AAA Triplemania XXV (26/8/17) Review


It’s AAA’s biggest show of the year which is the only time really watch any AAA. This years one is especially intriguing though as we have Dr Wagner. Jr against Psycho Clown in a mask vs. mask in the main event. Lets see how it goes.

Dark Match – Ashley, Dragon Solar, Pardux & Solaris vs. Bronco Gonzalez, Chicano , Fetiche & Hashtary

So this was a try-out match before the main show started, just some chaotic lucha action that was a little sloppy at times.
Winners: Ashley’s team (via fancy lucha schoolboy) **1/2

Dark Match – Angelikal, El Hijo del Vikingo & The Tigger vs. Angel Mortal Jr. , Tiger Boy & Villano III Jr.

Another try-out match but these guys were much more impressive and much smoother with barely a hiccup. Really liked the viking gimmick wrestler, certainly had the look and the moves.
Winners: Angelikal’s team (via imploding 450/450 splash/overshot shooting star press) ***

-they proceed to film different crowd members before the main show starts.

-There’s a big ceremony with soldiers, the Mexico Flag and the Mexican anthem.

Match 1 – Hernandez, La Hiedra, Mamba & Mini Psycho Clown vs. Big Mami, Dinastia, Estrella Divina & Mascara de Bronce

Pretty fun ‘opener’, had lots of fast paced action and dives, including Big Mami doing her own big dive. In the end Hernandez team cheats and hit Big Mami in the head with a chair to secure a victory.
Winners: Hernandez’s team (via chairshot to the head) **3/4

Match 2 – AAA Reina de Reinas Title Four Way Match: Sexy Star (c) vs. Ayako Hamada vs. Lady Shani vs. Rosemary

What an absolute mess, whole thing was plain awful and it’s not like these women are bad wrestlers either, but they all looked lost in the match and things weren’t going so well. Sexy star spends the majority of the match on the outside for some reason before coming back in towards the end and retaining the title. Lord knows how this went so bad, but this is probably the worst match I’ve seen this year. I like to try and see the positives in everything but there is nothing here.
Winner: Sexy Star (via Cross Armbreaker) DUD

-They Announce the Ashley, El Hijo Del Vikingo and Angelika as the winners of the AAA contracts and then announces that all the Luchador’s in the tryout matches will be the first group to join the brand new AAA wrestling school.

Match 3 – AAA World Tag Team title Match: La Secta (Cuervo & Escoria) (c) vs. Aero Star & Drago vs. Andrew Everett & DJ Z vs. Los Totalmente Traidores (Monster Clown & Murder Clown)

This was absolutely chaotic but a heap of fun. Lots of fun spots and action and Aero Star even does a massive dive from the lighting rig. There’s a bunch of interference that happens too and in the end Marty Martinez helps the Traidores pick up the belts.
Winners: Los Totalmente Traidores (via Double Splash) ***

-They pay tribute to Luchador’s who worked for AAA that have died.

Match 4 – Torneo TripleMania XXV Match: Australian Suicide vs. Averno vs. Averno vs. Bengala vs. Blue Demon Jr. vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Chessman vs. Crazy Boy vs. Decnis vs. El Cobarde vs. Faby Apache vs. Halloween vs. Heavy Metal vs. Histeria vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Joe Lider vs. Lanzeloth vs. La Parka vs. Maniaco vs. Moose vs. Mr. Aguila vs. Nino Hamburguesa vs. Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Pirata Morgan vs. Psicosis vs. Ricky Marvin vs. Scorpio Jr. vs. Super Fly vs. X-Fly vs. Zumbido

So this was just one big battle royale, so it was even more chaotic than the last match and got pretty confusing on what the hell was going on to be honest. I guess it had one or two fun bits, but the whole thing was quite boring to be honest. Another match that just turned into a mess. La Parka ended up getting the victory and his music actually played earlier on after he pinned Jeff Jarrett which created confusion. So yeah this wasn’t good at all.
Winner: La Parka (via Small Package) *

Match 5 – Street fight: El Mesias vs. Pagano

As expect this was pretty trashy, but somewhat enjoyable with a few fun bits, then thet have a really odd finish with Pagano taking out Mesias’ knee with a barbwire baseball bat and the ref calling paramedics down, some guy then run’s in and attacks both men before security takes him to the back, so both guys have to be stretchered out and the match just ends.
No Contest **

Match 6 – AAA World Heavyweight Title / AAA Latin America Title / AAA World Cruiserweight Title Three Way Ladder Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. El Texano Jr.

This was pretty good, had some cool spots and was very enjoyable overall. Of course it had some run-ins and there were a few a botches but it was mostly fun and one of the more enjoyable matches on the show.
Winner: Johnny Mundo ***1/4

Main Event – Mask vs. Mask Match: Psycho Clown vs. Dr Wagner Jr.

Very solid main event and MOTN (not that there was much competition). Wagner controls pretty much all the first half including ripping Psycho’s mask and making him bleed. I think his control stuff goes on a little too long, but things pick up nicely when Psycho gets back into things, he gets a bit of control and then go into a long closing stretch with a fair amount of near falls before clown hits a code red that ends it all and the legend that is Dr. Wagner Jr., must unmask. Definitely the most coherent match of the show and the crowd were really into it too.
Winner: Psycho Clown (via code Red) ***1/2

Well what can I say, the final two matches and the tag titles match was all enjoyable and there was some fun bits in the opening tag matches, everything else you can pretty much chuck in the bin. I try to keep positive alot of the time but sometimes it’s just impossible to, I guess the main draw of the show was the main event though so at least that delivered.

Sidenote: I watched the version with the English commentary and apart from being good with translating, they weren’t the best and were at little annoying at times, but ah well.








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