WWE Raw 29/5/17 Review


It’s Monday Night Raw featuring Balor vs. Wyatt vs. Joe and Rollins vs. Reigns in the main event! with only 6 days til Exterem Rules. Lets see how it goes.

-Show opens with some MizTV…Miz talk about extreme rules, Dean Ambrose intentionally getting himself DQed a few weeks back and him asking Kurt for a re-match with the ‘title changes hand via DQ’ stipulation…he shows how last weeks he helped Ambrose get Dqed against Elias Samson and if that happens on Sunday, he’ll be champion.
-He now introduces his guests Sheamus & Cesaro…Miz praises up Sheamus/Cesaro and mentions the Hardyz stealing their spotlight…They all talk about the crowd turning on them and victimising them…Sheamus says they’ll win back their tag team titles on Sunday and Miz says he’ll win too which will be the start of his Intercontinental title comeback tour.
-Ambrose comes out and is tired of their talk and tells them all to shut up…Miz says Ambrose shouldn’t try anything stupid cause he’s outnumbered.
-The Hardys then come out and with Ambrose the run into the ring and clear Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro out of it. Simple enough segment to hype the matches Sunday it was all fine.

Match 1 – Hardys/Ambrose vs. Sheamus/Cesaro/Miz

Fun little formulaic tag match. Sheamus/Cesaro/Miz get control of Ambrose who eventually gets the hot tag leading into the ending stretch where Hardys get the win with a twist of fate(that Miz takes like a neckbreaker) followed by a swanton bomb.
Winners: Hardys/Ambrose (via Swanton Bomb) ***

-Corey Graves leaves the announce table after reading something on his phone, looks like something serious but then he’s in Kurt Angle’s office showing Angle something that’s been written about him, Graves says he has Angles back and will help in whatever way he can. Well that’s certainly intriguing.

Match 2 – Elias Samson vs. Zack Evans

Simple squash for the Drifter, he looked quite aggressive but crowd didn’t care at all and neither do I.
Winner: Elias Samson(via reverse swinging neckbreaker) SQUASH

-Samoa Joe is interviewed about his match tonight, says he’ll break Balor like he has before and is about to talk about Wyatt but…Wyatt shows up on the screen and he delivers a rambly promo about beating everyone and defeating the beast.

Match 3 – Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt

Solid match, had an interesting dynamic with the two big guys and a smaller guys. Joe and Wyatt do team up for a little at one point but it’s mainly all against all and everyone has a good chance to get the win. In the end Balor hits the Coup De Grace on Wyatt but Joe throws him into the post and steals the pinfall giving him some momentum for extreme rules. Balor definitely brought the energy here while Joe and Wyatt looked a little sluggish. Good effort overall though.
Winner: Samoa Joe(via Coupe De Grace) ***1/2

-Seth Rollins interviewed about his match against Roman Reigns…he talks about his history with Reigns and how ‘Rollins owns Reigns’ and tonight will be no different.

Match 4 – Noam Dar w/Alicia Fox vs. Rich Swann w/Sasha Banks

Simple and fun little match, Dar gets early advantage working on Swanns arm but Swann makes the comeback and hits the phoenix splash to get the win. Fox tries to get on the apron to distract Swann but Banks swipes her down. Well I guess they need to fill extreme rules with something.
Winner: Rich Swann(via Phoenix splash) **1/2

-The Revival are now interviewed they are raring to come back and then are asked about Enzo getting attacked last week, they say we haven’t even been in action and are defending¬† themselves, but then they are shown a video from last week where they are seen walking in the background of a Sasha Banks interview. Revival says of course they’ve been on Raw since they still work there but they wouldn’t waste their time dealing with Enzo.

-Cass comes out and has a go at Graves after saying something that insinuated that Cass had something to do with the attack on Enzo. Graves defends himself and didn’t mean anything by it and Cass walks back.

Match 5 – Titus O’Neil w/Apollo Crews vs. Kalisto

Well this was super short. Kalisto gets a good flurry of offense goes to roll through from a wheelbarrow but Titus drops to one knee and pulls the tights to get the 3 count. It was fun while it lasted.
Winner: Titus(via pinfall) NR

-Alexa Bliss comes out to do Bayleys ‘This is your life’. in the ring is a few people and a table with various and photos on it…Bliss talk about the Kendo Stick on the pole match and how it’s no good for Bayley, so she decided to dig deep into Bayley’s past. She goes through the various items on the table saying how they belong to Bayley and makes fun of them. She interviews her 4th grade teacher who talks about how Bayley had to sit next to her father in the classroom or she would cry without him…then she interviews Bayleys best friend Tracey talk about how it all broke down because she wouldn’t go out and hang with her but stay in and watch raw and Smackdown…She finally interviews Bayleys ex-boyfriend who says how her Dad used to come along to all her dates but he reveals he only dated her to get close to Tracey and him and Tracey start making out…
-Bayley finally comes out and straight up starts attacking Bliss, shoe goes to grab the kendo stick but bliss stops her and grabs one that was hid under the table, she then whacks it into the back of Bayley that sends her outside. Well this segment fell completely flat, Bliss may be good on the mic but not even she could save this, it was so awkward and the crowd were hating it too. Just plain awful unfortunately.

-Enzo has been attacked backstage again, Angle and Cass walks in. Cass blames it on the Revival and asks where they are, Angle said he saw the Revival leave so it can’t be them, Cass says they could have easily come back and done this, Angle tells him to go calm down and he’ll try and get to the bottom of it.

Match 6 – Austin Aries/Jack Gallagher vs. Neville/TJP

Decent formulaic tag match. Neville and TJP control Gallagher for a good portion which started to get a little boring but the opening and last few minutes were fun. Aries makes Neville tap with the Last Chancery, giving him great momentum going into Sunday.
Winner: Aries/Gallagher(via last chancery) **3/4

-Reigns now interviewed about his match…says no-one owns him and tonight he’ll show why he’s the big dog and this is his yard.

-Neville interviewed about submitting for the first time since joining the division, he just walks off grunting.

-There’s a Goldust promo who talks about being back in the director’s chair and speaks about the R-truth situation using lots of film references.
-R-truth then has his own Promo sat in the same way Goldust is and also using film references saying Goldust is gonna get got. These little promos are fun.

Main Event – Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Solid main event that was very back and forth throughout with lots of good action particularly really liked the bucklebomb/Superman punch bit. Reigns gets the win with a spear giving him the momentum for Sunday. Very good effort from both.
Winner: Roman Reigns(via spear) ***1/2

Well we got two very good matches, one awful segment and everything else was mostly decent. They hype for Extreme Rules have been pretty good aside the whole Bliss/Bayley fiasco and I’m quite looking forward to the event, really have no idea who’ll win the main event as I think everyone has had a good chance to shine over the last few week and could easily win.
So yeah not a bad Raw overall aside ‘This is your life’.




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