WWE Smackdown Live 13/6/17 Review


So I did no Raw review yesterday because I couldn’t really be bothered Raw can be a bit of a slog to get throw and the only big highlight was the Samoe Joe/Lesnar confrontation which was awesome. Anyway Smackdown is usually easier to get through so I thought I’d still review it.
With Money in the Bank coming up this Sunday, lets see how Smackdown Live does on its go home show.

-New Day are out to open the show and they’ve brought a big brass band named Soul Rebel with them to play their entrance theme….They say once they beat Us0s they will walk into ‘Mania in New Orleans next year as the champs.
-Usos interrupt them and come out…they give a little speech but are quickly interrupted by the Fashion Police…they talk about how Usos Day one isn’t H but G for Gross and then Breeze tells Fandango to book them.
-But out come the Colons…They call the Fashion Police the worst detectives ever and their fashion sense is horrible, they say they didn’t trash their office but they are gonna trash them anyway…Big E stops them and says the New Day and Fashion Police are about to ‘Lawfully betwixt their boots between your buns’ because New Day rocks. Interesting that they start with a tag team segment, having the New Day on Smackdown definitely elevates the division somewhat, segment was a bit of a mixed bag though and most of the humour just fell flat.

Match 1 – New Day/Breezango vs. Usos/Colons

This was a good little opener, they got given and a fair amount of time and delivered some enjoyable action. It was formulaic with Usos/Colons getting control a couple of times and it had it’s fun moments with solid work from everyone. At the end New Day get the win hitting a bacbreaker/diving foot stomp combo, giving New Day the momentum going into Sunday.
winners: New Day/Breezango(via Backbreaker/foot stomp) ***

-Aj Styles is talking to Nakamura backstage and Sami Zayn walks in and asks what the plan is for the match tonight, he continues to waffle on all fast and excited and asks again if they have any strategies..Styles says their good as Nakamura looks baffled…Zayn waffles on a little more before walking away…Nakamura ends it saying ‘I like him’.

-Mojo interviewed backstage about what happened last week and what he’s gonna do now…Mojo thanks Shane for the opportunity and the loss last week was devastating but he’s partly happy about it cause he’s gonna take that loss as a springboard to up his game.
-Zack Ryder interrupts Mojo and says they’ve got some unfinished business as a team so the Hype Bros are finally reunited after Ryder’s injury.

Match 2 – Tamina vs. Naomi

Before the match starts Lana comes out to ringside. Match was fine, pretty average stuff really. Tamina dominates most of it and goes to finish Naomi of with the diving splash but Naomi pulls her off the top and hits a split legged moonsault to get the win.
Winner: Naomi(via split legged moonsault) **1/2

-After the match Lana attacks Naomi and hits her with a hammerlock sit out spinebuster(did not see that move coming), she then grabs the Naomi’s belt and holds it above her. Still intrigued to see how this match Sunday is gonna work out, Lana’s unxepected move was executed well though, so who knows.

-Jinder Mahal comes out for a promo…he tells everyone to rise and show respect to the WWE Champion…this Sunday he will prove that Randy Orton is nothing but a coward…says Orton won’t come out and face him due to fear of Jinder Mahal and Jinder will use the fear as his sword of enlightenment as he cuts down Orton’s legacy piece by piece…the era of the viper has passed the sun shines on a new era, the era of the Maharaja…He then proceeds to speak in punjab.
-Orton’s music hits but he doesn’t come out the entrance and instead runs in from behind and hits an RKO on Jinder, no words necessary. Good little segment, I enjoyed Jinder’s speech and Orton just wanting to get straight into the action.

-Owens, Ziggler and Corbin are in the locker room talking about the match tonight…they acknowledge that they don’t like each other and don’t wanna team up but Owens tries to convince that they should work together to take out Zayn, Nakamura and Styles so that they have a better chance in the MITB match on Sunday.

-Orton is asked backstage about Jinder saying that Orton’s legacy is over sunday…Orton says he just told Jinder all he needed to say as the time for conversation is over and he’s gonna win back his WWE Title at MITB in his hometown.

Match 3 – Natalya vs. Charlotte

These two always work well together and this was no different as they delivered a good little match, Natalya gets a small bit of control and they have a fun little end stretch with Charlotte getting the win with a Natural selection. She definitely a favourite to win on Sunday and this win helps give her more momentum.
Winner: Charlotte(via Natural Selection) ***

-They have a fashion files video where Fandango finds Breeze has been attacked, he asks whose done and breeze gives him a description. Fandango makes a sketch and shows Breeze who acknowledges that its them, they leave and the sketch is revealed to be two stickmen.Fun stuff as usual

-Lana interviewed about her attack on Naomi…she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she’s gonna crush Naomi and become the first ever Ravishing smackdown Womens champion.

Main Event – Corbin/Owens/Ziggler vs. Zayn/Nakamura/Styles

Decent main event, nothing special but they worked it well enough. Owen’s team gets control a couple of times, the second time they get control of Zayn, he eventually goes to tag out but Nakamura and Styles are taken off the apron, Corbin is about to take out Zayn but Styles gets involved and Corbin ends up in the corner which allows Zayn to hit the helluva kick and get the win.
Winner: Zayn(Via helluva kick)

-after the match Owens and Ziggler grab a ladder and take out Styles and Zayn with it, they drop it and start arguing and Corbin comes in and takes them both out, he sets up the ladder and climbs it but Nakamura comes in, pushes him off and hits a Kinshasa. He then proceeds to climb it himself and grab the briefcase that hanging above the ring which gives him the momentum going into Sunday.

thought this was a pretty good show overall, nothing outstanding but I think they’ve built the type well for MITB sunday and delivered some enjoyable action along the way. I look forward to watching the PPV and seeing how it all goes down.



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