WWE Raw 5/6/17 review


It’s Monday night Raw as we see the fallout from Extreme rules. Lets go.

-Bray Wyatt comes out to open the show…He speaks about losing out last night but says he’s still a god and he’s here to punish all that is guilty and then proceeds to call everyone in the match last night guilty and says he’s gonna start tonight with Roman Reigns.
-He goes to carry on talking but Roman Reigns comes out…Wyatt says he’s right on cue and Reigns takes his mic and says this is what happens when you’re in his yard and smacks him in the face.

Match 1 – Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Solid opening match up. Wyatt gets control twice but both times is during the commercial breaks so what we see is mostly lots of good back and forth action with the crowd firmly into it. Reigns gets the win with a spear as Wyatt continues to struggle getting big wins.
Winner: Roman Reigns(via Spear) ***1/2

-Enzo & Cass now interviewed backstage about the attacks and if it’ll affect their match against Gallows & Anderson. Enzo makes an analogy using ice cream, Cass says they don’t know who attacked him but it definitely wasn’t him like people have been saying and he’ll be watching Enzo’s back all the time now.

-Bliss walks up to Kurt Angle in his office…Bliss says she’s ready to move on from Bayley and wants to do a This is my life segment for herself, Angle says it’s a terrible idea and last weeks segment was awful, he mentions how Bliss said before that she would give Nia Jax a title shot after she was done with Bayley, so he puts her in a match a against Jax tonight with her Raw womens Title on the line.

Elias Samson is in the ring starts to play a song before his match with Dean Ambrose. But Ambrose interrupts and starts attacking Samson and throws him over a barricade. He gets back in the ring, grabs a mic and says he’s here for one thing only and this is his IC Title re-match against the Miz.
-Miz comes up on-screen, says there is no re-match instead it’s the celebration to kick-off Miz’s IC title comeback tour.
-Samson then attacks Ambrose from behind and hits the Cross Rhodes. Good way to give Samson something to do without getting beaten up.

-Ambrose bumps into Angle backstage, asks where Miz’s dressing room is so they can have their re-match right now…Angle says Miz’s celebration is going as planned and tells Ambrose to take the night off and leave the arena.

-Samoa Joe now comes out to the ring…he says he is a man who does not fear Brock Lesnar…He wants everything Brock Lesnar has and wants to take it from him…he wants Lesnar’s schedules, he wants Lesnar’s ability to instill fear, he even wants Paul Heyman, but most importantly he wants his Universal championship and at Great Balls of Fire he is gonna take it from him.
-Paul Heyman then comes out…Heyman bigs up Joe and says he is rightfully the No. 1 contender…he says Lesnar doesn’t fear Joe either…he talks about a concerns he has about Lesnar’s opponents but Lesnar always wipes those concerns away…Heyman said a few weeks ago he said he wanted to see Lesnar vs. Balor because it would have told a great story and been a big money-maker, but Joe is the worst case scenario, cause he knows Joe will bring the fight to Lesnar and even if Lesnar wins he won’t be the same man cause Joe will take a piece of Brock Lesnar with him…but he’s gonna make sure Lesnar is Joe’s worst case scenario.
-He shakes Joe’s hand and goes to leave, but Joe grabs him drops the mic and takes him into the corner, there he describes how he’s about to lock Heyman in the Coquina clutch and tells Heyman to relay the message to him and explain to him in excrutiating detail what Lesnar’s future holds. He then locks him in the Coquina clutch screaming ‘YOU TELL HIM THIS!’. This was a good segment which made Joe look very intimidating and ferocious, especially in the last few minutes, very well done.

-Joe runs into Angle backstage…Angle asks what the hell Joe thinks he’s doing, but Joe says he’ll take anyone out who gets in his way getting to Brock Lesnar, he asks Angle if he is in his way, but Rollins walks in says Angle isn’t but he is…he says Joe may be No. 1 contender but he beat Finn Balor not him…Angle proceeds to put them in a match tonight.

Match 2 – Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Rhyno & Heath Slater

Very short match-up pretty much a squash almost. Rhyno doesn’t even get a chance to come in as when Slater goes for the tag Cesaro takes him off the apron and Slater eats a brogue kick to give Sheamus and Cesaro the victory. Makes the champs look very dominant.
Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro NR

-Post-match Sheamus gets on the mic and says that’s how a smart team wins…Sheamus asks if everyone is happy that the Hardy boys came back…Cesaro says there are two people who aren’t happy and that is Matt and Jeff after suffering the loss at extreme Rules…they gloat about being 2 time Raw Tag team champions and end it saying ‘we don’t just set the bar, we are the bar!’

-Backstage TJP & Neville have a talk…TJP wants to talk about his deal of getting a Crusierweight title match, he’s held up his part of the bargain so Neville should step up. Neville says if TJP beats Mustafa Ali tonight, he’ll talk to Kurt Angle.

Match 3 – TJP vs. Mustafa Ali

Another very shot match-up. TJP gets the upperhand to begin, Ali then makes a comeback and goes for his imploding 450 but TJP kicks his leg and hits a detonation kick for a 3 count. Fun while it lasted.
Winner: TJP(via detonation kick) NR

-Neville comes out and says he has some bad news, he maybe the king but he’s not a miracle worker, TJP isn’t happy and says they’re gonna both go talk to Kurt Angle right now, they start walking to the back but Neville attacks TJP from behind and says he’ll give him his title shot tomorrow on 205 Live. So does that make TJP face again, cause I much preferred him as a heel and don’t think the crowd are gonna get on his side at all for tomorrow.

