HUSTLE House Vol. 7 (14/5/05) Review


It’s HUSTLE house Vol. 7, as I continue my way through all things Fighting Opera. lets see what fun there is to be had.

-they have the usual pre-show antics involving the crowd members in activities. One fan has an energy drinking contest with Taichi and wins, then Taichi faces three other audience members in a contest where they have to use their face and mouth to obtain something from a metal tray filled with flour. Then finally a few fans get to do the HUSTLE pose in the ring.

-They have a recap video and then Takada gives a little opening speech from his Lair.
-GM Sasihara then makes his opening statements which of course gets interrupted by Shimada and then Nakamura comes out to argue with him, as is the usual.

Match 1 – Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky vs. Super Luigi & Super Marimo

The Marimo bros are dressed in green Luigi jumpsuits with clown masks and green wigs, and of course they come out to the Super Mario theme. It’s also the first time since HUSTLE-6 that Kaz and Spanky are opening the show and it’s quite a good opener as you’d expect with some fun back and forth Junior action. Kaz and Spanky get the win folding up the Marimo’s like pretzels(think Milano collection AT’s Paradise Lock) which makes the Marimo’s submit.
Winners: Kaz/Spanky(via submission) ***

-they recap Wataru Sakata forming an alliance with Takehiro Murahama after failing to get in the Monster Army.
-Takada then discusses the situation with An Jo and Shimada in the lair.

Match 2 – Flying Vampire #16 & Monster J vs. Takehiro Murahama & Wataru Sakata

Fairly average match. Murahama/Sakata dominate most of it controlling Monster J, J eventually gets the tag and Vampire has a good flurry of offense but is soon enough stopped in his tracks and takes a brainbuster from Murahama which keeps him down for a 3 count.
Winners: Murahama/Sakata(via brainbuster) **1/2

-There’s a hype video for Fujin & Raijin.
-Ryouji Sai walks up to Shinjiro Otani and is concerned about Fujin/Raijin but Otani give a pep talk and perks him up.

Match 3 – Fujin & Raijin vs. Ryouji Sai & Shinjiro Otani

This was a pretty good match. Fujin/Raijin get control from the outset but Sai & Otani soon enough get back into things and the match stays quite back and forth for the rest of it. In the end Fujin & Raijin get the win and stay looking strong.
Winners: Fujin Raijin(via Powerbomb/Splash combo) **3/4

-They show a video of Erica grabbing Taichi and making him become her tag partner for her match.
-In the back Taichi has his concerns and Kawada sternly talks to him about it, Taichi starts saying some things and Eric walks up behind him, he ends up saying something that annoys her and she goes to give him a spinning backfist but Kawada stops it, so instead she smilingly grabs Taichi and drags him out of the room.

Match 4 – Arisin Z & Commander An Jo vs. Erica & Taichi Ishikari

This was a decent little match. Aja Kong is clearly having alot of fun playing Erica and it clearly shows, she starts things out with Arizin Z as An Jo is too scared to get in with her. Arisin eventually gets her down and then An Jo finally comes in and slaps her which gets him lots of heat, Taichi then comes into to save her and becomes the legal person for the rest of the match, he puts in a good effort but Arisin and An Jo keep on top of him, he goes to tag Erica back in but she believes in Taichi and wants him to keep at it. but Taichi really struggles so she gets in the ring to perk him up, but he says something that frustrates her and she hits him with a spinning backfist allowing An Jo to hit him with a running uppercut and get the 3 count. Simple and quite fun
Winners: An Jo/Arisin(via uppercut) **3/4

-Post-match An Jo and Aja Kong have a verbal exchange before Aja leaves looking annoyed.

Match 5 – Kintaro Kanemura, Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Monster C, Piranha Monster Omega & Jinro(Wolf Man)

The usual hardcore match, we get at every show and this one was pretty fun. Bit tepid in its first half but they picked it up in the second half with some fun stuff. At the end a howl is heard and full moon comes up on screen which revitalizes Jiro and after he had been powerbombed off the apron through a table. He hit a choke assisted STO on Kuroda which gets his team the win.
Winners: Monster’s(via choke assisted STO) **3/4

Tanaka bomb off apron

-The recap what happened last show where Kawada and Ogawa won their match but got beaten down afterwards by the Monster army.
-In the locker room both Ogawa and Kawada are sat with their heads down, they stand up bump fists and head out.

Main Event – Giant Silva & Mark Coleman vs. Naoya Ogawa & Toshiaki Kawada

This was fine, they kept it short with Kawada and Ogawa dominating from the outset. they are about to finish of Coleman but the other Monster’s get involved and cost them the match, with Coleman finally finishing off Ogawa with a german suplex.
Winners: Coleman/Silva(via german suplex) **1/2

-Post-match Kawada calls out Takada, he comes out and him, Kawada and Ogawa all have a verbal exchange before Takada finally leaves and Kawada/Ogawa end the show with a HUSTLE pose.

Well this show was alright nothing much of note aside a few fun moments, the repetitious of these show is getting a little tiring, I still wanna try to get through all the shows but I’ll probably minimize my watching of it more. I’m just not staying as engaged as I did when I first started, so we’ll see how it goes. Rather lackluster show overall though.



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