WWE Network Hidden Gems Collection part 3 Review


So WWE has dropped more hidden gems on the network, so decided to review them just like their last lot.Lets see what they got.

The Youth of a Nation (6/3/84)


So this is just an 8 minute video featuring two young kids who were tutored by Bob Backlund, doing some amateur wrestling in a ring. Gene Okerlund then interviews Backlund afterwatds and the whole thing is boring to be honest.

A Diaper For Cornette (7/4/84) – Stagger Lee/Bill Watts vs. Midnight Express


So this is a decent little tag match where Lee & Watts win and get to strip down Cornette and put a diaper on him.
The first few minutes are the express selling the shit out if Lee & Watts punches which bust them wide open. A distraction then puts the Express in control which includes a bit of interference by Cornette. Watts manages make the hot tag but the ref never sees it, so he backs off Stagger, he’s then busy watching Watts & Condrey go at it whilst Stagger and Eaton are fighting behind his back. Watt then sees Eaton try to use powder, so he kicks it out of his hand and hits a standing scoop powerslam to get the pinfall. There was no commentary but it had a hot raucous crowd who were loving every second of it and provided a great commentary. The whole Cornette/diaper thing was cringy and kinda dumb but at least the tag match was pretty enjoyable.
Winner: Watts/Lee (via scoop powerslam) ***

Blood & Guts (30/5/86) – UWF Title Final: Jim Duggan vs. Terry Gordy


so this the final of a tournament for the UWF tournament. Before the match starts though One Man Gang is in the ring and cuts a promo stating his anger about not being in the tournament and proceeds to challenge the winner of the final but primarily focuses on Duggan and wanting to beat him. The ref tells OMG to leave and then Duggan grab the mic and says if OMG wants him then he should make his move. So OMG attacks him and they start brawling in the ring and on the outside for a good few minutes and bust each other wide open. Duggan finally takes out OMG with a Three point stance shoulder block.
It cuts to Jim Ross giving a run down of what they are showing for the rest of the show and then cuts to Jim Duggan recapping what happened on the night of the tournament. He says that after the brawl with One Man Gang they gave him 5 minutes to recover and go on with the match and it then shows the clip of them announces it. Duggan then goes on about them patching him up backstage and officials saying he can’t go on, but after the minutes he got up and made his way to the ring, even ignoring a warning from Williams. He continues to talk about the start of the match and then they then show some of it, but after Duggan is sent to the outside and attacked by Michael Hayes, they cut back to Duggan who says Gordy got him but it ain’t over yet and thats it…Damn shame they didn’t show the whole match, but it was still a fun watch overall with Duggan’s promo and all the brawling.

Cowboy Justice (24/6/86) – Bill Watts vs. Sting w/Eddie Gilbert


Before the match Eddie cuts a promo on Watts speaking about the things he’s done and Watts having to go through Sting to get to him.
They announce the stipulations so If Watts beats Sting he gets 5 minutes in the ring with Gilbert, but if Sting wins Gilbert gets to give Watts 5 lashes with Watts own belt.
Watts then cuts his own little promo saying it’s gonna be the end of ‘Hot Stuff’ international.
Watts then squashes Sting in a couple of minutes and pins him after an Oklahoma Stampede. He proceeds to beat up and whip Gilbert but Freebirds and Sting come into the ring and start beating on Watts, Gordy then locks in the oriental spike and Dr Death, Chavo Guerrero, Terry Taylor and Jim Duggan comes to make the save, but it’s all too late as Watt lays lifeless in the ring with blood beginning to pour out of his mouth. This was another fun watch, things got pretty wild, the crowd were hot and you had JR going crazy on commentary. Good stuff.
Winner: Watts (via Oklahoma Stampede) SQUASH

A Texas Sized Confrontation (20/7/87) – Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher


This was pretty fun. The classic kind of brawl you’d expect from these two with blood, foreign objects and fighting in the crowd. Sadly it’s missing the ending it seems but I enjoyed what they showed.

