walks as he usually does, then walks away.

Match 4 – Jack Gallagher/Austin Aries vs. Neville/TJP

This was pretty decent but crowd got distracted and didn’t care, they just started doing a few random chants instead. Match was nothing special though and they’ve done better but still it wasn’t bad just a shame the crowd were disrespectful. TJP wins with a detonation kick.
Winner: Neville/TJP(via detonation kick) **1/2

-Angle walks up to Bayley and asks if she’s ok, he says the match at extreme rules will just be a straight up wrestling match, Bayley doesn’t want that though she wants a chance at revenge and is ready to get extreme, so Angle makes it a kendo stick on a pole match. Well I guess that makes sense but it’s hard to care about ‘on a pole’ matches.

-In the locker room R-truth is disappointed about his teams loss last week, Goldust tries to perk him up though and says they can still try and prove themselves and fight to the top, starting with Gallows and Anderson.

Match 5 – Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor

This was very good, lots of enjoyable back and forth action and was consistently paced throughout. Reigns’ injuries came into play a few times too which was nice but in end reigns gets the win with a spear despite a strong effort by Balor.
Winner: Roman Reigns(via Spear) ***1/2

-post-match arena goes dark and Bray Wyatt comes on screen and does a promo about Rollins in his own rambly way.

-Rollins is then interviewed backstage gives a decent little promo about things.

-Golden Truth come out for their match but Goldust ends up attack R-truth when they are in the ring, so the Golden Truth are no more. Well this seems like the right choice, the team really haven’t done much and they need to fill out the Extreme rules card a little more so this could work.

-Enzo & Cass come out and start doing their promo but Titus O’ Neill and Apollo Crews come out. Titus does a promo that mocks Enzo & Cass’ style, says Apollo is gonna beat Enzo.. Cass corrects him as it’s not Enzo against Apollo, it’s Titus vs Cass. Titus says he ain’t wrestling in his expensive suit but he has no choice in the matter.

Match 6 – Titus O’ Neill vs. Big Cass

Yeah this was super short and a bunch of nothing. Titus starts wailing on Cass, takes his belt off to use gets distracted by Enzo and eats a big boot.
Winner: Cass(via big boot) NR

-Post-match Enzo tries to take a selfie with a fallen Titus but Apollo gives him an enzugiri.

-Neville in the locker room with TJP. TJP is happy about the win, but Neville knows things aren’t over yet and on 205 live they will take out Aries and his knee for good.

Main Event – Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

‘First time ever match’ and it was pretty good, crowd weren’t as into it as other matches but it was an enjoyable back and forth contest, feel Balor/Reign might have worked better as the main, but I guess they are trying to push Wyatt more. In the end as expected Samoa Joe attacks Rollins making Wyatt get disqualified.
Winner: Rollins(via DQ) ***

-Post-match Wyatt isn’t happy about what Joe did but he start helping him attack Rollins, before turning on him and hitting him with Sister Abigail. He then gives Rollins Sister Abigail, so he ends the show on top.

I thought this was a pretty good Raw, segments were kept minimal and so we had lots of action and most of it was very solid and enjoyable. Balor/Reigns in particular was very good and it was quite a solid Raw overall, even without fun ol’ Braun. ***



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