NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 2017 Day 2 (18/5/17) Review


It’s Day 2 of the BOSJ and today it’s all A block matches which is all I’ll be focusing on, since I’ll just be skipping through the undercard. Day 1 proved to be highly enjoyable, so lets see how this one goes.

-Opens with a six man tag involving the Young Lions and Tiger Mask IV.
-There’s then a tag match between El Desperado/Yoshinobu Kanemaru  & ACH/Volador Jr which El Desperado wins.
-Then it’s another six man with War Machine/David Finlay vs. GoD/Yujiro with GoD winning.
-Finally there’s an 8 man tag – Juice Robinson/KUSHIDA/Ryusuke Taguchi/Satoshi Kojima vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon that BUSHI wins with a bridging backslide on Taguchi.

A Block Match – TAKA Michinoku vs. Taichi

It’s the team mates squaring off against each other and they played that up well. For a good while they just stand and do nothing as their too reluctant to wrestle each other, when they finally start, they manage to dodge all of each others attacks, they end up using a couple of the same dirty tactics against each other and then at the end after Taichi pretends his leg is injured after a missing superkick, Taka goes to kick him but he catches Taka’s leg and kicks him in the crotch and puts him in a Gedo clutch(the only wrestling move of the match) to get the 3 count. so yeah a fairly minimal but quite fun little match.
Winner: Taichi(via Gedo Clutch) **1/2

A Block Match – Marty Scurll vs. Dragon Lee

This was a solid match-up. They have a nice little opening exchange, then Scurll gets a bit of control using his villainous tactics, like tying Lee’s mask against the rope. Then Lee comes back and things become back and forth for rest of it, leading to a fun finishing stretch where Lee gets the win with a Tree of Woe double stomp.
Winner: Dragon Lee ***1/2

A Block Match – Hiromu Takahashi vs. Jushin Liger

Fair play what a fantastic effort from Liger here, really tried his best to keep up with Hiromu and delivered a really good match. From the get go Liger wasted no time hitting a Shotei straight away and getting the upper hand early on. From there it was very back and forth and the crowd were really into it and Liger had a couple very close calls, in the end though it wasn’t quite enough and Hiromu hits a Timebomb to get the 3 count. This was apparently Liger’s last BOSJ. match in the Korakuen Hall and what heckuva last one to have.
Winner: Hiromu Takahashi(via Timebomb) ***3/4

Main Event: A Block Match – Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet

So last year these two had a BOSJ match that went viral and had everyone talking, I quite enjoyed it that match but not as much as lot of people. This one however I thought was far superior and was a great main event match. They went out there and wrestled for almost 30 minutes, filling it to the brim with all kinds of action. They start with a big technical exchange, then a big athletic exchange and finally a chop and elbow exchange before Ricochet gains control for a short while and then it becomes a big back and forth exchange of fun action with big moves and sequences aplenty. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people that will say that they tried too hard or that it was too much and while i somewhat agree that it was tad excessive, I thought they put in a stellar effort that was highly enjoyable and the crowd certainly loved it.
Winner: Will Ospreay(via Oscutter) ****1/4

Another very enjoyable set of matches with a great main event and I also loved Liger’s match so those two are definitely worth checking out. Very good stuff overall.








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