WWE Backlash 2017 Review


It’s Backlash, the Smackdown exclusive PPV that features Owens vs. Styles and Jinder vs. Orton. Lets see how it goes.

Kickoff Match – Tye Dillinger vs. Aiden English

Fairly decent match, pretty standard stuff really. Aiden gets control early on, Tye makes the comeback, Aiden manages to stop it and almost get the win but Tye moves out of the way of the senton bomb and hits the Tyebreaker to get the win. Perfectly fine match, nothing special, mainly gives Dillinger something to do.
Winner: TY Dillinger(via tyebreaker) **1/2

Match 1 – Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was good, nothing spectacular but a solid enough effort from both guys, Ziggler gets a small amount of control but it’s mainly an even bout. Not the quickest paced of matches but it was worked well and was a decent debut for Nakamura to showcase some of his stuff. People might I’ve been wanting alot more from this but it honestly met my expectations so I was fine with it.
Winner: Nakamura(via Kinshasa) ***

Match 2 – WWE Smackdown Tag Title match: Breezango vs. The Uso’s

This was a very fun match. Breeze comes out dressed as a janitor and they do some fun shtick with that, he then changes into a grandma which they also do some fun stuff with including a bronco buster(a clear tribute to Mae Young). It was a great effort by Breezango and it really managed to bring the crowd into the match which is what they needed. They even came close to winning, but it was not enough and a superkick to Fandango takes him down for a 3 count. Very enjoyable match.
Winners: Usos(via Superkick) ***1/4

Match 3 – Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

This was a very good match. Corbin controlled a good majority of it working on Sami Zayns back, which he had tweaked early on in the match. They then have a fun end stretch with Zayn catching Corbin with a helluva kick in an abrupt way to get the win which I quite liked. Very solid effort from both.
Winner: Sami Zayn(via Helluva Kick) ***1/2

Match 4 – Welcoming Committee vs. Charlotte/Naomi/Becky Lynch

This match was fine, felt more like a typical tag match you get on Smackdown, it was a decent effort from everyone but match average at best. Its nice of them to keep all the Smackdown women’s roster involved in something but I don’t think this feud is really doing much for anyone. I just think I’d prefer some singles feuds, the Committee winning means things aren’t over yet though and it could lead to some interesting things but we’ll see. Not bad overall.
Winners: Committee(via Sharpshooter) **3/4

Match 5 – US Title match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. AJ Styles

Really good match here, as expected. Has a lot of fun action and was well paced. Owens gets control a couple of times, the second time he targets Styles’ leg which AJ does a good job of selling and it affects him a couple of times, including him messing up a springboard. It was also involved somewhat in the finish, were both guys are outside and the ref has started counting them out. Aj gets Owens on the announce table and sets him up for the Styles Clash but Owens shoves AJ’s leg into monitor hole which traps AJ there and his leg is too hurt to move, so Owens gets back into the ring and AJ gets counted out. It was an interesting finish that I really liked and allows the feud to continue going. Really enjoyable stuff.
Winner: Kevin Owens(via countout) ***1/2

Match 6 – Erik Rowan vs. Luke Harper

Didn’t even realise this match had been announced on Talking Smack, thought it was just impromptu. Anyway I quite enjoyed this, unfortunately though the crowd didn’t care and barely reacted, so there was a lot of dead air. Which is a shame cause I thought they put in a good effort and had a decent match with a fair amount of fun action. It’s unfortunate that Harper’s popularity has seemingly waned, since he such a great talent and Rowan has clearly improved too. I think they just both need some character revamps as the shadow of the Wyatt family still looms over them. I will say that the finish did mess up a little, since Harper won with his discus lariat but it was mistimed so it looked more like a spinning crosschop but other than that had a good go at least.
Winner: Luke Harper(via spinning crosschop) **3/4

Main Event – WWE Title match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Jinder Mahal

This was good, not fantastic but it was worked well and garnered good crowd reactions. Orton goes straight for Jinder as he is being announced,so it was very energetic start, JinderĀ  gets some control working on Ortons arm. They have a great RKO out-of-nowhere which leads to the Singh Brothers getting involved. Orton decides to take them out(including almost murdering one with a backdrop on the announce table) and this distraction leads to Jinder hitting The Khallas and surprisingly winning the title. Honestly didn’t think he’d get the win. since they’ve had the title change hands on every PPV this year and although I still don’t like him much and his offence is still rather bland, they did a good job here of putting him over and I do hope he keeps hold of the title for a few months, the matches may not end up being all that great but he is drawing heat and it could be a good heel run for him.
Overall I thought they pulled this off well and delivered a fairly good match in the process.
Winner: Jinder Mahal(via the Khallas) ***

Overall I thought this was a decent ppv, had nothing outstanding but alot of the main matches delivered something good and Mahal getting the win was certainly an interesting decision to say the least. Definitely intrigued on how these following weeks are gonna go.


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