NJPW G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 16 (8/8/17) Review


Day 16 of the G1 Climax and it’s the penultimate show for B block with Okada/Suzuki in the Main Event!

B Block Match 1 – Tama Tonga vs. Satoshi Kojima

Good match. Tonga takes out Kojima right away, steals his jacket and proceeds to mimic Kojima’s Machinegun chops. He continues to have some control but Kojima soon enough gets back into things leading to some solid back and forth action. Sadly Kojima is unable to procure a second win and after missing two lariats Tonga gives him a Gunstun to get the pinfall.
Winner: Tonga [6] (via Gunstun) ***1/4

B Block Match 2 – Toru Yano vs. Juice Robinson

another fun little YTR match. They both end up under the ring and almost get double counted out, then Yano tries getting a count out tying Juice’s hair to the barrier and he even goes after Juice’s injured me, like a proper thinking man’s wrestler. In the end the ref blocks Yano’s low blow and Juice clocks him in the face and gives him Pulp friction to get the win. I love how varied some of Yano’s antics has been throughout this G1, every match has been fun in its own way.
Winner: Juice [6] (via Pulp Friction) **3/4

B Block Match 3 – EVIL vs. Michael Elgin

Really good match between these two. Just big back and forth contest full of enjoyable action that escalated really nicely. Elgin gets the win, which pretty much takes EVIL out of the tournament, but what a great run he’s had and he’ll still get that IWGP Title match. Anyway damn fine match overall.
Winner: Elgin [8] (via Big Elgin Bomb) ***3/4

B Block Match 4 – Kenny Omega vs. SANADA

This was great. Pacing wasn’t the best but it had alot of good action and the final sequence was awesome. There’s also alot of other smooth little sequences that go on and the whole thing was very enjoyable. Omega gets the win, so it looks as though it’s pretty much between him and Okada for the final, as expected.
Winner: Omega [12] (via One Winged Angel) ****

B Block Main Event – Kazuchika Okada vs. Minoru Suzuki

Incredible main event that was better than their title match earlier this year and one of the best matches of this G1. Taichi & Desperado try to get involved early on but are taken to the back by all the young lions so the match stays purely 1 on 1. Okada has tape on the back of his neck, so that becomes the focal point of Suzuki’s attack throughout the match and he certainly gives it some punishment. Suzuki in fact gets most of the offense here with Okada struggling to fight back especially towards the end. The last five minutes they spend slapping the shit out of each other until out of nowhere Okada manages to hi a full rainmaker but it too to worn out to make it to the cover in time, so the bell goes for the time limit draw. Tremendous storytelling in this, I loved Okada’s struggle┬á and we get the true hard edged Suzuki that people have wanting all G1. Just awesome stuff.
A draw also means that Okada stays leader of the block and it’s literally gonna be all or nothing on Saturday for Omega as he has to win to advance and can’t afford a draw.
No Winner – 30 minute Draw ****3/4

Really good show from B Block, last three matches are worth checking out for sure, especially the main event which I loved. Only one day left for each block and I’m ceetaily looking forward to them. It looks like we’re leading to the Omega/Naito final that alot of people expected, but there’s still time for a swerve. We’ll see.


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