WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Review


It’s Money in the Bank 2017 featuring the first ever Womens MITB match. Lets see how it goes

Kick-off Match – Hype Bros vs. The Colons

So this is the Hype Bros return match and it was a decent formulaic affair. Hype Bros get good momentum to start but then the The Colons take control of Ryder working on his previously injured leg. Ryder then gets the hot tag which leads right into the finishing stretch where Hype Bros hit the Hype Ryder to get the win. Nice little return for Hype bros, I’m glad to see them back.
Winners: Hype Bros(va Hype Ryder) **3/4

Match 1 – Women MITB Ladder match – Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Tamina vs. Natalya

This was good, they understandable minimised any big spots and some of the execution was sloppy, but it was still a good effort by everyone involved. The finish was a little abrupt and could be seen as an issue for some, as James Ellsworth climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase for Carmella. Having a man help a woman win in the first ever Womens MITB match is not exactly the best of ideas, however Carmella is a heel and it generated a good deal of heat for her and it worked in that sense. Also the refs arguing about whether it counts and the GM’s tweeting their unhappiness about it, shows that there’ll be repercussions and allows the feud between all the women to stay on going. Pretty enjoyable match overall though.
Winner: Carmella ***

Match 2 – WWE Smackdown Tag team title match –  The Uso’s (c) vs. New Day

This was a really good match, Uso’s showed some good aggression during their control and Kofi took a few sick bumps in the process. They then had a really good end stretch with a quite a few dramatic nearfalls, but in the end as New Day are about to get the win after hitting the Midnight Hour, the one Uso drags his brother out and they start leaving through the crowd with their titles allowing the ref to count them out. It’s simple heel move that lets them keep their belts and allows the feud to progress whilst making New Day still look like strong contenders.
Winner: New Day(via countout) ***3/4

Match 3 – WWE Smackdown Womens title match: Lana vs. Naomi (c)

Well this wasn’t all that good to be honest. Lana was in control for a lot of it working on Naomi’s leg and although she was giving a good go, a lot of it just came across a little awkward, so she still has a lot to improve on and the crowd weren’t particularly caring either, but it certainly wasn’t awful and Naomi brought a good load of energy into it and did pretty well herself too. At the end Carmellsworth come out and tease a cash in, but they just stay at ringside whilst Naomi locks in her FTG submission to retain her title. Not a bad singles debut for Lana but not all that great either.
Winner: Naomi(via feel the Glow) **

-They show a video of Fashion Vice where Breezango find a videotape from the people who trashed their office that tell them to come to the ring later on. Another fun promo from these

-Mike Bennett and Maria make their debut as Mike & Maria Kanellis. They walk onto the stage with a cheesy 80s rock theme song and are here to show Smackdown the power of Love. Lord knows how this is all gonna pan out.

Match 4 – WWE World Championship match: Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton

They have the Greg Gagne, Larry Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Bob Orton and Ric Flair sitting in the front row for this and it was a good match overall. It was worked very similarly to their previous match, but this one was better and probably the best that I’ve seen Jinder work. He gets control working on Orton’s leg and manages it in more interestingly then I’ve ever seen him do it. He even taunts the legends who are watching by trying a few classic moves like locking in the figure four and spinning toehold. At one point goes for a superplex but Orton manages to block it and hit him with his own.
At the the end Orton hits the RKO but the Singh Brothers put Jinder’s leg on the bottom rope to break the count. The ref sees them do this and commands them to go to the back, they go to comply but instead form their own plan and start confronting Bob Orton which makes Randy run out and proceed to take them both out, including RKO’ing one through an announce table. Once he gets back into the ring though, Jinder kicks his injured leg and hits the Khallas to retain the title. Glad that their letting Jinder keep the title still, he’s getting the heat and though he’s still not fantastic, he has been working well thrpuhgout this run. Solid work from both guys overall, good stuff.
Winner: Jinder(via The Khallas) ***1/2

Breezango vs. The Acsension

So the team that trashed Breezango’s office was Ascension all along, which was obvious since their the only heel team left on Smackdown. Anyway match was very basic, short and formulaic, really was not much to it at all, pretty much a pissbreak match. Breezango get the win of course.
Winners: Breezango(via small package) NR

Main Event – Men’s MITB Ladder match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Great main event here with some fun spots and good drama. Corbin attacks Nakamura during his entrance and takes him out most of the match. He comes back towards the end to an awesome reaction from the crowd and has a great run of momentun that leads to a lovely confrontation between him and AJ styles which I hope teases a future match between the two(Summerslam perhaps?) in the end they both climb the ladder but Baron pushes ladder over taking them out and then proceeds to climb and grab the briefcase himself making him the 2017 MITB winner. Happy to see Baron win as he’s one of the few people who having the case would help the most. Good effort from everyone involved though with Owens seemingly taking most of the nasty bumps including a half and half suplex on the apron, but everyone else had fair share of punishment too and those few minutes with Nakamura were great.  Really enjoyable match overall.
Winner: Baron Corbin ****1/4

I thought this was a good show overall there weren’t many matches but I thought most of them were very enjoyable and delivered well, with a few interesting decisions that’ll keep some of the feuds progressing. Pretty solid stuff all in all.



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