NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 12 (2/8/17) Review


Day 12 of the G1 with more B Block action. Omega/EVIL is the main event so lets see if EVIL can continue the strong run he’s had so far and pick up a big win.

B Block Match 1 – SANADA vs. Juice Robinson

Very solid match between these two. They have a lovely opening exchange and SANADA proceeds then proceeds to work on Juice’s injured leg throughout which he does a good job of selling and actually factors into the finish where SANADA uses a chop block to help him lock in the Skull-end which he uses to wear down Juice and hit the moonsault for the 3 count. It was still a valiant effort from Juice though, he may be out of the tournament now but he’s still trying hard to prove himself.
Winner: SANADA [8] (via moonsault) ***1/2

B Block Match 2 – Toru Yano vs. Michael Elgin

Another fun Yano match, this one mainly involved the exposde turnbuckle and ltos of low blows being blocked. In the end Yano fakes that Elgin low blowed him, so the ref disqualifies Elgin giving Yano the points and mathematically eliminating Elgin in absurd fashion.
Winner: Yano [4] (via DQ) **3/4

B Block Match 3 – Minoru Suzuki vs. Satoshi Kojima

decent match. First few minutes is Minoru beating up Kojima on the outside along with his cronies, which was rather boring. But once they get back in the ring things pick up and it gets better. Suzuki-gun still get involved towards the end though pulling the ref out just as Kojima is covering Suzuki after a lariat. they then try and attack Kojima but Tenzan comes into to stop them. By then it’s all too late though as Suzuki gets Kojima in the sleeper, punches him in the face and finally lands a Gotch-Style Piledriver to get the victory. Poor Kojima…
Winner: Minoru Suzuki [8] (via Gotch-Style Piledriver) ***

B Block Match 4 – Kazuchika Okada vs. Tama Tonga

Aside his match with Yano this was the weakest match Okada has had at the G1 so far. don’t get me wrong it was still a good match, but just not up to par with the other encounters. I think it just comes down to Tonga just not seeming like much of a threat, he ceetainly did well here and I really liked the finishing stretch with Okada constantly managing to block the gunstun. But the drama was lacking, so I wasn’t so invested in the match. Okada has been unstoppable in this G1 and lord knows who’s gonna stop him. Solid match but nothing special.
Winner: Okada [12] (via rainmaker) ***1/4

B Block Main Event – EVIL vs. Kenny Omega

Yeah this was awesome. They went right at it and got a little hardcore with a mental table spot. Omega gets a bit of control early on slamming EVIL on the exposed floor and then proceeds to work on EVIL’s back until he gets back into things and it becomes a big back and forth war. Was really rooting for EVIL in that final stretch and he certainly had a good go at trying to get the win, in the end though Omega gives a V-trigger to EVIL that look like it legit knocked him out as he seemed to have trouble moving about and Omega struggled to get him up and hit him with the One winged Angel. I hope he’s ok as it was a tremendous performance by him and his next match is up against Okada, so I hope it’s nothing to serious. Superb main event.
Winner: Omega [10] (via One Winged Angel) ****1/2

So aside the top-notch main event this was probably the weakest show so far, everything that isn’t the main event was still kind of enjoyable but nothing special and very skippable. Omega/EVIL though is definitely one of my favourite matches of the G1 though so don’t sleep on that one.


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