NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 14 (5/8/17) Review


Day 14 of the G1 Climax with more B Block action. LETS GO EVIL!

-As usual I skimmed through the undercard but I watched the Kazuyuki Kitamura/Chase Owens match which was a fun little thing.

B Block Match 1 – Tama Tonga vs. Toru Yano

More Yano fun. They kept it short and it involved lots of running about. In the end Yano get Tonga with the classic low blow/schoolboy roll-up to get the win.
Winner: Yano [6] (via Schoolboy) **3/4

B Block Match 2 – SANADA vs. Satoshi Kojima

HE DID IT! KOJIMA GOT HIS FIRST WIN! really good match too, very back and forth contest with a lovely little finishing stretch. Glad we didn’t have to wait til the end of the G! for Kojima to get a win, crowd exploded once he hit the big lariat and got the 3 count. Good times.
Winner: Kojima [2] (via Lariat) ***3/4

B Block Match 3 – Minoru Suzuki vs. Michael Elgin

Much better Suzuki match than his last couple of outings. Of course Desperado and Taichi still get involved in places but Elgin manages to take care of them himself, but this match was a little more focused with Suzuki working on Elgin’s one arm throughout. Despite the punishment though Elgin managed to fight through it all and hitting a big Elgin bomb to get the win, making him another potential challenger for the NEVER title. Solid match overall, had some good stuff.
Winner: Elgin [6] (via Big Elgin Bomb) ***1/4

B Block Match 4 – Juice Robinson vs. Kenny Omega

Another huge win here as Robinson manages to beat Omega reversing the One winged Angel into a roll-up to get the 3 count. Great little match-up too. Omega controlled a good portion working on Juice’s injured leg and Juice did a good job of selling it throughout. they have some good exchanges and fun finishing stretch and it was very enjoyable match overall. I think the only downside is that the crowd weren’t the liveliest until Juice finally got win which is  shame because both guys really did give it a good go. Juice’s win was still a fantastic moment though.
Winner: Juice Robinson [4] (via Roll-up) ****

B block Main Event – EVIL vs. Kazuchika Okada

EVERYTHING IS EVIL!!! What a night of upset wins as EVIL finally dethrones Okada in an incredible main event. I was on the edge throughout the awesome finishing stretch hoping that EVIL would get the win and I was so happy when he did it. What a great G1 EVIL has been having, he’s really proved himself to be big player especially with such a big win. He actually almost got a win via count-out after hitting Darkness Falls on bunch of chairs on the outside but toward the end of the count, he picks Okada up and brings him back in, showing that he wants to prove that he can win this cleanly, which he manages reversing the rainmaker into the EVIL. An IWGP Title shot is sure to be on the cards for him.  Superb match-up overall, loved it!
Winner: EVIL [10] (via EVIL) ****3/4

Really good show for B Block lots of upset wins a great main event and some other really good matches. Really enjoyable overall.


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