WWE Smackdown Live 27/6/17 Review


It’s Smackdown Live where on this show we get the second ever Women’s MITB match, lets see how it goes!

-Daniel Bryan out to open the show hyping up the two women’s matches…Carmella interupts him calls Smackdown the land of injustice and the biggest injustice was her being stripped of her briefcase, she argues about the match being No DQ and that the rules state that the first women to possess the contract wins the match, there are no rules in the MITB she did nothing wrong, just because she’s more intelligent than every other women in the back doesn’t mean they had the right to take her briefcase… Bryan says she makes some valid points but no one has ever got the briefcase and handed it to another person, he decides to ask the crowd if he should cancel the match and give Carmella the briefcase and of course they say no.
-Ellsworth tells everyone to shut up, he calls Bryan a coward who didn’t have the grapefruits to wrestle and made up some hokey injury as an excuse…Bryan says he should just fire Ellsworth but instead bans him from the arena and gets security to come and take him out. Decent little opneing segment to hyp things tonight, Carmella was pretty good on mic again like last week.

Match 1 – Hype Bros vs. The Uso’s

So Hype Bros start out good with lots of momentum, then it goes to commercial and as soon as it comes back Uso’s get the win. Well it was fun while it lasted, guess that gets the Hype bros out of the picutre.
Winner: Usos(via diving splash) NR

-New Day come out and they have a bit of a fun verbal exchange with Uso’s.

-There’s a Fashion Vice segment where Breezango interrogates The Acension and it turns out they weren’t the ones who trashed the office they just wanted a match on the PPV and during interrogation the office gets trashed again. fun as usual.

Match 2 – Smackdown Womens Title match: Naomi (c) vs. Lana

Well that was quick, Lana attacks Naomi as soon as she’s introduced and hits her sitout spinebuster which only gets two, Naomi then kicks Lana in the head and hits the split legged moonsault that gets the win. Guess it’s better to get it out of the way with.
Winner: Naomi(split legged moonsault) NR

-BeckyLynch interviewed about the MITB…She mentions being inches away in the last match and that she has a fairer chance now that Ellsworth is banned.

-Aiden English introduced in the ring, he starts singing and is interrupted by Randy Orton, during commercial Orton RKO’s English and when they come back he is sat in a chair in the centre of the ring….he says he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants, he mentions beating up Jinder last week and he wants a re-match for the WWE title…people might think why he deserves one, but he if doesn’t get it he’ll go to the back and beat the hell out of Jinder and keep doing it everywhere…
-he’s about to go back to beat some ass but Shane O’Mac comes out…he says we can’t have Orton threatening the safety of Jinder but Orton doesn’t care he’ll do what he has to since Jinder disrespected his family…Shane empathises and gives Orton his re-match at Battleground but Jinder will choose a stipulation.
-Jinder comes out onto the stage…he says Orton is not worthy of a re-match, but despite the prejudice he will choose the stipulation that his hero Great Khali created, a Punjabi Prison match! Well that’s certainly intriguing, good stuff from Orton you cand definitely feel his anger.

-Styles meets with Bryan in the back…speaks about Kevin Owen’s open challenge being unfair but Owens interrupts him says his open challenge is for people he hasn’t already beat and he already beat Styles which makes him a loser. Bryan decides that since next week is the 4th of July they’re gonna have an independence day battle royale with the winner facing Owens at battleground for the US title and Styles is in it.

-Mike and Maria Kanellis come out but are interrupted by Sami Zayn who comes out for his match against Baron Corbin.

Match 3 – Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

Good little match between these two, just some straight up solid back and forth action with Corbin getting the win, keeping him looking strong.
Winner: Corbin(via End of Days) ***

-Nakamura is interviewed about Baron Corbin…says Corbin is tough but he is motivated by fear, the fear of what Nakamura could do to him.

Main Event – Womens MITB Ladder match: Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Tamina

Fun main event, still a bit sloppy but they gave it a good go. Think I enjoyed it as much as the first one but this had a better finish with Becky getting her revenge on Ellsworth and Carmella winning the briefcase for herself after taking out Becky with a chair, there may not have been in any big creative spots but they kept it simple and it worked, nothing fantastic but decent overall.
Winner: Carmella ***

Another enjoyable show with some interesting things being setup, Battleground is already starting to shape up nicely and Carmella winning on her own cements her well as a good heel and will help her keep the heat that she has been building for herself. Solid stuff overall.





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