AJPW Champion Carnival 2017 Day 8 (26/4/17) Review


It may have been a couple of weeks since the Champion Carnival Final, but for some reason day 8 was only aired a few days ago, making this the last of the 2017 Champion Carnival to watch and just like my other reviews I’m just gonna be focusing on the Carnival matches themselves. Lets go.

-Opens with a 10 man tag match that Jake Lee wins with a PK.
-Then there’s 6 man tag that Keisuke Ishii wins with a double arm brainbuster.

Block A Match – Daisuke Sekimoto vs. KAI

Good little match. Kai shoves Sekimoto as he enters the ring and they go at it from the get go, Sekimoto then gets a short bit of control and locks in a boston crab which slows things down a little and then things pick up for the final exchange with Sekimoto getting the win with a Chaos Theory style deadweight German suplex. Simple and enjoyable.
Winner: Sekimoto(via german suplex) ***

Block B Match – Kengo Mashimo vs. Shuji Ishikawa

So this went to a time limit draw, which is the second one of the tournament Kengo was involved in. It’s a solid match too, obviously they keep it at a steady pace for most part and chuck in a few lengthy submissions but I thought it was a well worked overall and has a fun end stretch. Kengo gets a portion of control targeting Ishikawa’s leg but other than that its mostly a back and forth contest. In the end the bell goes just as Kengo tries for a cover after kicking Shuji in the head. Good effort from both guys think they got through it quite well.
30 minute Time Limit Draw – ***1/2

Block B Match –  Suwama vs. The Bodyguard

Decent and short back and forth contest. they get right into things from the start and keep it up for 5 minutes until Bodyguard gets the win with a lariat. Fairly straight forward match that was enjoyable enough.
Winner: Bodyguard(via Lariat) **3/4

Main Event – Block A Match: Zeus vs. Kento Miyahara

This was a good main event. Took a bit of time to truly kick in but it lead to a great finishing stretch that had some good near falls and Zeus getting the big win with a Jackhammer. Rest of the match is decent enough but it’s them last few minutes where it really comes alive and delivers. Solid effort from both guys.
Winner: Zeus(via Jackhammer) ***1/2

And that’s the last of the 2017 Champion Carnival matches, decent show overall, nothing spectacular, but both Zeus/Kento and Shuji/Kengo were still very solid. I’ve enjoyed watching it all from start to finish, whether I’ll be able to do the same next year is a different matter, but I’m glad I’ve had the free time to this year.  ***


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