NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors 2017 Day 1 (17/5/17) Review


The 2017 Best of the Super Jr’s is here, with quite the intriguing lineup that is sure to produce some great matches, particularly in Block A, so lets see what Day 1 has on offer which includes Hiromu Takahashi/Dragon Lee in the main event.

Match 1 – A Block match: Jushin Liger vs. Taka Michinoku

This was a good little opener. Fairly straightforward back and forth match that was  well played out and executed, Taka gets the win with an eye poke and Heavy Killer #1 pinning clutch.
Winner: Taka(via Heavy Killer #1) ***

Match 2 – B Block Match: Volador Jr. vs. Tiger Mask IV

Another good match. They have a nice opening exchange and then Tiger works on Volador’s arm for a short bit before Volador comes back and they have a little  back and forth exchange with a couple close falls. In the end Volador gets the win with a Spanish Fly that almost didn’t go so well so had a bit of a harsh landing. Fair play to Tiger Mask for trying to keep up from Volador.
Winner: Volador Jr.(via Spanish Fly) ***

Match 3 – A Block match: Taichi vs. Ricochet

This was decent, had Taichi’s doing all is usual dirty tactics in the beginning like using his mic stand and hammer(which I’m sure made many peoples eyes roll) but then things pick up a little towards the end, leading to Ricochet getting a win with the shooting star press.
Winner: Ricochet(via Shooting Star Press) **3/4

Match 4 – B Block Match: BUSHI vs. ACH

This was a pretty solid match. Mostly back and forth, though BUSHI does have a small bit of control after hitting a nasty looking rope hanging DDT on the apron. Good effort from both guys, with ACH getting the win with a Midnight Driver.
Winner: ACH(via Midnight Driver) ***1/4

Match 5 – B Block Match: KUSHIDA vs. El Desperado

This was also a good match. Desperado attacks Kushida before the bell has even rung and gains control for a good portion before Kushida finally makes a comeback and we get a fun exchange. At the end Kushida gets screwed, as he locks in his Hoverboard lock, the ref gets taken out in the process, Desperado taps but the ref isn’t up to see it so Kushida lets go to check on him. Desperado takes advantage and hits Pinche Roco on Kushida’s ROH TV Title, it only gets a two count but it’s greatly weakened Kushida, so Desperado finally hits the Guitarra de Angel to get the pinfall.
Winner: El Desperado(via Guitarra De Angel) ***1/4

Match 6 – A Block Match: Marty Scurll vs. Will Ospreay

This was great, these guys obviously know each other really well and really showcased that. They kept a great pace throughout and it was just full of fun back and forth action. Impressive outing from both, with Marty getting the win catching Ospreays Oscutter into his signature Crossface Chickenwing which makes Ospreay submit. Highly enjoyable match.
Winner: Marty Scurll(via Crossface Chickenwing) ****

Match 7 – B Block Match: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

This was pretty good. They had a fun opening bit and then Kanemura took control for a good portion after fatiguing Taguchi with running. They have a fun end stretch then and it looks as though Kanemura is gonna steal one as Taka gets on the apron to distract the ref but Taguchi ends up pushing Kanemaru into Taka and catching him into a small package for the 3 count.
Winner: Taguchi(via Small Package) ***

Main Event – A Block Match: Hiromu Takahashi vs. Dragon Lee

You know these guys are always gonna kill it in the ring and this was no different, I wouldn’t say it’s as up to par as some of their previous encounters but it’s still one heck of a match. Has the usual straight up crazy back and forth action which is highly enjoyable and just great work overall with Dragon Lee getting the win with a Phoenix-plex(one of my favourite moves).
Winner: Dragon Lee(via Phoenix-Plex) ****1/4

So that’s day 1 down and I really enjoyed it overall, Hiromu/Dragon was definitely the best match as expected but I really liked Ospreay/Scurll alot too so those are the matches I’d recommend the most, but I though everything was good in it’s own way, aside Taichi/Ricochet which still wasn’t too bad. All in all thumbs up from me. Good stuff.



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