WWE United Kingdom Championship Special (19/5/17) Review


It’s the UK Championship special, which is second of the two days they taped in Norwich a few weeks back. They are airing it today because there is a UK Championship match on NXT Takover: Chicago tomorrow and this show as stuff that is relevant to it. So lets see how it goes.

Match 1 – Wolfgang vs. Joseph Conners

This was a decent little opener, Wolfgang had a good start with his offence, but Conner soon enough took control and worked on Wolfgang’s ribs, who fair play sold the pain quite well and it even affected him at certain points including the finish, where he held onto his ribs while hitting the Swanton bomb to get the 3 count. Match seemed to suffer a little from some dead air and an uneven pace. I’m really not that fussed on Conners, he just doesn’t seem to connect with me.
Winner: Wolfgang(via swanton bomb) ***

Match 2 – Dan Moloney/Rich Swann vs. TJP/Brian Kendrick

Another decent match thought nothing special, TJP and Kendrick control the majority of it and end up getting the win when Kendrick gets Moloney with a small package with an assist from TJP. Moloney kept up well with everyone and it was pretty good work from everyone, nothing spectacular but fine.
Winners: Kendrick/TJP(via small package) **3/4

-They show how Trent Seven hurt his arm on night 1 against Wolfgang, they interview him in the back and ask if he’ll be able to do the match. He says he will and then Pete Dunne comes in. They stare each other down and then Dunne smashes Seven’s arm against the wall.

Match 3 – WWE UK Title No. 1 Contender’s match – Pete Dunne vs. Trent Seven

This was really good. Of course Pete Dunne targets the Trent’s arm throughout in his own interesting ways, but Trent does is best to stay in it and fight back, he even gives Dunne a Dragon suplex on the apron!. But despite a strong effort in quite a physical match Trent just couldn’t get it done and faced The Bitter End. It’s a shame that we already know what the match is tomorrow at Takeover, cause it does take away some of the drama of this match and the next one even. Still very good stuff overall, really enjoyed it.
Winner: Dunne(via the Bitter End) ***3/4

Main Event – WWE UK Title Match – Mark Andrews vs. Tyler Bate

Fantastic main event here. Had a nice technical opening and was very back and forth throughout with a consistently great pace. It may be shame like I said that we were already aware of who wins, but man, they really made it seem very close with a tense finishing stretch. Of course Tyler ends up retaining hitting a Tyler Driver ’97.
Whole match was just filled with great action and exchanges and it was  a tremendous effort from both men. I really liked it.
Winner: Tyler Bate(via Tyler Driver 97) ****1/4

So there we have it, fairly simple show but one that was good overall. first two matches are easily skippable but Dunne/Seven was really good and I definitely recommend the main event which was awesome. Very much looking froward to Dunne/Bate tomorrow should be a corker and I smell a potential title change. Anyway good stuff all around. ***1/2


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