G1 Climax 27 2017 Day 18 (12/8/17) Review


So here it is, the final show for B Block as we find out who will be joining Naito in the G1 Final as Okada and Omega clash in the main event for the 3rd time this year. Sure to be a helluva time.

B Block Match 1 – Juice Robinson vs. Michael Elgin

Really good match between these too. Lots of lovely back and forth action, Elgin got to showcase some of his power leading to some awesome little moments and Juice got to get extra win to end his G1 which was really nice. seems his Omega win really perked him up.
Winner: Juice [8] (via Pulp Friction) ***3/4

B Block Match 2  – Tama Tonga vs. SANADA

bit of an odd match-up but decent nonetheless. They spend the opening minutes mirror each other which was kind of comedic, especially with the way Tonga was handling himself. SANADA then tries to win by count-out putting Tonga in the paradise lock on the outside but Yujiro and Roa come out to help unravel Tama and he makes it in just before 20. Tama then gets a little bit of control which was a bunch of nothing and then they an almost double count-out before the match finally picks up and they have some nice little sequences leading to Tama getting the win with a Gunstun. So yeah bit of a mixed match up but still pretty enjoyable.
Winner: Tama Tonga [8] (via Gunstun) ***

B Block match 3 – Minoru Suzuki vs. Toru Yano

Yeah this was pretty fun. Throughout Yano has trouble using his antics as Suzuki kept stopping him and beating him up and Taichi kept getting involved too. In the end though Rocky Romero comes in to take out Taichi and Yano manages to tape Suzuki’s arms to his body and does his low blow/schoolboy to get the win. Yep the King of New Japan bantz beat Suzuki, what a guy/ Suzuki was also so pissed afterwards that he tried to charge to the back with a chair but the young lions stopped him so he proceeded to beat every young lion at ringside with a chair
Winner: Yano [8] (via schoolboy) **3/4

B Block Match 4 – EVIL vs. Satoshi Kojima

This was really good. EVIL gets some control early on but Kojima soon enough comes back and have deliver some good back and forth. Finishing stretch was particularly great with crowd really firing up and getting behind Kojima. I loved the moment wen Kojima burst straight up from EVIL’s lariat and delivered his own. Sadly Kojima much like Nagata doesn’t get a second win to end his G1 and falls victim to EVIL. considering the great G1 run EVIL has had though, it made most sense for him to win it.
Winner: EVIL [12] (via EVIL) ***3/4

B Block Main Event – Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega

The biggest match of B Block and 3rd match between these two this year and my goodness did they deliver. Absolutely fantastic match and a clear MOTY Contender. Full of drama, great sequences and lots of killer moves. Omega focuses on Okada’s injured neck throughout a majority of it and Okada tried his best to fight through it, though the was certainly a struggle and his cockiness was still evident which ultimately was his downfall as Omega managed hit the One Winged Angel and finally beat Okada to advance to the final. Just incredible stuff from these two, what a contest.
Winner: Omega [14] (One Winged Angel) *****

Not as strong a last A Block show, but the Main event was still incredible and must see plus I’d say Elgin/Juice and Kojima/EVIL are worth checking out too.
We have are final all set for tomorrow now, as we get a re-match of awesome contest Naito/Omega had last year. So I am super looking forward to that. Lets go Naito!


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