GFW (Impact/TNA) Slammiversary XV 2017 Review


It’s the 15th Annual Slammiversary and I thought I’d check it out even though I don’t watch Impact Wrestling but I do read up on the reports and like to sometimes watch their PPV’s, lets see how it goes.

-They open with a pretty good hype video and then have an actual Owl fly from the stage to a Slammiversary podium in the ring, which made me lugh for a good few seconds.

Match 1 – GFW Tag Title Match: Garza Jr./Laredo Kid vs. Drago/El Hijo De Fantasma vs. Taiji Ishimori/Naomichi Marufuji vs. LAX (c)

What a super fun opening match, just big car crash full of cruiser action and cool double team moves. There are a couple of things that don’t go so well, but they kept a consistently quick pace and it was cool seeing all these  teams from different promotions go at it.
Winners: LAX(via neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo) ***3/4

-Joseph Parks tells Borash that his match will be No DQ.

Match 2 – Moose/DiAngelo Williams vs. Chris Adonis/Eli Drake

This was pretty good. It’s NFL Star DiAngelo Williams’ wrestling debut and he was pretty impressive and displayed some good athleticism, with the crowd getting fully behind him. Match was quite formulaic with Moose & DiAngelo starting off well, Adonis & Drake taking control and then Moose getting the hot tag leading to the finishing stretch. At the end they randomly get a table involved and DiAngelo tries to frogsplash Adonis through the table but he overshoots it a little, so he still lands it but the table doesn’t break, he then just goes for the cover and gets the pinfall. Shame that end bit didn’t go as planned even though it was a little odd anway. Still enjoyable match overall.
Winners: Moose/DiAngelo(via frosplash on a table) ***

-Post-match after celebrating Moose grabs Drake from the stage and powerbombs him through the table.

Match 3 – Strap Match: James Storm vs. EC3

This was pretty solid match, you feel some of the heat they had between them and Storm gets to have his revenge when EC3 tries to use handcuffs but Storm handcuffs EC3 instead and whips with the strap 32 times, he then tries to beat EC3 with his own finisher but it only gets a two count. Now at the end EC3 pulls Storms head into the ringpost on the outside, gives him the one percenter and only gets a two, Storm then manages to hit the super kick but then just falls flat on the ground after a few seconds, the ref checks on him backs up EC3, but EC grabs Storm hits a rough Angels Wings and gets the pinfall. Now the commentators try to chalk it up to the after effects of Storm hitting the ring post, so I guess they are going for a concussion/injury angle, think the execution was a little odd though.
Winner: EC3 (viaAngels Wings) ***1/4

Match 4 – Joseph Park/Jeremy Borash vs. Josh Matthews/Scott Steiner

This was more fun than expected, they basically come out do a bit of in-ring stuff, go to the back and play a pre-recorded video of them which is all farcical with Matthews and Steiner chasing Park & Borash and includes cameo’s by James Mitchell and Shark Boy. Borash and Matthews end up fighting in a swimming pool whilst Steiner takes out Park and Mitchell shows up to give him the Abyss mask. They end up back in the ring and in the end Abyss comes out and gives Josh a blackhole slam on thumbtacks and then Borash does a splash off the top rope(with his hands landing right in the thumbtacks) to get the 3 count. It’s good that they didn’t take things too seriously and kept things simple, at the end of the day it was a bit of fun and also kept Matthews of commentary for the night, so that’s all  good by me.
Winners: Borash/Abyss(via splash) ***

Match 5 – Full Metal Mayhem: Davey Richards & Angelina vs. Eddie Edwards & Alisha

This was decent, a bit of a mess and crowd weren’t the most receptive but they had some fun spots. Eddie wins it with a sunset bomb off a ladder through a table which was cool. Feel like it lacked the drama this feud seemed like it was going for but it was still enjoyable overall.
Winners: Eddie/Alisha(via sunset bomb off  ladder through table) ***

Match 6 – X Division Title 2 out of 3 falls match: Low Ki vs, Sonjay Dutt (c)

Solid match between these veterans, they packed in some good back and forth action with Low Ki using couple dirty tactics to try to get the upper hand In the end though Dutt hits a moonsault double stomp to get the second fall and win the match. Not sure the match really flowed all that well but it was still a good effort from both guys.
Winner: Dutt(via Moonsault double stomp) ***1/4

Match 7 –  GFW Womens Title Unification match: Rosemary (c) vs. Sienna (c)

This weren’t bad just a simple back and forth affair that was fundamentally fine. At the end Sienna Blocks Rosemary’s mist with her hand and smothers it in Rosemarys face, allowing her to lock in a guillotine choke and win the unified belt, interesting finish for sure.
Winner: Sienna(via Guillotine Choke) **3/4

-Jeff Jarrett comes out just to say thank you.

Main Event – GFW Title Unification Match: Alberto El Patron vs. Lashley

Really solid main event, they tried hard to deliver a big match and managed it well enough though I felt the drama didn’t come through fully. Still it was full of good back and forth action with a fair amount of big moves thrown in and some close nearfalls, in the end though Patron gets the win with a bit of a convoluted hanging double stomp, to win the unified belt.
Winner: El Patron(via hanging double stomp) ***1/2

Quite a fun PPV overall, nothing outstanding but  it was all in enjoyable and nothing was bad.  Think the opening tag match was my favourite match but alot of it was fun to see. Good stuff.




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