NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 3 (21/7/17) Review


It’s Day 3 of the G1 Climax and after a solid day 2 for B block, lets see if A Block and can pull off another strong show like day 1. This time headlined by Naito/YOSHI-HASHI.
Once again I’ll be focusing on just the Block Matches themselves rather than the undercard which I just skimmed through

A Block Match 1 – Hirooki Goto vs. Yuji Nagata

very solid match-up, bit slow in the beginning but they pick things up and start laying in the strikes after a bit of mat wrestling and a couple of holds. There are certainly some good strikes exchanged and I really liked the finish with Nagata forcing his way out of the sleeper only to get caught with a headbutt from Goto and then hit with the GTR to give Goto his second win in a row and Nagata his second loss. Seems that Nagata’s last G1 may be on the same path as Ligers last BOTSJ, but lets hope not, Love the spirit and passion that Nagata has been bringing so far though, he’s certainly not going down easily. Very good effort from both, that got better as it went along.
Winner: Goto [4] (via GTR) ***3/4

A Block Match 2 – Tomohiro Ishii vs. Togi Makabe

Really good physical match, as you’d expect, from the get go they already are just throwing shoulders and elbows at each other. Very hard-hitting match-up with lots of stiff lariats. Ishii is always a perfect opponent for Makabe and they always manage to mesh well together, just seeing them go out and lay into each other is always fun and this was no exception.
Winner: Ishii [2] (via Brainbuster) ****

A Block Match 3 – Kota Ibushi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Great little match between these two. Sabre seemed to get the upper hand throughout most of it, using his technical skill to impressively catch Ibushi in various holds, but any bursts of offence that Ibushi managed to get in was certainly effective and in the end Ibushi’s power advantage over Sabre came into play, as he powered Sabre up while locked in a triangle hold and hit the Golden Star Bomb to get the win. Loved how this match played out, liked it alot.
Winner: Ibushi [2] (via Golden Star Bomb) ****

A Block Match 4 – Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bad Luck Fale

This was really good. Tana was trying hard to work against Fale size in whatever way we could, whilst Fale utilised his power and also worked some on Tana’s injured arm. In the end Tana gets Fale on the outside and hits his diving High Fly Flow, the ref starts counting and reaches 15 and both get on the apron, rather than get back in the ring though Tana hits Sling Blade on the apron, the ref continues to count and Tana gets in at 19 and wins via count out. It was a smart move by Tana who was clearly starting to struggle with Fale especially with the injured arm. Really liked how they worked this, sometimes the simpler matches can still be very worthwhile.
Winner: Tanahashi [1] (via count-out) ***3/4

A Block Main Event – Tetsuya Naito vs. YOSHI-HASHI

Great main event to end the show. Naito works on YOSHI-HASHI’s neck much like he did Ibushi and gets a little control, but YOSHI-HASHI fought hard and showed great determination, there was even a point where he has Naito the Butterfly lock for a long period time and looked as though he was gonna get it, but unfortunately he didn’t and Naito got him with a Destino to get the win. Really enjoyable match overall.
Winner: Naito [4] (via Destino) ****

Another strong showing for A Block, nothing as great as Naito/Ibushi but every match was still really good to great and worth checking out, I think my favourite match was definitely Sabre/Ibushi but it was all super enjoyable. A Block really is proving to be the better block so far.



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