HUSTLE House Vol. 6 (19/3/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE House Vol. 6 as I continue my venture through their shows. Let’s HUSTLE!

-They have a recap video and then Takada gives his opening address in his lair, with Shimada and An Jo saying a few words too.

-GM Sasihara then comes out to open the show and invites to people from the crowd in to do the HUSTLE pose.

Match 1 – Hustle Kamen Green & Ikuto Hidaka vs. Monster J & Onigumo

This was a super fun opener, lots of enjoyable back and forth junior action. Kamen Green gets the win with a running Yoshitonic. Onigumo seemed to be the weak link in the match, couldn’t quite keep up with the res of the guys but he still wasn’t bad.
Winners: Green/Hidaka(via Yoshitonic) ***

-Taichi is on the phone to someone, Kawada walks in and start getting onto him once the call it does, it ends with Kawada booting Taichi in the face.

-Taichi comes down to the ring and Takada comes up on the screen, it’s Taichi’s birthday and he has a present for him. Shimada and An Jo show up on the entrance way, Taichi can choose between the big present and the small present, he chooses the big present and Giant Silva bursts out of it.

Match 2 – Giant Silva vs. Taichi Ishikari

Not too bad, Silva dominates most of it and Taichi gets a short burst of offense but falls victim to a chokeslam and second rope splash that gives Silva the win. Happy Birthday Taichi.
Winner: Giant Silva(via second rope splash) **1/2

-Post-match An Jo and Shimada put in a candle in Taichi’s mouth and light it, they then proceed to sing him happy birthday.

Match 3 – CW Anderson, The Flying Vampire #16 & The Piranha Monster vs. Kintaro Kanemura, Leonardo Spanky & Masato Tanaka

Looks like CW has already dropped the Samu gimmick and his just himself from not on. Fun match-up. Starts out chaotic with some high flying action and they start fighting outside with both Tanaka and Spanky jumping off the balcony. It then turns into a more conventional tag match with Monster’s controlling Spanky for a small bit, before leading the finishing stretch where Tanaka gets the win smashing a guitar over Vampire’s head and getting the pinfall.
Winners: Kanemaru/Spanky/Tanaka ***

tanaka splash

-They recap the Sakata situation with him losing his assessment match with Kawada last show. Shimada & Sasihare have a sit down interview with Monster Solider and two other people.

Match 4 – Monster Solider 001 vs. Wataru Sakata

This was pretty much just 3 minutes of Sakata slapping and kicking Solider about, at the end Soldier slaps Sakata’s chest a few times and then his face, which just pisses off Sakata who slaps soldier to the floor and make him tap with a single leg crab.
Winner: Sakata(via single leg crab) NR

-Post-match Sakata gets on the mic and makes the solider get him some tea, he does but Sakata doesn’t like it so he spits it out and throws the rest at Soldier.

-They have a break and when they come back, Takada in his lair introduces Monster T.

Match 5 – Toshiaki Kawada vs. Monster T

No info on Monster T but appears to be Steve Corino since he does the same kind of things aside from doing a ‘T’ Pose with his hand. This was pretty average overall. Crowd do the whole ‘T’ and ‘K’ chants. At one point Kawada pulls T’s short over his head leading him to accidentally elbow the ref, Kawada locks in the stretch plum but Shimada gets involved and throws green tea leaves over T which revitalises¬† him and lets him get some offense in on Kawada, but Kawada comes back and hits a big powerbomb to get the 3 count. Not bad but not much to it.
Winner: Kawada(via Powerbomb) **1/2

Main Event – Commander An Jo & Dan Bobish vs. Naoya Ogawa vs. Shinjiro Otani

Formulaic and average match but you can’t expect much from An Jo and Bobish i guess. Starts out even until An Jo and Bobish take control of Otani. Otani then gets the hot tag leading into the end stretch where Ogawa gets the win with an STO.
Winners: Ogawa/Otani(via STO) **1/2

-Post-match the rest of the monsters start attacking Ogawa and Otani but Kawada comes down and clears the ring.

-Takada then comes out and there’s a verbal exchange between him and everyone, also seems to be some announcements for upcoming shows. Takada then leaves and Kawada, Otani and Ogawa have a talk among themselves before ending with the HUSTLE pose.

Well there wasn’t much to this show, Opener and hardcore match were fun as per usual but everything else was rather lackluster to be honest. A rather weak show overall.






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