HUSTLE-8 (18/3/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE-8 held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan with Kawada against Ogawa in the main event!. Also gonna start adding a couple of GIFS here and there to jazz things ups a little, anyway lets see how it goes!

-So apparently this is a Takada produced show so all event staff have to wear monster masks. They then show a recap of things including the Kawada/Ogawa

-GM Sasihara makes is usual opening statements and then Takada gives his address from his lair to start the show.

Match 1 – Falls Count Anywhere match: Kantaku Nakamura vs. Yuji Shimada

so right away Nakamura gets Shimada down but the ref counts slowly, Shimada then gets Nakamura down but he kicks out, they then end up on the outside go to the back, but as they exit the doors to backstage, a masked reporter show up in from the doors and I’m guessing says that they’ll follow the match as it progresses, so it’s one of them things where they come back to it throughout the show. So next match can carry on.

-There’s short hype video for Monster C and Monster J.
-Taichi is sat down in the back, Ryouji Sai walks in and hands him a big sign with the letter ‘I’ on there. Taichi is still trying to promote himself as HUSTLE I and addresses the audience to chant ‘I’ when he’s hitting his opponent. He turns his sign over to reveal a Kanji symbol for Sai and says the audience should chant Jan(?), Ryouji points out that it’s wrong and the chant should be ‘Sai’ for him and he chops Taichi for getting it wrong. Taichi apologises and corrects himself and starts alternating between ‘Sai’ and ‘I’ chants. He has the massive grin on his face and ends things by laughing. Sai then slaps the back of his head and pulls him away and out of shot.

Match 2 – Monster C & Monster J vs. Ryouji Sai & Taichi Ishikari

Of course this match is filled with ‘C’,’J’, ‘I’ & ‘Sai’ chants which they play into a few fun little sequences and the match is pretty good overall. It’s pretty much back and forth throughout and quite well paced. Taichi puts in another good effort and is close to getting the win but J trips him allowing C to hit the brainbuster on Taichi to get the pinfall.
Winner: Monster C/J(via brainbuster) ***

-the masked reporter is out on the streets looking out for Nakamura & Shimada, they run down the street and Shimada shoves Nakamura into a fence, they then run off around the corner and the reporter chases after them.

-They recap what’s been happening with Hustle Kamen Red & Blue. An Jo has put them in a 5 on 2 handicap match.

Match 3 – Arisin Z, Dark von Maestro #1, Monster Soldier 001, Onigumo & The Neo Devil Pierrot #1 vs. Hustle Kamen Blue, Hustle Kamen Green, Hustle Kamen Pink & Hustle Kamen Yellow

Looks like Kamen Red and Blue found some tag partners. Kamen Green is Lil Nate who is has a giant , Yellow is Bear Fukuda who barley fits his suit and has two giant spoons, no idea who Kamen pink is though. Match was very short and chaotic but quite fun, mainly a bunch of highy flying moves, not much else to it, with pink getting the win after Onigumo accidentally hits the soldier with his web allowing her to hit a diving hurricanrana which gets the 3 count.
Winner: Hustle Kamen(via diving ‘Rana) **1/2

-We go back to the Nakamura/Shimada match and they are now fighting in a restaurant, Shimada eats someones noodles and Nakamura hits him with a stunner, the Chef there makes the count but it is only a 2.

-An Jo walks into the lair and tells Takada that it feels very cold. In walks a woman who Takada introduces as Snow Woman Greco and she breathes out freezing air.

Match 4 – Shinjiro Otani vs. Snow Woman Greco & The Samu

Samu is CW Anderson dressed up exactly like Himalayan Big Foot from Hustle house Vol. 2.., no info on who Greco is though. This was a nice bit of fun, Otani starts off well with a good sequence of offense, but then a distraction by Greco lets Samu take him out. After doing this he drops down to one knee and Greco comes out and summons a snow storm in the ring as the lights become darker. This revitalises Samu, while Otani sits freezing and shivering in the corner. Samu then hit’s a few of his big moves including a spinebuster but it only get a 2 count. Otani then rolls onto the rampway where Samu grabs him and Greco starts blowing her freeze breath in his face, Otani shoves away Samu though and sticks his hand up in front of Greco’s face and makes her back up towards the entrance, as he does this the lights turn red and flames appear on the screen, Greco then collapses on the entrance stage and pyros shoot up. Otani then runs to the ring hits a missile dropkick and then twice goes for the spiral Bomb but he struggles to get Samu up all the way and ends up just dropping him both times and going for the pin which gets the 3 count. Simple and fun match, just a shame the finish messed up.
Winner: Otani(via almost spiral bomb) **3/4

