Guts World Let’s Go Together! Korakuen 2017! (5/5/17) Review


I’ve never watched any Guts World before, but I’ve heard a few things about and so I decided to check out their latest show and see how things go.

Match 1 – Dick Togo vs. Yuko Miyamoto

This was a good opener. Togo wastes no time and hits a pedigree on Miyamoto straight away, they have a nice little exchange and then Miyamoto takes control working on Togo’s leg. Togo makes a come back but his leg is still affected, like after he hits another pedigree and struggles to climb up top for the senton allowing Miyamoto to stop. Leading into the final stretch where togo gets the pinfall with a Gedo Clutch. Solid stuff.
Winner: Dick Togo(via Gedo Clutch) ***1/2

Match 2 – Fuminori Abe & Joji Otani vs. Koju Takeda & TORU

I don’t know any of these guys but the match was pretty good. TORU/Takeda get control early on of Otani and keep it for a good majority, until Otani finally makes the tag and things become much more even, leading up to the finish where Otani hits a beautiful bridging hammerlock Northern Lights suplex to get the pinfall. first few minutes were a little average but it picked up well and was a good effort from everyone, was particularly impressed by Abe even though he wasn’t in it all that much, he had some nice kicks.
Winners: Abe/Otani(via Hammerlock Nothern Lights suplex) ***

Match 3 – Keizo Matsuda, Kuishinbo Kamen & YUJI KITO vs. Kengo Takai, Konaka & Shinya Ishida

This was pretty fun. Just a simply back and forth match with a couple comedic moments. Konaka gets the win with a yoga style diving senton.
Winners: Takai/Konaka/Ishida **3/4

Match 4 – Buffalo & Kenichiro Arai vs. Gosaku & Tetsuhiro Kuroda

This was decent little match. Gosaku & Kuroda seemed to have the upper hand throughout most of it and one point they go on the outside and into the crowd where Kuroda slams Buffalo’s head into the West sign and then gives him a couple running lariats up in the stands. Arai & buffalo¬† resort to using to a few cheating tactics which is what helps them get the win, as at the end a guy (i don’t recognise) gets up onto apron and distracts Kuroda and the ref. The ref is standing behind Kuroda and Arai sneaks up and grabs the back of Kuroda’s leg and lifts it up¬† and low blows the ref. The Kuroda gets Arai into a boston crab and the ref calls the for the bell. Gosaka and Kuroda think they have won but they have been in fact been disqualified for the low blow, making Buffalo/Arai the victors. Simple and fun match-up.
Winners: Buffalo/Arar(via DQ) **3/4

Match 5 – Drake Morimatsu, Manami Kanda & Papillon Akemi vs. Koharu Hinata, Manami Toyota & Micro

Another decent match, though a little messy at times. Drake’s team get the control early on and use a few dirty tactics, though Toyota soon comes in and things become more even. they seem to buildup Papillion going up against Toyota throughout and they finally towards the end, both giving each other rolling cradles and then Papillion tries for Toyota’s Japanese Ocean Cyclone suplex a couple of times, but Toyota stops her(?) and hits it herself, before murdering Papillion with the Japanese Ocean Queen Bee bomb to get the victory for her team.
Winners: Hinata/Toyota/Micro(via Japanese Ocean Queen Bee bomb) ***

Match 6 – CHANGO, Guts Ishijima & Michio Kageyama vs. Amigo Suzuki, Masao Orihara & Ryan Upin

This was pretty good. Mostly back and forth with Amigo’s team getting a small bit of control of Guts. Some of the first half wasn’t all that interesting but they really picked it up towards the end and delivered a fun finishing stretch where Guts and CHANGO hit a powerbomb/blockbuster combo on Upin. Orihara also hits a moonsault at one point making him the second 47 year old of the night to hit one(Toyota did it in the previous match).
Winners: CHANGO/Guts/Kageyama(via Powerbomb/blockbuster combo) ***

Main Event – GWC Title match: Masked Mystery (c) vs. Daisuke

So this match went 30 minutes with mixed results. The first half was a bit of a slog, obviously they tried to pace themselves but it got a little boring, they picked it up in the second half and really filled it with action making it much more enjoyable. It’s a commendable effort from both it’s just a shame the first half dragged. Daisuke gets the win with a sliding D making him the new champion. Pretty good overall but not worthwhile enough to recommend.
Winner: Daisuke(via Sliding D) ***

Well that was a decent show, Togo/Miyamoto was definitely the best match but nearly every match was still enjoyable enough and if they had shaved some time off the main event that would have been really good.
Anyway it was fun exploring a new promotion and I enjoyed the show overall.



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