-There’s a fun Goldust promo video as he complains about R-truth stealing his director’s chair, speaking in film lingo as per usual.

-Banks is in the locker room with Dana Brook and Mickie James, Alexa Bliss then walks in and tries to be friendly but Banks walks off straight away…she tries to convince Mickie and Dana to help her against Nia Jax but they’re having none of it and tell her she’s on her own and are gonna come out and watch her.

-Angle comes out and interrupts Corey Graves at the commentary table and they talk about something on Angles phone before Angle goes to the back again. Still intruiged to see where this is going.

-Angle is seen walking backstage and is asked about the whole situation with Graves, Angle says it’s a private matter and goes through an exit, Ambrose is then seen sneaking back into the arena.

Match 4 – Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neill w/Apollo Crews

Incredibly short match, just like their one last week, this time though as Titus goes for a pin pulling the tights, Kalisto manages to reverse it into his own pin where he pulls the tights which gets him the 3 count.
Winner: Kalisto(via pinfall) NR

-Cass is found attacked backstage, Enzo comes in and asks Cass who did it and Cass hands him a gold chain, insinuating that it was him…Enzo knows Cass doesn’t really believe that and needs him for the match tonight, but the ref said Cass won’t be competing so he needs to find a new partner for the match.

-Next is Miz’s big celebration…he says Extreme Rules was an accumulation of a journey we’re he once again brings glory back to the IC title…he thanks Maryse for everything including the dancing bear with the congratulation sign…but Maryse says she didn’t get the bear, so Miz beats him up and gives him the skull crushing finale…he removes the bear head thinking it’ll be Ambrose but it isn’t and proceeds to throw the guy out of the ring/
-A big gift is then wheeled out and Miz is suspicious and so he destroys it with a chair, but Maryse screams for Miz to stop and once it’s trashed he takes out the head of a Grandfather clock, it was from Maryse all along and she storms off to the back in anger saying he ‘ruined it’.
-Miz apologises and blames Ambrose, he wants Dean to come out and face him and looks around to try to find him, turns out he was the cameraman in the ring and he gets rid of his disguise as Miz’s back is turned. Miz sees him do it entrance screen, turns around and gets hit with dirty deeds. this was a fun segment, I liked the little swerves and Miz was good on the mic as per usual.

Match 5 – Enzo & Big Show vs. Gallows & Anderson

So Show is Cass’s replacement for the match, Enzo tries to do some banter with him and at first he doesn’t look impressed but then he joins in putting on a NJ accent and ‘doing the SAWFT bit.’
This was also very short. Enzo gets taken down straight away but soon enough makes the tag to Show who takes both Gallows and Anderson out and then throws Enzo into Anderson to get the win. It was fine for what it was aside from making Gallows/Anderson look more like jobbers.
Winners: Enzo/show(via gorilla press assisted crossbody) NR

-Enzo and Show are walking backstage and Cass walks up to them. He’s suspicious of show but Enzo says they should all just celebrate at the Casino, Show tells them to go on ahead.

-There’s a fun video promo of R-truth speaking in film references about getting Goldust.

-Alexa bliss is then interviewed backstage and asked if she regrets promising Nia Jax a Raw Women title match…She thinks she deserves to be treated better as the Goddess of WWE.

Match 6 – Raw Womens Title match: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax

5th match in a row that has been very short. Dana Brooke and Mickie James come out to ringside as the match starts and Jax pretty much just dominates until Bliss ends up on the outside and using provokes Dana and Mickie to hit her so she gets disqualified.
Winner: Bliss(via DQ) NR

Post-match Dana and Mickie start attacking Alexa but Nia takes them out and goes after Bliss. Bliss makes her escape leaving Dana, Mickie and Nia in the ring. Nia then just takes out Mickie and Dana¬† before making her exit. So who are we meant to be rooting for here, Mickie and Dana were the only faces but they were acting like heels and its just one big mess and the crowd clearly felt the same cause they ad no clue how to react, I just don’t understand what they were trying to achieve here.

-Heyman is in the medical room and gets a phone call from Brock…he tells Brock he thinks he should instill fear in Joe and show up on Raw next week to unleash the beast.

Main Event – Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

This was a good main event. Joe gets some control but it’s mainly back and forth and was quite well paced. At the end Wyatt’s thing goes off which distracts Rollin allowing Joe to win the match with the Coquina clutch. Think Joe winning cleanly without distraction would have worked better to make him dominant but I guess they wanna start setting up Wyatt/Rollins now after he failed to punish Reigns earlier on. Solid effort from both guys thoughs, literally this and the opener were the only matches that weren’t uber short.
Winner: Samoa Joe(via Coquina clutch) ***1/4

So we had two good matches to open and end Raw and then several short throwaway matches with some of them progressing stories in someway. The Raw Womens division is still a mess they need to sort out and both the Joe/Heyman and Miz segments were good and the highlights of the show along with the opening match. Not a bad show overall definitely got a few good things going on and a couple of intriguing bits, just the Raw Womens stuff that seems to be really suffering at the moment.



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