Otani bombs

-Nakamura & Shimada are now brawling on the balcony, they come down a big slide and go back into the ring. Nakamura accidentally takes out the ref and Shimada recruits the woman on commentary to come in and ref, Nakamura tries for a backslide but Shimada kicks out and gets Nakamura with a school boy, which gets him a 3 count while pulling the tights. That match technically lasted around 45 minutes who knew Nakamura and Shimada would be such super workers. At least they only showed a minimal aount of it
Winner: Shimada(via Schoolboy) NR

-Post-match they stay in the ring for the audience judgement poll, where the either hold up a HUSTLE or Monster sign for whoever they preferred and HUSTLE gets the most votes so Nakamura wins the poll.

-In the lair Takada and Yinling have a discussion.

-Yingling then comes down to the ring, along with An Jo and Shimada for a contest to see who does the best erotic ‘Monster’ pose. Three women come down and get onto podiums and do the pose. When they are done, there is an announcement for a fourth competitor, she is billed as Erica and it is in fact Aja Kong, dolled up with makeup. She does the pose and then they go through each lady to hear the audiences reactions, with Erica of course getting the loudest one. Yinling however chooses girl number 3 as the winner. Erica tries to argue about it but Yinling won’t have none of it and An Jo and Shimada back her up. Erica ends up knocking An Jo out with a spinning backfist and then storms off. Yingling then ends the segment doing the ‘M’ Pose with all the women.


-they have a hype video for the HUSTlE Hardcore Hero title, which is a giant club with Spikes.

Match 5 – HUSTLE Hardcore Hero Title Battle Royal: Dan Bobish vs. Giant Silva vs. Kintaro Kanemura vs. Leonardo Spanky vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. The Flying Vampire #16 vs. Wataru Sakata

Eliminations were as follows.
-Giant Silva eliminated first by getting double team suplexed through a table.
-Kuroda & Spanky get eliminated at the same time by Bobish splashing them.
-Vampire gets eliminated by Tanaka superplexing Kanemura onto him while he’s laying on a table.(see gif below)
-Kanemura gets eliminated when he yells give up after Sakata tapes him to a chair and burns his face and mouth with hot food.(yes this legit happened haha)
-Bobish gets eliminated when Sakata dropkicks him into Tanaka who gets him in a school boy and Sakata helps hold him down for the pinfall.
-Tanaka by piling a few chairs on Sakata and then giving him a diving splash off the top for a 3 count, making him the Hardcore hero.
This was a very fun match with some entertaining hardcore bits and was an overall enjoyable time.
Winner: Masato Tanaka(via Diving Splash) ***1/4


Main Event – Fan Judgement match – Toshiaki Kawada vs. Naoya Ogawa

Ogawa actually comes out in his fighting gear for a change.
This was a good match, they went for a shoot style match and alot of it was them just locking in submissions and delivering some stiff strikes, the last few minutes they start trying more for pinfalls and it ends up taking four STOs to finally keep Kawada down for the 3 count.
Now the fan judgement means that the fans online and in the audience get to vote on who they thought was better in the match. Both Online and audience votes count as 1 point each and then whoever gets the pinfall/submission also gets 1 point, so the person with the most points wins the match. So although Ogawa got the pinfall which is 1 point. Kawada won both of the fan votes which means he’s the overall winner with 2 points. Enjoyable match, particularly the last few minutes.
Winner: Kawada(via 2:1) ***1/4

-post-match Kawada thanks the fans but he isn’t celebrating and then Takada makes his entrance.
-He gives his statements and Kawada & Ogawa answer back a few times.
-Takada leaves and Kawada & Ogawa shake hands and give their final words.

Well this was quite a fun show, enjoyed the main event and hardcore match and the rest of the card was pretty entertaining too. lots of fun times. ***







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