The Best Of Both Worlds (23/2/89) – The British Bulldogs vs. Rock ‘n Roll Express


So this was a 30 minute draw but sadly they only show the last 6 minutes of it. Basically sows Bulldogs in control and then express making a come back before both teams try and get the win, ending with Gibson and Dynamite kid reversing small packages when the bell goes for the time limit. What they showed was enjoyable and it seemed like a good match overall, still it’s fun to see these two teams go at it.
Weirdly they seemed to have commentary on this that was recorded in a studio but you can clearly hear some Japanese commentary going on in the background. After the match they have the AWA tag champs Sensei Tanaka and Paul Diamond cut a promo on all big teams in the promotions which ends with the line ‘the only belts they are gonna have is the one holding up their pants’.
No winner: Time limit draw NR

Controversy In a Cage (13/5/89) – PWF Heavyweight title cage match: Dusty Rhodes (c) vs. The Big Steel Man


The Big Steel Man is Fred Ottman who went on to be Tugboat/Typhoon/Shock Master. Again they only show the last few minutes of the match which was pretty enjoyable but nothing special. In the end Oliver Humperdink comes into the cage and smothers a towel covered in some kind of substance in Dusty’s face which knocks him out. They then just cut to a picture of Steel Man holding up the PWF belt in cage and the announcers say after officials reviewed the footage the title has been witheld.
Winner: Big Steel Man

Of Monsters and Icons (6/3/93) – Bruiser Mastino vs. Sting


So this is match from WCW Saturday night with Kane under guise Bruiser Mastino being squashed by Sting and that’s it really. Sting is interviewed after the match but he basically just Screams and ask the crowd if their feeling good. Squash match was fine for what it was.
Winner: Sting (via Scorpion Deathlock) SQUASH

The Bad Guy in ECW (11/11/00) Scott Hall vs. Justin Credible w/Francine


This was a decent little match. There’s no commentary and it was shot on one of their handheld cams which unfortunately misses Credible’s table bump(though it’s just him bumping off the apron from a punch). Francine of course got involved a few times to help Credible in the end she gets stuck between Halls legs where he wedgies her thong and spanks her a couple of times, he then proceeds to give Credible the Razor’s edge to win. Match was pretty formulaic but enjoyable still, it was mainly just pretty cool seeing these two guys go at it and Hall looked like he was having fun. Probably the most interesting of the ‘Gems’ so far.
Winner: Hall (via Razor’s Edge)  ***

The Destroyer & a Fallen Angel (15/3/01) – UPW Heavyweight Title Match: Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Samoa Joe


Also has a loser leaves UPW Stip. Sadly it’s just a couple of highlights with Joe getting the win with an Island driver after some help from Mikey Henderson (I have no idea who he is). After the match Daniels gets on the mic and thanks all the fans for everything. They then show a promo from Samoe Joe explaining why he’s the champ. Wish they had more footage of the whole thing, not enough to it at all.
Winner: Samoa Joe (via Island Driver)

A Battle From Down Under (10/08/02) – Undisputed WWE Title Match: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock (c)


This was the main event taking from their 02 Global Warning tour which I remember seeing highlights of and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in full before, so it’s not what I’d call a hidden gem. It’s still a good match though with some solid action and close near falls, seemed doubtful that Rock would lose his title though especially with Summerslam looming on the horizon.
Winner: The Rock (via Rock Bottom) ***1/4

Helllooo Punk! (9/5/05) – Val Venis vs. CM Punk


CM Punk’s WWE TV debut in Sunday Night Heat match against Val Venis. Punk plays the heel and actually gets some control working on Venis’s left knee until Venis mounts a come back and wins with the Money Shot. Quite formulaic but still an enjoyable match-up for what it was. Juust makes me want WWE to upload all their Heat episodes though.
Winner: Venis (via Money Shot) **3/4

On The Fringe (15/1/06) – Jon Moxley/Brad Taylor vs. MNM


From Heat to Velocity, another show they should just get on uploading. This time it’s a young Dean Ambrose jobbing to MNM. Really nothing all that special or interesting.
Winners: MNM (via Snapshot) NR

Who is Better? (7/12/11) – Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins


This is the main event of an unaired NXT Pilot. It’s a good little match with Cesaro getting some control and showcasing a bit of his power and they have fun little finishing stretch with Cesaro getting the win with a pop-up European Uppercut. Nothing outstanding but an enjoyable enough match.
Winner: Cesaro (via Swiss Blade) ***

The Young And The Hungry (23/5/13)


So this is another unaired NXT segment involving Ryback, Enzo & Cass and it’s clear to see why they never aired it. Basically Ryback cuts a promo about being unhappy, Enzo & Cass come out in response ramble on for a long time with their shtick that they are still developing so it’s all a bit of a mess and it all ends with Ryback beating up Enzo & Cass. Segment was way too long, had awkward moments and Enzo actually looks almost normal which was weird. I guess it’s kind of fascinating in its own way but not good that’s for sure.

Well this was massively disappointing. Less ‘hidden gems’ and more like random bits of the archive that may be of interest to someone. Some of it was fun and entertaining sure but there’s really nothing worthwhile here, unless your a big fan of someone and are massively intrigued by something. A lot of it is let down by heavy editing and then there’s just random stuff from C-shows that have probably been on youtube for years. Thumbs down from me.






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