NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 8 (27/7/17) Review


It’s Day 8 with a fourth lot of B block matches, as we get closer to the half way point of the G1.

B Block Match 1 – Tama Tonga vs. Juice Robinson

Solid starts to the day 8 block matches. Juice had his one leg bandaged enough which Tama attacked some and affected Juice a little but not much, I did like how at one point he had Tama up for the firemans carry gutbuster but instead dropped him down and hit a full nelson slam because of his leg. They had a couple nice exchanges too especially in the finishing sequence with both guys vying for their second win and Tonga finally hitting the Gunstun to get it. good stuff.
Winner: Tama Tonga [4] (via Gunstun) ***1/2

B Block Match 2 – SANADA vs. Toru Yano

This was a fun little match, SANADA attacked Yano just after he entered the ring and was smart to some of his tricks, so he was able to avoid and prevent them, in the end he takes Yano up theĀ  tapes his arm and leg together and traps him in the paradise lock, allowing him to get the win via countout. Enjoyed that.
Winner: SANADA [4] (via Countout) ***

B Block Match 3 – EVIL vs. Minoru Suzuki

Another solid match-up. Both guys waste no time getting into it and end up on the outside right away with Suzuki taking out EVIL with a chair trying to get an early countout, EVIL get his revenge though with his little chair neck attack thing he does. At one point the ref gets taken out, so of course Desperado and Taichi get involved but BUSHI and Hiromu come out to save the day. EVIL ends up getting a surprise win much to the excitement of the audience, this probably mean EVIL will get a NEVER Title shot in the future, which would be fun.
Winner: EVIL [4] (via EVIL) ***1/2

B Block Match 4 – Satoshi Kojima vs. Kazuchika Okada

Well this was certainly great. Kojima much like Nagata has struggled to get his first win and Okada was his toughest challenger yet. the crowd were firmly behind Kojima here and Okada even acted up like a cocky heel to keep the crowd on Kojima’s side. in the beginning Okada has control but Kojima soon enough fights back and tries hard to get Okada down for that 3 count, it was a valiant effort but ultimately not enough as Okada stays undefeated in the G1 thus far.
Winner: Okada [8] (via Rainmaker) ****1/4

B Block Main event – Michael Elgin vs. Kenny Omega

With these two against each other you can guarantee they’ll deliver and this was no different, what an absolute corker and one of the top matches of the tournament. Just a big back and forth contest full of big moves, exchanges and close falls. Elgin threw everything he had at Omega and finally managed to put him away with a burning hammer(well Argentine Coaster), tremendous effort by both. Loved it.
Winner: Elgin [4] (via Burning Hammer) ****3/4

Really enjoyable show from B Block, highly recommend the last two matches for sure as this G1 continues to deliver well.




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