WWE Smackdown Live 20/6/17 Review


It’s Smackdown Live where this week we see the fall out from Money in the Bank, especially the decision to be made about the finish of the Womens MITB match. Lets go!

-Starts with Becky, Natalya, Charlotte & Tamina arguing outside Daniel Bryan’s office, he comes out and says he’ll hear everyone out, once he hears what Carmellsworth have to say in a couple of minutes.

-Carmellsworth come out to the ring. Ellsworth hypes up Carmella and tells everyone to get on their feet for the first ever Ms Money in the Bank…Carmella talks about her name trending cause of how she won, mentions all the problems that people had with her winning, but she doesn’t care…she wasn’t out to make history she was making plans for her future…she mentions people getting involved in previous MITB matches…says she won fair and square since there are no rules in a MITB match…When Daniel Bryan comes out later he has to make a decision and he is gonna acknowledge her as Ms Money in the Bank and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Best Promo Carmella has ever done good delivery from her and had some passion to it whilst making valid points.

Charlotte argues with Daniel Bryan about doing the right thing…he says Carmella is right about the no DQ but Charlotte argues it should only apply to the 5 women who are licensed to be in the match.

Match 1 – Jimmy Uso vs. Big E.

Decent little match-up. Big E has the upper hand in the beginning but a distraction from Jey gives Jimmy the control until Big E starts coming back at the end. He’s about to go for the big ending but Jimy exits the ring and him and Jey are gonna leave and get counted out but Kofi dives off the steps on to Jey and Xavier stands in the way of Jimmy. Jimmy goes back into the ring gets his offense reversed by Big E and gets hit with the big Ending which keeps him down for the pinfall. Fairly formulaic but still enjoyable as Uso’s struggle to keep up with New Day.
Winner: Big E(via Big Ending) **3/4

-Natalya & Tamina now walk into Bryan’s office…Natalya tries to be all nice and says happy fathers day before trying to speak about the MITB controversy, but Tamina jumps right in skipping any niceties, asking what Daniel is gonna do about Carmella, she’ssick of hearing her run her mouth. He thanks them for their input and will have an official decision shortly.

-Naomi is interviewed backstage about the MITB controversy…Naomi says it’s unfortunate what happened and that Ellsworth ended up being the deciding factor, she knows Daniel Bryan will make the right decision but she’ll be ready for whoever ends up being her opponent.
-Lana walks in and asks what about her…she says Naomi should be thanking Carmella because without her, she would be the champion not Naomi, so she asks for a re-match…Naomi says she beat Lana fair and square and she felt the Glow, but she agrees to give Lana a re-match next week.

-They show an interview Tom Phillips gave Orton earlier in the day…he’s asked about the end of his Title match Sunday…Orton says he lost focus, he saw the Singh brothers goes after his father and he saw red…Jinder has now made this personal and it is far from over, he’s gonna hurt Jinder real bad and cause he disrespected his family maybe he’ll disrespect Jinder’s and travel to India hitting RKO’s on all of Jinder’s family, this isn’t the end and there’s no turning back. Would happily watch a montage of Orton trvaellin got different places in India and hitting Jinder’s entire family with RKO’s, good stuff from Orton, had a nice intensity.

Match 2 – Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was a good little TV match, not the quickest paced of matches but it was worked well and had some solid action, think it was probably on par with their PPV match. Good work from both.
Winner: Nakamura(via Kinshasa) ***

-backstage Daniel Bryan tells Sami Zayn he’s booked against Baron Corbin next week, which Zayn is happy about…Becky Lynch walks up to them and Zayn says he’s sorry that Becky got robbed…he walks away and then Becky pleads her case to Bryan about the MITB match says she was so close til Ellsworth got involved and every time she’s getting somewhere someone comes in and cheats and takes it all away from her, she asks what she should do…Bryan says he’s sorry but it’s complicated and Becky asks if doing the right thing is so complicated and walks away.

