Pro Wrestling NOAH Navigation with Breeze 2017 in Osaka (27/5/17) Review


So I noticed I haven’t reviewed any NOAH on here yet, so I thought I’d put an end to that and review one of their latest shows.

NOAH were actually the first Japanese promotions I ever got into and are one of the main reasons I got into Puroresu. They’ve unfortunately been in a decline in recent years particularly during the Suzuki-gun invasion last year where attendance became the lowest it had ever been for them. But now after a new company takeover they are being branded as NOAH the Reborn and are trying hard to win back some of their lost popularity.

This show is headlined by a GHC Junior Heavyweight title match so lets see how it goes.

Match 1 – Rionne Fujiwara vs. Takashi Sugiura

This was a basically a squash match. Suguira wastes no time beating the crap into Rionne and giving him an olympic slam to win the match in under a minute. Suguira is not a happy chappy at all and did not stop looking pissed even when leaving to the back.
Winner: Sugiura(via Olympic Slam) SQUASH

Match 2 – Hi69, Hitoshi Kumano, Mohammed Yone & Yoshinari Ogawa vs. RATEL’S (Tadasuke & YO-HEY), Akitoshi Saito & Masa Kitamiya

Decent little match, they kept the action flowing well and it was enjoyable. Yone gets the win which is good momentum for him since he’s the challenger for the GHC heavyweight title match on the last day of the tour.
Winners: Yone’s team(via Musclebuster) **3/4

Match 3 – Atsushi Kotoge vs. Kaito Kiyomiya

There is around 2 minutes clipped from the middle, but it was still a good match, had really good energy and kept a consistent pace, full of solid back and forth action.
Winner: Kotoge(via Killswitch) ***

Match 4 – Kenou vs. Taiji Ishimori

This was pretty good, another back and forth affair though pace wasn’t as consistent. Always enjoy watching Ishimori and his athletic prowess, at one point they are fighting on the outside and the refs count keeps getting higher so Ishimori pins Kenou up against a guardrail until the ref reaches 19 then he runs back in the ring but Kenou manages to just make it in too before the 20. At the end Kenou decides to go nuts and does a diving footstomp of the entrance way, which takes out Ishimori and keeps him to get counted out by the ref. No fucks given by Kenou whatsoever.
Winner: Kenou(via Count out) ***

Match 5 – Daisuke Harada vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima

Very solid match here. Harada wastes no time and takes Nakajima off the apron before he even enters the ring. Nakajima soon enough gets back into things though and it becomes a physical and enjoyable back and forth affair. Very good showing for Harada against the champ, but of course Nakajima ends up getting the win hitting a big brainbuster.
Winner: Nakajima(via Brainbuster) ***1/2

Match 6 – Maybach Taniguchi vs. Randy Reign

Another good match while it lasted. They both go right at it from the get go and things keep heating up til they start brawling on the outside and both end up being counted out. Both of them represent one half of the teams that will face each other for the tag titles on the last day of the tour(Marufuji & Hall also have a match next) so this was a nice precursor for that as you felt the heat and tension between them which helps build the hype. Good stuff from both guys,
Double Count-out ***

Match 7 – Cody Hall vs. Naomichi Marufuji

This was decent, they had a nice dynamic with their speed and size differences and delivered an enjoyable little match. During the match Maybach and Randy come bursting out the entrance way brawling and keep at it through the crowd until they return to the back. At the end Marufuji reverses the Razor’s edge into a ‘Rana to get the win. I’m quite looking forward to watching the tag title match between these guys.
Winner: Marufuji(via ‘Rana) **3/4

Match 8 – Brian Cage vs. Go Shiozaki

This was another good match with more enjoyable back and forth action. It’s certainly interesting seeing Cage mix it up with the NOAH guys and he worked well with Go here, showcasing his power and getting the win with a screwdriver.
Winner: Cage(Via Drill Claw) ***

Main event – GHC Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Hajime Ohara (c) vs. HAYATA

Really good main event from these two. well paced and back and forth, like nearly all the other matches on this card. Hajime really busted out a good of number backbreaker variants that would give Roderick Strong a run for his money, he comes exceedingly close to retaining his title but as he locks in his Muy Bien submission hold, HAYATA rakes his eyes and takes advantage hitting a moonsault and his Todekku finisher to become the new champion. Great little end-stretch and very enjoyable match overall.
Winner: HAYATA(via Todekku) ****

This was a solid show overall, the main event really delivered and the rest of the matches were all good, nothing outstanding but still all enjoyable to watch. Very concise and entertaining show. I’ll be sure to review the last show of this tour, which features the rest of the titles on the line.***






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