HUSTLE House Vol. 5 (9/2/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE House Vol. 5, lets see what fun can be had on this show. DO THE HUSTLE!

-Opens again with Taichi giving a general run down within the cosmic plain and Kawada coming in and this time chopping him into a blackhole.

-They have a recap video and then Shimada and An Jo come down to the ring to open the show, though Shimada seems very sad. Yingling also comes out on the balcony and says some things.

Match 1 – Dark von Maestro #1 & Dark von Maestro #2 vs. Hustle Kamen Blue & Hustle Kamen Red

The usual fun opener full of enjoyable cruiser action. Mainly back and forth but Maestros get a small bit of control using dirty tactics, in the end they actually end up getting the win when one of them hits a swanton bomb. Good stuff.
Winner: Dark Von Maestro’s(via Swanton Bomb) ***

-The Maestro’s are now in the lair and enter a small room…we hear the voice of Yinling and she whips them…Giant Silva walks in and overhears the whole thing, he then proceeds to drink his little energy drink and gets fired up.

Match 2 – Giant Silva & Onigumo vs. Hustle Titus & Leonardo Spanky

Another good tag match. Mostly back and forth, though Monsters do get a small amount of control of Spanky. the mix of big power guys and smaller high flyers made for a nice dynamic and some interesting exchanges and spots like Silva catching Spanky then throwing him at Titus who also catches him and throws him back to Silva who catches and throws him at Titus again who also catches him again and then throws him at Onigumo which takes him down. Onigumo ends up getting the the win by shooting his webs at kendrick and doing a rolling cradle.
Winners: Silva/Onigumo(via rolling cradle) ***

-Kantaku Namakura is in the cosmic plain to present the following Hardcore tag match ending with a tin bath dropping on his head.

Match 3 – Juventud Guerrera, Kintaro Kanemura & Masato Tanaka vs. Monster C, Monster J & Super Virus

Really fun match. They start in the ring and end up brawling outside for a bit where people start jumping off stuff like Virus doing a moonsault off a speaker. Back in the ring The Monster’s gain control for a little portion until Tanaka manages to make the tag to Juventud which leads into a fun homestretch that includes a cool spot where they set up three tables in the corner in a cross formation Kanemura sets up Virus on it and then Tanaka suplexes Kanemura onto Virus. In the end though Monster C hits a big powerbomb to get the pinfall. Really enjoyed that alot.
Winners: Monster Army(via Powerbomb) ***1/2

-They recap the whole Wataru Sakata situation with him wanting to join the Monster Army
-Nakamura is in the back talking to Great Sasuke about his match with Sakata. Sasuke is wearing a long back wig and a business suit.

Match 4 – Monster Army Assessment Match: Wataru Sakata vs. ‘Hustle Teacher’ The Great Sasuke

This was a fairly decent little match, Sakata gets a small bit of control but it’s mostly an even contest until Sasuke the madman, takes himself out by missing a senton bomb from the top rope to the outside. Sakata then gets the upper-hand and after a big backdrop and stiff kick to the back, he gets over top of Ssasuke and starts laying in the punches but Shamoji Fujii then decides to get involved to help Sasuke and goes for his diving elbow dropthat he always misses, but Sakata moves out of the way though, so Fujii ends up actually connecting with his elbow drop, but on Sasuke. Fujii gets angry and just starts wailing on Sakata in the corner, the ref tries to stop him but Fujii ends up shoving him out the way, so another ref comes in to break it up and Sakata wins by DQ.
Winner: Wataru Sakata(via DQ) **3/4

-Post-match Sakata tries to remove Sasuke’s mask but everyone manages to stop him.

Match 5 -Hakushi & Russian 54 vs. Hustle RIKISHI & ‘Achichi’ Shinjiro Otani

Otani is out in new attire that includes a red fluffy jacket, tights with red flames and red tassels on his arms & boots. This was decent. Formulaic but enjoyable, interesting seeing Otani all high energy, he goes straight for his opponents from the get go and things are pretty even early on, until The Monsters gain the control, Otani soon enough gets the hot tag though, leading to the end stretch where Rikishi gets the win with a Banzai drop.
Winners: Otani/Rikishi(via Banzai Drop) **3/4

-They recap the whole Randleman situation with him being part of Team HUSTLE.
-Takada and Yinling discuss the Randleman situation in their Lair.

Main Event – Arisin Z & Dan Bobish vs. Hikaru & Kevin Randleman

This was a good main event, starts quite even and there some nice exchanges between everyone, then the monsters get control of Randleman and they really give him a good beat down, Arisin even hits a moonsault with a chair. Randleman eventually gets the hot tag though, leading to the finishing stretch where Hikaru gets the win with an inside leg hook Falcon Arrow. Might be the best main event HUSTLE has had so far, really enjoyed it, good effort from all, especially Arisin Z who was the standout.
Winner: Hikaru/Randleman(via Leg hook Falcon Arrow) ***1/4

-Post-match Yingling comes out to say some things and quickly gets interrupted by  Naoya Ogawa, they have a verbal exchange.
-General Takada the comes out on his balcony and they all argue about things until Ogawa and Team HUSTLE decide to leave and the Team Monster end the show with Yinling doing her Monster squat pose.

Wrestling wise this has definitely been one of HUSTLE’s most consistent shows, lots of good action to enjoy here, particularly the hardcore tag and the main event. Yeah this was very fun show indeed overall. ***



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