NXT Takeover: Chicago 2017 Review


It’s NXT Takeover: Chicago and with a solid looking card that includes Bate/Dunne, Roode/Hideo and a tag title ladder match, lets see if it delivers.

Match 1 – Eric Young w/Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe vs. Roderick Strong

This was a very good opener. Strong doesn’t come out during his entrance and instead comes down from the crowd and takes out Dain and Wolfe on the outside. This gives him great momentum in the opening and consistently gives him the upper hand, until Dain takes him out while the ref is the distracted, giving Young the control. Strong eventually then makes the come back which leads into a fun finishing stretch. I’ve never found Young to be the most interesting of wrestlers but I think he did really well here and his control stuff was pretty good. Strong also put in a very good effort and had great energy throughout which all lead to a very enjoyable match, with Strong getting the win with the End of Heartache(suplex into backbreaker).
Winner: Roderick Strong(via End of Heartache) ***1/4

Match 2 – WWE UK Title Match: Tyler Bate (c) vs. Pete Dunne

This was absolutely incredible. Dunne got a small bit of control in the beginning but aside from that it was a fantastic back and forth contest full of tension and some super close falls. Bate even hits a spiral Tap!(I squealed). I was on the edge of my seat throughout and the crowd were absolutely loving it and there were times that they were completely on their feet in appreciation. Absolutely stellar effort from the 2 men. Dunne winning was very deserved, though I would have been happy with either one winning. Awesome match, made all the more better by a great atmosphere, the best match to come out of WWE this year, simply brilliant. Make no doubt that these guys are stars and two of the best today.
Winner: Pete Dunne(via The Bitter End) *****

Match 3 – NXT Womens Title match: Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross vs. Ruby Riot

Obviously it was gonna be difficult to follow the previous match but this was pretty solid overall. Quite a chaotic match-up with each woman getting their own chances to win and aside a few little niggles here and there it was a good effort from everyone. Has a bit of interesting and odd finish where Ruby hits her enzugiri move on Cross and goes for the cover, Asuka comes in and hits Ruby with a shining wizard knee and and covers both her and Nikki at the same time to get the pinfall, I liked the idea of the end but the execution of it was a little off. Anyway still a good match overall.
Winner: Asuka(via shining wizard) ***1/4

Match 4 – NXT Title Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Hideo Itami

This was very solid. Roode gets a small bit of control but it’s mostly back and forth throughout. At one point Roode’s shoulder slams against the Ring post and Itami starts targeting his arm which Roode sells consistently for the rest of the match and it affects his attempts at doing the glorious DDT. Itami also misses a running dropkick on the outside which makes hit feet hit the steps, so that also affects him when he goes for a GTS. In the end Roode manages to hit a Glorious DDT but his injured arm stops him going for the cover straight away so it only gets a 2 count. Itami also manages to hit the GTS but Roode rolled to the outside so when Itami gets him back in that also only gets a two count. After a small exchange and three massive slaps, Itami again goes for GTS again with his knee exposed, but Roode reverses into the Glorious DDT and holds on and hits a second one straight after it to get the 3 count and retain the belt. Really liked how the injuries played into things and it was a very good ending. It may not have been the best paced of matches I thought it was a solid effort from both.
Winner: Bobby Roode(via Glorious DDT) ***1/2

Main Event – NXT Tag Team Title Ladder match: Authors Of Pain (c) vs. DIY

This was a great main event, it was full of Drama, had a couple awesome spots and was just hugely enjoyable. DIY came achingly close to getting those belts but in the end AOP managed to prevail Lots of good stuff here, particularly really liked Gargano pushing Ciampa out of the way to take a ladder into his face, really shows the the bond he has with Ciampa. Really strong effort from everyone, great stuff.
Winners: AOP – ****

-After the match DIY are the only ones left in the ring and the crowd give them a standing ovation, the proceed to head to the back, but on the entrance way Ciampa turns on Gargano and delivers a his running knee to his face with his kneepad down, he then does a Air Raid Crash off the announce table through tables that were pre-setup below. What a great heel turn to end the show, especially when you consider the sacrifice Gargagon made in the ladder match, this is gonna be a great feud and you can bet your ass their match(es) is gonna be incredible.

What a great show overall. Had lots of things to enjoy and every match delivered something good, especially Bate/Dunne which is definitely the current WWE MOTY and one of the best matches of this year anyway. Ladder match was also great and so was the heel turn at the end. Just a highly enjoyable show overall, gonna be really difficult for Backlash to top it.


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