WWE Money in The Bank 2010 Review

MITB 2010

So the MITB 2017 PPV is coming up, so I thought I’d look at and review some of the older MITB PPV’s starting with the first one that happened in 2010.

Now in 2010 they MITB Ladder match had already been held at Wrestlemania that year with Jack Swagger winning it, but WWE had started naming and basing PPV’s around certain match types and because the MITB match was so popular they decided to dedicate it to its own PPV too and have held one every year ever since.

Match 1 – Smackdown MITB Ladder match – Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Mcintyre vs. Kane vs. Big show

So this is the one famous for having Big show and his reinforced ladder, as well as Kofi/Mcintyre boom drop off the ladder through the announce table spot. This one is really good though, has a good amount of spots and only a few bits of dead air, particularly when Big Show is getting out and setting up his ladder which takes longer than it should, but it’s heavy as hell so not much could be done. Kane gets the case after chokeslamming Mcintyre off the ladder and fair play Kane pretty much takes everyone out at the end, except Matt and Christian who take each other out. Definitely made Kane look strong and deserving of the win which got a good crowd reaction too.
Winner: Kane ****

-Sheamus gets interviewed backstage and cuts a better promo then he does these days. Which basically means he’s just a lot less jokey.

Match 2 – Diva’s Title match: Alicia Fox (c) vs. Eve Torres

This match weren’t bad, crowd really didn’t care though and chanted for Daniel Bryan early on. Fox spend the majority of it in control and focusing on Eve’s back which leads nicely into the finish where Eve goes for a flip senton off the top but Fox gets her knees up and then hits a scissors kick to retain her title.
Winner: Alicia Fox(via scissors kick) **1/2

-Jack Swagger in the locker room on the phone showcasing is bad acting.

Match 3 – Tag Team Title match: The Uso’s vs. The Hart Dynasty (c)

This was a decent little tag much. Uso’s get a tiny bit of control but the match is mostly back and forth and quite well paced. Hart Dynasty retain their belts when David Hart Smith locks in a sharpshooter. This was the first of many unsuccessful attempts for The Uso’s at capturing the tag titles and it would take them almost 4 more years to finally win them for the first time.
Winners: The Hart Dynasty(via Sharpshooter) ***

Match 4 – World Heavyweight Title match: Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

So this was the tail-end of Swagger’s lackluster title run which he lost to Mysterio at Fatal 4 Way. This was a good match though, Swagger focused some of his attack on Mysterio’s ankle and utilised his power gain, whilst Mysterio used his quickness and agility wherever he could to stay in things. In the end Rey takes a page from Eddie Guerreros book where Swagger locks in the Ankle lock but Rey rolls forward and his boot comes off in Swagger’s hand. He then hits swagger with a hurricanrana pin that gets him the 3 count.
Winner: Mysterio(via hurricanrana) ***1/4

-Post-match Swagger is pissed and locks in the ankle lock on Mysterio refusing to let go. Kane comes down to help him and chases Swagger to the back.
-But Kane isn’t done, his music hits and walks down to already cash in his MITB contract.

Match 5 – World Heavyweight Title match: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (c)

Kane ends things quickly with a chokeslam and tombstone making him the new champion and he would go on to hold the belt for the rest of the year before losing it at the TLC PPV.
Winner: Kane(via Tombstone) NR

-Edge and Chris Jericho have an argument backstage about who’s gonna win the Raw MITB match.

Match 6 – Womens Title match – Kelly Kelly vs. Layla w/Michelle McCool (c)

Not bad, match was kept short and simple. Michelle gets involved twice but both times she gets taken out. In the end Kelly goes for a diving Sunset flip but Layla reverses the pressure and keeps her down for the 3 count.
Winner: Layla(via pinfall) **

Match 7 – Raw MITB Ladder Match – Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison

This was another very good MITB match with fun spots though I do think it’s a little slow going between spots. Orton gets all the RKO’s in and of course Edge takes the biggest bump getting pushed off a ladder into latch of a ladder that is setup upside down(quite a unique bump fair play), I also like in the opening where he’s the last one to come out and rather get in the ring he just takes a ladder out and slides it in the ring and lets everyone else start fighting as he stays outside. at the end it looks as though Orton is gonna get it but Miz comes in, pushes him off and gets the briefcase himself. I think the Smackdown one was better but this was still darn enjoyable.
Winner: The Miz ***3/4

-Post-match the Miz delivers the first of many great promos he would make as Mr Money in the Bank.

Main Event – WWE Title Cage Match: Sheamus vs. John Cena

This was ok if a little dull. It had some decent bits but the pacing was a little too slow so it just dragged alot. At the end the Nexus come out and prevent Cena from escaping(Justin Gabriel takes a big bump off the top doing it) so Sheamus uses the opportunity to escape and run off.
Winner: Sheamus(via escape) *

So aside from a lackluster main event this was a decent show overall the MITB matches delivered well, particularly the smackdown one and Swagger/Mysterio was good too. Nothing outstanding hereĀ  but not bad all in all.









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