WWE Smackdown Live 6/6/17 review


It’s Smackdown Live and on this edition Kevin Owens takes on Nakamura for the first time ever!(in a WWE ring) let’s go.

-Shane is out to open the show with all the Women’s Money in the Bank participants…he reveals their MITB briefcase which is white with a gold trim…he the confirms that whoever gets it will get a shot at the Smackdown Womens title anytime and any place.
-Ellsworth then interrupts him and tells Shane there’s no need to mansplain to them as they already know whats gonna happen and directs it to Carmella who says she’s gonna be the one getting the briefcase.
-Charlotte tells her to pipe down…she says she’s gonna get the contract and add to her legacy…
-Natalya interjects and can’t stand to listening to anymore woos, she says this is not about Charlotte this is her moment and Charlotte’s not getting anywhere near the contract.
-Becky Lynch then interrupts says the only thing Natalya rips off is her uncle Bret, whilst herself rips off arms and she’s gonna rip off everyone’s and get that briefcase.
-Tamina interjects says all everyone does is talk well she’s gonna head into the match, get the briefcase and shut everyone up.
-Naomi then comes out and says she might be champion but wishes she could be in the match cause she knows it’s gonna be lit.
-Lana then makes her debut entrance with her annoying them song that gets stuck in my head…Shane says Smackdown is about opportunity but tells Lana this isn’t the right time and isn’t working for him right now…Lana promises that what works for her, she’ll make work for Shane..this makes Naomi laugh and Lana asks what’s funny…Naomi asks her whats with all the foolishness, does she really think she can hang in the MITB, when she’s never even had a singles match…she then asks Lana who she has ever beaten and says she’ll wait…Lana tells Naomi she could beat her and gets up in her face…Shane breaks them up and tells Lana with all due respect a Smackdown Womens title match is something that has to be earned…Lana gets pissed and storms off…once she’s gone Shane says it’s time to get ready for the six women tag team match which is up next. Decent little segment to hype MITB, Lana getting involved is an interesting touch too.

Match 1 – Naomi/Charlotte/Becky Lynch vs. Natalya/Carmella/Tamina

Decent little opener. Starts out evenly but the committee soon enough get control of Becky and keep it until she finally gets the hot tag to Naomi. Naomi then gets on a good role with her offense until Lana comes out and pulls her down on the apron allowing Tamina to hit a superkick and get her team the win.
Winners: The Committee(via superkick) **3/4

-backstage Shane walks into the Andre the giant memorial trophy and then Mojo walks in…he says winning the trophy was the greatest moment of his life but he thought winning it would openĀ  a lot of doors for him but instead he’s been a ghost around Smackdown, stuck on the backbench and he wants an opportunity…he is sure Shane has his reasons for not putting him in the MITB ladder match but if it’s because Shane forgot about him, then he wants to remind him that he is the only one that has beat Jinder Mahal since Jinder has been on smackdown…So Shane decides that Mojo can be in the MITB match if he can beat Jinder Mahal tonight. Nice little way for Mojo to get involved in something.

Match 2 – Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles

This a good little match-up, not as good as last week but they had a lot less time here and still did well with their time filling it was some fun back and forth action. there was also a nice callback to last weeks finish, where Styles goes for the phenomenal forearm but Ziggler goes to push him during the springboard, this time however Styles has him scouted and lands feet first on the apron which leads into the finishing sequence where AJ hits the Styles Clash to get the win, getting his reveng for last week. Good stuff.
Winner: Styles(via Styles Clash) ***

-They have a Fashion Files video where the New Day ask Breezango for intel on the Uso’s. It’s a funny little video as per usual, I’ve really been enjoying these Fashion Files segments.

Match 2 – Mojo Rawley vs. Jinder Mahal

This was a decent little match. They Kept it short and worked it well, Mojo kept taking down Jinder in the beginning, until a distraction from the Singh brothers put Jinder in control for a short bit, Mojo then starts mounting a comeback leading to the end where Mojo gets Jinder up on his shoulders, but Jinder rakes his eyes and throws him shoulder first into the ring post, he thenhits the Khallas to get the win. It showcased the dirty heel that Jinder and was a good effort from Mojo.
Winner: Jinder Mahal(via The Khallas) **3/4

-Post-match Jinder gets on the mic…says he just dismantled the dream of Mojo Rawley just like he’ll dismantle the dream of Randy Orton…he calls Orton and all who support him sick and claims he is everyone’s antidote and once he has cured the WWE of Orton, everyone will have no choice but to accept Jinder as their champion…he then speaks to his people in his language. Good work from Jinder, still got the crowd booing him.

-Orton is interviewed in back…he says last week he had calls from some legends who all said let Jinder run his mouth because actions speak louder than words and at St Louis he doesn’t have to say one word for Jinder to loudly hear what he has to say.

Match 4 – New Day vs. The Colons

Decent little tag match. Was a good way to get New Day back in action in their Smackdown debut match and they of course get the win with The midnight Hour.
Winner: New Day(via Midnight Hour) **3/4

-Psot-match Uso’s come out and cut a promo…they make a joke about each New day member and do their little ‘it’s not Paranoia it’s Uso’s’ bit before leaving. Jokes were a little lame(maybe that was the intention) but it was a fun little bit.

-Sami Zayn now interviewed backstage…he speaks about figuring everyone out in the MITB except Nakamura who is too unpredicable so he says he is gonna be at the commentary desk for Nakamura’s match against Owens.
-Baron Corbin interrupts asks if he could ask Zayn a question but instead just attacks him and says it’s not Nakamura that Zayn should be worried about. Once he’s done with his assault he says there looks like a spot just opened up on commentary.

-Naomi walks up to Shane backstage and says she wants a match with Lana at the MITB PPV…Shane says he understands what happened but she’s not under any obligation to fight her…but Naomi really wants to get her hands on her and even says she’ll put her title on the line to prove she can easily beat her. Shane agrees so the match is set. Well that should certainly be interesting to say the least, lord know what Lana’s in ring work is like now.

Main event – Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens

Perfectly fine main event, nothing spectacular but they worked it well. Nakamura gets a totally clean win over Owens with the Kinshasa. that’s the third straight time in a row that Nakamura has pinned Owens would be very surprised if he doesn’t get a US title shot soon.
Winner: Nakamura(via Kinshasa) ***

-After the match Corbin gets off commentary and hits the End of Days on Nakamura making him the man on top at the end of Smackdown, which I’m sure means we’ll probably get Nakamura against Corbin next week.

This was pretty solid episode of Smackdown, nothing fantastic in ring wise but the matches were still enjoyable and it all fit a purpose with MITB matches being built nicely and other character stories being well-integrated. Just a concise and enjoyable show overall that was easy to get through.




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