WWE Smackdown Live 30/5/17 Review


It’s Smackdown Live featuring a 5 way elimination macth to the determine the No.1 contender for Naomi’s Smackdown womens title. Let’s see how it goes.

-They open with a video of all the women delivering a short promo about tonight’s no.1 contender elimination 5 way match.

-Next is the Kevin Owen’s highlight reel…Kevin Owens says he’s gonna do what Chris Jericho could never do and that is grab the Money in the Bank briefcase…Owens introduces one of the guys he’s gonna step on to become double champion, Shinsuke Nakamura.
-Nakamura comes out and Owens says he doesn’t care if Nakamura is a rockstar there’s no more stupid dancing on his show, says there’s mystery surrounding Shinsuke and he wonders if Nakamura realises what happened the last time someone walked around WWE claiming they were a rockstar…says Nakamura will suffer the same fate as Jericho.
-Nakamura is about to speak but Baron Corbin comes out and says no-one cares about what Shinsuke as to say…says this isĀ  a highlight show, lets show highlights of a real star..They show a video from last Tuesday or Corbin taking out Sami Zayn after his match…Owens says he’s been beating up Zayn for 15 years that’s nothing new and tells him to go away, he’s not a part of his show…Corbin refers to Owens as Cartman and says he’ll be Mr Money in the Bank…Nakamura says they all seem to be forgetful as last week Owens has forgotten that Nakamura pinned him and Corbin has forgotten about the 2 times Zayn has beaten him.
-Nakamura starts trying to fight them but Corbin and Owens gang up on him and beat him down until Zayn comes into the make the save and Corbin and Owens exit the ring…Sami grabs the mic and proposes a tag team match with him and Shinsuke taking on Owens & Corbin right now. End segment. Solid stuff overall Shinsuke’s diction wasn’t the best but you get the jist of what he was saying and everyone else did well to hype themselves.

Match 1 – Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin

Decent opener. Had the usual tag formula with Zayn getting controlled before getting the hot tag on Nakamura leading to the finishing stretch where at the end Zayn pushes Owens into Corbin in the corner, which causes them to argue, Corbin punches Owens in the face and Zayn takes Corbin outside allowing Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa on Owens which gets him the pinfall. Just a simple well worked enjoyable match. Nakamura pinning Owens twice in a row could be an indicator of him being the next challenger for the US Title.
Winner: Nakamura/Zayn(via Kinshasa) ***

-Uso’s come out and cut a promo…they talk about who hasn’t beaten them and say ain’t no one goes harder than the Uso’s.
-The New Day interrupt them and come out!…Since they are now on Smackdown they couldn’t think of a better place to debut then Xavier’s hometown…Uso’s tell them to hold up they go the tag division on lock…they have a fun little verbal exchange and the new Day announce they’ll be facing the Uso’s at Money in the Bank for the Tag Team Titles. I enjoyed the exchange these two teams had and am happy to see New Day finally on Smackdown.

-There’s a Fashion Files video done in a black and white film Noir style complete with smooth jazz score as Breezango uncover their next case where someone as destroyed the fashion police office.I do enjoy these promos fairplay.

Match 2 – Smackdown Women title 5 Way Elimination No.1 contenders match: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Tamina

So these girls waste no time and go at it before the ref can even start the bell and they end up all attacking each other on the outside,so the match never happens, but the chaos that ensue is awesome, including Charlotte to doing moonsault off the top to the outside and she also powerbombs Natalya through an announce table. Shane O’Mac then comes out and announces the first ever women’s Money in the bank ladder match. yeah this was honestly great and a good call, made me look forward to the MITB match.

Match 2 – The Colon’s vs. Breezango

Fun little match. Breeze comes out in a dress and wig which Primo rips off early on, Fandango wears a big trenchcoat and at one point pulls out a water pistol that he uses on bot Colons, during commercial Colons take control of Fandango, when he finally goes for the hot tag, Breeze is now dressed as the Janitor leading to the ending where Primo is trying to grab the mop but Fandango won’t let him and the distraction lets breeze hit the unprettier for the 3 count. Crowd weren’t as receptive here as they were at Backlash but they definitely livened up when Breeze dressed up as the janitor, I’m sure there are many people that aren’t but I’m enjoying Breezango’s shtick.
Winners: Breezango(via unprettier) **3/4

-AJ Styles is interviewed backstage…says he’ll win MITB and then Ziggler walks in bragging about being a former MITB winner and how he’ll do it again.

-Randy Orton now out for a promo…he talks about beating some of the best in the industry, speaks about his father and grandfather…says his grandad if he was here would have slapped him for losing the title to Jinder Mahal…He says he’s gonna go get his title back at MITB and then talks about respect and how Jinder hasn’t earned his from Orton…says winning is the only option(whilst making reference to his father, Gagnes and Harley Race) and he will Champion again.
-He’s about to leave but Jinder Mahal comes up onscreen and says Orton’s problem is that he’s living in the past whilst Jinder is the present and the future, behold the modern-day Maharaja. Decent enough segment to hype their MITB match.

Main Event – Aj Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler

Solid main event, had some good action from these two particularly in second half, had some nice little reversals and ideas. Ziggler surprisingly picks up the win after crotching Styles on the rope as he goes for a springboard, then hitting a superkick to get the 3 count. I guess it was agood for him to get the win, to up Ziggler’s credibility and make him seem like a viable contender. Good stuff overall.
Winner: Doplh Ziggler(via superkick) ***1/2

This was a solid Smackdown, loved the women’s stuff which is such a contrast compared to the travesty on Raw and we had a couple decent matches and a good main event. Just an easy show to get through an enjoy. I liked it. ***





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