-Kevin Owens comes out to the ring looking pissed…says the only reason he doesn’t have the MITB contract is because the other 5 guys conspired against him and tried to end his career…but he’s still here in the ring unbroken, still the new face of America and still US Champion…he says Smackdown Live is the land of opportunity so he’s gonna truly make it the land of opportunity by issuing an open challenge to anyone local from Dayton Ohio.
-AJ Styles comes out to answer it, but Owens says Styles clearly wasn’t listening as he said someone from Dayton, which AJ isn’t.
-Chad Gable then comes out and claims he moved to Dayton this morning, Owens even asks his address, so he says one and Styles says he knows the place and tells the ref to ring the bell which Owens isn’t happy about.

Match 3 – US Title match – Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chad Gable

This was good. As bell rings Owens is too busy looking at Styles and Gable just grabs him and starts delivering waistlock takedowns. It was a great effort from Gable managing to play the underdog and having a good go of it, in the end he falls victim to the Pop-up powerbomb and loses but he played his part well and looked impressive. It’s nice seeing at least part of American Alpha again, it’s really unfortunate that they’ve been kept of the grid lately as they really are great talents. Owens did well too and it was an enjoyable match overall.
Winner: Owens(via Popup powerbomb) ***

-Hype Bros are in the Bryan’s office showing the battle royale they won 6 months ago to become no.1 contenders for the tag titles before Ryder was injured, they still think they deserve an opportunity so Bryan says if they can win a match with The Uso’s next week, they’ll get a tag title shot.

-They have a promo for Sonic’s Concrete Custards involving Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger where Zayns trying to decide which out of two is best and Tye rates them both as 10.

-Daniel Bryan now comes out to make a decision about the Women’s MITB Ladder match…he introduces all the women to the ring…he says his decision involves everyone, he says Carmella is right MITB are No DQ and that you can have someone help you get the briefcase, but no-one has ever unhooked the case and gave it to somebody else so we are in uncharted territory.
-Ellsworth interrupts and says being a daddy to little vegan hippy babies has gotten Daniel Bryan all soft…Bryan tells him to shut up and he’ll punch him in the face and fire him if he talks about his daughter again.
-Carmella says Bryan can’t talk to them like that but Becky interjects and says Carmella never beat anyone…Natalya tells Becky to stop sucking up to Bryan, Charlotte interrupts her and says she’s here for a decision and says if she doesn’t shut up she’ll make Natalya look like Ellsworth…Tamina tells Charlotte to shut up or she’ll start looking like Ellsworth(?).
-Bryan tells everyone to calm down, says they were all apart for the first ever Womens MITB ladder match and that Carmella is gonna be the first person to ever hand back the briefcase as next week on Smackdown they are gonna have Women’s MITB ladder re-match.
-He leaves the briefcase and all the women start attacking each other until Carmella is left in the ring with Charlotte and Becky…Charlotte hits Carmella with natural selection and then Becky locks in the Dis-armer. Interesting decision look forward to seeing the re-match, segment was all fine apart from Tamina basically repeating the same threat as Charlotte which was odd.

Main event – Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper

Another good TV match. Jinder still shows his improvement and worked well, while Harper put in a good effort too as per usual and it made for an entertaining match. At the end Baron Corbin comes out and walks around the ring taunting Jinder with the briefcase before leaving, the distraction almost costs Jinder the match, but on the Singh brothers gets on the apron to distract Harper, allowing Jinder to boot him in the face and hit the Khallas to get the win.
Winner: Jinder(via the Khallas) ***

-After the match Orton runs out and starts beating Jinder up including hitting him with a hanging DDT from the barricade. the Singh brothers try to stop him but both eat RKO’s as Jinder legs it through the crowd.

This was a good episode of Smackdown had some enjoyable matches and promos and has already set-up a bunch of stuff for next weeks Smackdown and has continued the progress of a few feuds. Enjoyable stuff all around.




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