WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn III 2017 (19/8/17) Review


It’s NXT Takover Brooklyn the 3rd edition, a show regarded by some as ‘NXT’s Wrestlemania’. Lets see if they can deliver with Roode/Mcintyre in the main event.

-Opens with Code Orange playing live as video flashes over them and I suddenly feel like I’m back in the early noughties.

Match 1 – Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega vs. Johnny Gargano

Hell of an opener here, full of great back and forth action. Lots of fun counters and sequences and the crowd got super into it towards the end. and it was just super enjoyable overall. In the end Andrade gets the victory after Zelina throws a DIY shirt at Gargano to distract him, allowing Andrade to hit the hammerlock DDT for the win. Noticed that did Andrade did a couple more moves from Tetsuya Naito’s arsenal but they work for him well and there was lots to enjoy here. Awesome stuff.
Winner: Andrade (via Hammerlock DDT) ****

Match 2 – NXT Tag Team Title Match: SAnity vs. Authors Of Pain (c)

Another really good match-up. AoP got a lot of control and things certainly got a bit chaotic at points, there was even a table spot with Nikki Cross getting crushed between one of AoP and Killian Dain. Crowd seemed unsure of who to root for since both teams are technically heel but they certainly got hot towards the end. Eric Young ended up taking Killian Dain’s place in the match, which could have been a mistake but ended up working out as they managed to capture the gold. Alexander Wolfe really impressed me here, I’ve never been sure what to think of him but he put in a tremendous performance here. Good work from everyone else too and happy to see Sanity with the belts.
Winner: SAnity (via backdrop/neckbreaker combo) ***3/4

-Post-match reDragon! interrupt Sanity’s celebration and take them out so that’s pretty cool, they are certainly a good team.

Match 3 – Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Black gets his music played live.
This was very solid. Hideo gets alot of control and there are lots of stiff strikes thrown about with Black even getting his nose busted open. In the end Hideo gets too et up in demanding respect and loses focus, allowing Black to duck a clothesline and hit Black Mass to get the win. There were a couple of things that didn’t gel too well and crowd were a little mixed but I think it was an enjoyable match and am really enjoying Hideo as a heel, Black still shows great presence too.
Winner: Black (via Black Mass) ***1/2

Match 4 – NXT Womens Title Match: Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon

Great match between these two. Asuka had the smart strategy of working Ember’s left shoulder and manages to retain her streak with the Asuka Lock. It was still a damn good effort from Ember though, she even managed to hit the Eclipse but it only got a two count, which made the crowd erupt and go crazy during the final stretch. Asuka’s streak may remain intact but Ember definitely brought it to her and Asuka even resorts to using the ref as a shield to block Ember from doing the eclipse and trying to pull the tights during a roll-up which the ref spots. The underhanded tactics shows Asuka becoming desperate to keep her title and I honestly thought Ember was gonna get the win here, but Asuka just manages to get it and I’m sure we’re not far from her being finally dethroned. But who is gonna do it?. Still great work from both women here, been loving Asuka’s long reign.
Winner: Asuka (via Asuka Lock) ****

Main Event – NXT Title Match: Drew Mcintyre vs. Bobby Roode (c)

This was a really solid main event. Roode gets some control working Drew’s head ad neck area whilst Mcintyre used some of his size advantage to stay in things. they delivered a fair amount of good action, had some good nearfalls and the crowd were somewhat into it but I wouldn’t say there totally attentive. In the end Mcintyre hits a Claymore kick to pick up the win and the belt which I wasn’t expecting considering the whole Roderick Strong/Roode angle but it makes sense when you consider what happened after the match. Not a very outstanding match but still incredibly well worked overall.
Winner: McIntyre (via Claymore Kick) ***3/4

-After the match reDragon come back out and Adam Cole makes his debut and joins them in attacking Mcintyre and standing over him with the NXT belt to end the show. I Guess this is the rumoured ‘ROH’ faction. Can’t say I’m all that fussed on Cole but he could work well here and got a big reaction.

NXT deliver an other really good takeover, every match was very enjoyable and delivered well. Gargano/Almas and Asuka/Moon were definitely the matches of the night, but I think the show on a whole is still worth checking out. Your move Summerslam.



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