HUSTLE-9 (10/5/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE-9 and after a rather weak previous show, lets see if they can step things up a little. DO THE HUSTLE!

-They start proceedings getting some fans in to do the  HUSTLE pose and Taichi has a contest to see who’ll drink the Hustle energy drink the fastest which he loses.

-They have the hype video and then Sasihara comes out to make his opening statements, he gets interrupted by Shimada and then Kantaku Nakamura walks out dressed like a film director. They argue and Sasihara tells them to shut up and does his GM pose.

-Back in the lair An jo, Shimada and Takada are discussing potential monsters to fight the HUSTLE Kamen.

Match 1 – Hustle Kamen Blue, Hustle Kamen Pink, Hustle Kamen Red & Hustle Kamen Yellow vs. Arisin Z, Dark von Maestro #1, Dark von Maestro #2 & Inago Rider

Inago rider is a Kamen Rider rip off, no info on who he is but quite possibly one of the guys that was an evil clown. This was Fun opener as expected with a fair amount of enjoyable back and forth action including a few amusing spots. The Kamen rangers get the win after a double team fisherman buster/second rope splash/top rope splash combo.
Winners: HUSTLE Kamen(via pinfall) ***

-There’s a video of GM Sasihara talking about the Wataru Sakata situation, they show people talking with their face cut off in the frame and voice modified, this includes Taichi who is interrupted and confronted by Kawada who ends up slapping him.

Match 2 – Taichi Ishikari vs. Wataru Sakata

Sakata  now wears shiny black trousers with a rose on the one leg. This was pretty decent. Taichi wasted no time and dropkicked Sakata as soon as he go into the ring, he had the early advantage until Sakata blocks his tornado DDT and get the control, Taichi comes back though and even lands a couple hard slaps, Sakata drops him with his own slap though and locks him in a camel clutch. He gets the ref to give him a mic and asks Taichi to give up, at first Taichi refuses but Sakata wrenches him more and Taichi gives up. Another good effort from Taichi
Winner: Wataru Sakata(via camel clutch) **3/4

-Post-match Sakata puts a funnel in Taichi’s mouth and pours Sake into it. He continues to say a few words when Takehiro Murahama comes out discusses some things with him which ends with them drinking Sake together.

-In the back Otani and Nakamura discuss something(I think they are waiting for Ogawa to arrive) while Kawada reads a newspaper.

-In the lair Shimada and An Jo are reading the HUSTLE mag and discussing some things, then Yin Ling comes in and confronts them.

Match 3 – Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Kamakiri Jack & Monster J

Kamakiri Jack is a wrestler dressed like a praying mantis, no info on who he is though but he’s not bad. Match was decent, alot slower paced than what you usual get from these guys but still had some fun action with Spanky and Hayashi both getting the 3 count with simultaneous small packages.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(via small packages) ***

-after a video package that highlights Nakamura promoting someone, Rikiya Fudo & Osamu Namiguchi are in the back training for their handicap match.
-Takada in his lair then hypes up Fujin and Raijin.

Match 4 – Fujin & Raijin vs. Osamu Namiguchi , Rikiya Fudo & Ryouji Sai

Fujin & Raijin are a repackaged Dan Bobish and Monsieur de Barbarossa(i think). This was just a complete squash for them they almost murder Fudo witha military press/cutter combo(see below) and get the win in under 2 minutes with a powerbomb/diving splash combo.
Winners: Fujin/Raijin(via powerbomb/splash) SQUASH


-They have a break and when they come back Yinling and Erica(Aja Kong) have a squatting Monster pose competition. Erica is out all dressed in bright pink and she is given a faulty podium so she keeps falling off it, while Yinling gets a larger more stable podium that spins. This of course leads to Yinling winning which irritates Erica, so she rants about it, An Jo defends Yinling and makes fun of Erica so she knock him down with a spinning backfist and then slams her metal bin into Shimada’s head before storming off. Yinling, An jo and Shimada then say some final words before Yinling end things with a big ‘M’ Pose.

Erica and ling

Match 5 – Hardcore Battle Royale: Onigumo, Monster C & The Piranha Monster vs. Masato Tanaka, Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Match starts like a Royal rumble with two people starting off and then everyone else coming out gradually after a really short time period. Eliminations are as follows:
-Kuroda eliminated by webs to the face(see below)
-Kanemura is eliminated via swanton bomb by Pirahna
-Monster C is eliminated after accidentally getting hit with Onigumo’s webs and then taking an elbow smash from Tanaka.
-Pirahna monster is eliminated via diamond dust.
-Tanaka finally wins with a frogsplash.
It was quite a fun match overall, maybe not as up to par as some of the previous hardcore matches they’ve had but still enjoyable nonetheless.
Winner: Masato Tanaka(via frogsplash) ***

Kuroda elimination

-Post-match a guy in a wolf mask attacks Tanaka with his Hardcore Hero spiked bat, Takada then comes on screen and gives a speech to Tanaka. once he’s gone Tanaka retaliates with his own words before finally leaving.

-back in the lair Mark Coleman asks for one more chance to be a part of team Monster, Takada proceeds to read from a book and I guess accepts him back.
-Meanwhile Ogawa still hasn’t turned up but Otani, Nakamura and Kawada decide to head to the ring anyway.

Main Event: Giant Silva, Mark Coleman & Yoji Anjo vs. Naoya Ogawa, Shinjiro Otani & Toshiaki Kawada

So Otani and Kawada come out but Ogawa is still nowhere to be seen, Shimada gets on the mic and gets the match to start anyway but as the Monster’s are beating down Otani & Kawada. Match was ok, really not alot to it all and had a few awkward bits.
Winners: Ogawa/Otani/Kawada(via Neckbreaker drop) **

-Post-match Kawada, Otani and Ogawa say a few words and celebrate, but all the monsters come out, beat them down tie them up in the corners. Takada then comes down to the ring and says a few things. Kawada and Otani get water splashed on them by Shimada and then Yinling whips Kawada and digs her heel into his chest. They then grab Ogawa out on the corner and hold him on his knees, Takada slaps his face a few times and then jabs his staff into Ogawa’s throat which cause blood to pour out of his mouth. They let go of him and he falls face flat into the ring. Takada then says some final words and then makes his exit leaving the HUSTLE guys beaten and battered in the ring.

Bit of an improvement over the last show with more fun stuff to enjoy, though the main event was still very lackluster, I mean some of these guys are the best of workers so you can’t expect much from them even against guys like Otani and Kawada. Not bad overall though, similar to a lot of other HUSTLE shows really.







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