HUSTLE-7 (11/2/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE-7 with more Fighting Opera fun times, lets check it out.

-Opens with Taichi in the cosmic plain again, this time Kawada kicks him in the butt out of existence.

-The show starts and a fan gets to sumo wrestle with Rikishi, he ‘wins’ and gets a DVD. -Then three others gets to go in the ring and do the ‘HUSTLE, HUSTLE’ Pose.

-They show a recap/Hype video followed by Yinling giving an address with in the Monster lair, she gets interrupted by Shimada & An Jo and then Takada walks in and gives his own address. Yinling end it by saying “It’s Yinling night in Nagoya”.

-GM Sasihara comes out and makes a few statements, they have the card run down and then Naoya Ogawa comes out to say a few words.

Match 1 – Juventud Guerrera & Leonardo Spanky vs. Monster J & Super Virus

At this point you can always expect the opening match to deliver and this is no different just lots of fun back and forth Junior action with Spanky getting the win from an Avalanche Sliced Bread.
Winner: Spanky/Juvi(via Avalanche Slice Bread No. 2) ***

-they recap the Kevin Randleman situation, then in the Monster lair Takada and Shimada prep NJPW for his match.

Match 2 – Hustle Titus & Kevin Randleman vs. NJPW & Onigumo

Fairly average little match that was mostly back and forth. Seemed to be a bit of miscommunication  between Randleman and Onigumo a few times, but other than that it was all decent enough. Randleman gets the win with a big diving elbow drop.
Winner: Randleman/Titus(via Diving Elbow Drop) **1/2

-They show Kawada lashing out at Taichi three seperate times, first he kicks a drawing out of his hand, then he splashes water in his face and then he throws him through the door out of the room.

Match 3 – Monster C vs. Taichi Ishikari

Taichi is trying to promote himself as HUSTLE I, so crowd chant ‘I’ when he does strikes. He managed to hold his own very well here and it made for a very even match, towards the end he starts going for some of Kawada’s moves himself, but then he tries a powerbomb and that gets reversed into a back body drop, leading to Monster C hitting a powerbomb on him to get the 3 count. Good effort from Taichi(words rarely spoken these days), decent little match overall.
Winner: Monster C(via Powerbomb) **3/4

Match 4 – Hardcore match: Kintaro Kanemura, Riki Choshu & Tomohiro Ishii vs. Masato Tanaka, Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Kanemura gets a bunch of kids in to do his dance with him. This is the other match that almost always delivers something good and it did, very fun match-up, highlights include Kanemura jumping off a balcony and splashing Tanaka through a table, them setting up a table cross in the corner again and Tanaka superplexing Kanemura ‘through them’ & Choshu getting DVD’d into a half set up table. Enjoyable stuff, not sure why Tanaka was on the opposite team of Kanemura this time, not sure if they explained it. Anyway Choshu of course gets the win with a Riki lariat, because its Choshu and he ain’t going down for no hardcore geeks.
Winners: Choshu’s Team(via Riki Lariat) ***

-They have a break and then there a segment in the back where Hikaru is having a go at Kantaku Nakamura for looking through his Yinling magazine, Rikishi walks in and see a picture with a thong in the mag and makes a comment, he walks off and I think Nakamura makes a comment about Hikaru’s butt as it cuts to a shot of it, so she scowls Nakamura and kicks him.
-Shimada is in the lair watching footage of him getting stinkfaced he talks to Silva about what he must do and then Takada walks in addresses them and does his magic on Silva.

Match 5 – Giant Silva vs. HUSTLE Rikishi

Yeah this wasn’t the good, obviously Silva is a very limited worker and with him facing another big guy like Rikishi there really wasn’t much to this match at all. Basically Silva gets control early on, Rikishi comes back and clotheslines him outside, Silva gets pissed and grabs a monitor but Rikishi ends up kicking it into his chest which lands him in the corner so Rikishi gives him the stinkface, someone then grabs another monitor for Rikishi, he hit’s Silva with it and lands a BANZAI drop for the 3 count. Just a bunch of awkward strikes and not much else, don’t quite get the obssession with monitors either. Oh well.
Winner: Rikishi(via Banzai drop) *

-They recap the Wataru Sakata situation and then he is in the lair talking to An Jo while smoking a cigarette, two monster soldier walk in and gesture him to leave for his match, he then douses out his cigarette into one of their masks.

Match 6 – Monster Army Assessment match: Toshiaki Kawada vs. Wataru Sakata

This was a pretty good match. Was mainly just lots of stiff strikes being exchanged especially from Kawada who almost seems to legit knock out Sakata with a hard slap. Sakata also tries targeting Kawada’s leg and locks in a cross leglock a couple of times but Kawada won’t go down so easily. In the end Kawada gives Sakata a stiff as fuck looking powerbomb which Sakata manages to kick out of, but when he sits up Kawada kicks him hard in the head and that keeps him down for a 3 count. Quite enjoyable overall.
Winner: Kawada(via Stiff head kick) ***

-In the back Ogawa, Hikaru & Nakamura discuss some things.
-Yinling & Takada also discuss things in their lair.

Main Event – Arisin Z, Dan Bobish & Yinling vs. Hikaru, Kantaku Nakamura & Naoya Ogawa

This was decent. Had a nice dynamic with all the different types of people involved though Nakamura kept just being taken out all the time and yingling would purely use her whip. Arisin Z was definitely the standout again, just very fluid and a great worker, rest of them were all fine too though. Monsters seem to have control for a lot of it and in the end Ogawa goes to spank Yingling but he gets stopped and the rest of the monsters come in and attack him,  which includes him getting splashed through a table by Giant Silva, Bobish finishes him off with a TKO and Yinling squats on his chest doing the Monster pose which gets her team the 3 count.
Winners: Team Monster(via TKO) **3/4

-Post-match Takada comes out to makes his final address and Yinling does one more Monster pose on her podium. They leave and Ogawa has his final few words while Kawada stands in a corner looking dissappointed. When he’s finished he goes to shake Kawada’s hand but Kawada attacks him and storms off, Ogawa chases after them and they start brawling in the back though you only see a glimpse of it through the exit doors.

Fairly fun show, certainly wasn’t as consistent as the previous show but this still had it’s good bits, Hardcore and opening deliver as per usual, everything else is a mixed bag really, not bad overall. **1/2








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