HUSTLE House Vol. 8 (15/5/05) Review

HHvol. 8

So I haven’t reviewed any HUSTLE in a while, so decided delve into some more Fighting Opera action. DO THE HUSTLE!

-they have the usual pre-show antics and recap video and then GM Sasihara comes out to open the show and he gets interrupted by General Takada who comes to the ring along with Shimada and An Jo. They address Sasihara and the audience before making their leave. ‘IT’s Monster Time in Sapporo!

Match 1 – Kaz Hayashi & Spanky vs. Super Marimo & Super Luigi

Re-match from last show and it’s another fun opener with some enjoyable cruiser action, they chuck in a couple comedy spots too and keep it back and forth throughout. In the end Kaz and Spanky hit their Sliced Bread/Powerbomb finish but the Marimo’s do a switch and a low blow followed by a schoolboy on Spanky gets them the win.
Winners: Super Marimos (via schoolboy) ***

-they recap the whole Yinling/Erica feud and then Takada and his cohorts discuss it in the Monster lair where I think they pick Kintaro Kanemura as Erica’s next tag partner after it all fell apart with Taichi last show.

Match 2 – Arisin Z & Commander An Jo vs. Erica & Kintaro Kanemura

Another fun match again with a few comedy bits laced in with some enjoyable action like An Jo going for a waistlock on Erica but she accuses him of copping a feel and they get the crowd to shout ‘Hentai’ at him. Erica and Kanemura seem to be working quite well as a team, but at the end Kanemura hold An Jo for Erica to a hit a Uraken, but An Jo ducks so Eric hits Kanemura instead. Arisin then drinks a HUSTLE energy drink and spin kicks Erica’s face, which keep her down for a 3 count.
Winner: Arisin Z 7 An jo (via Spin Kick) ***

-They re-cap Takehiro Murahama & Wataru Sakata getting together and then there’s a backstage segment with Ryouji Sai, Shinjiro Otani and Kantaku Nakamura which leads into the next match.

Match 3 – Ryouji Sai & Shinjiro Otani vs. Takehiro Murahama & Wataru Sakata

This was a pretty good match. Had a bunch of stiff strikes each team got their own little bit of control and everyone worked well overall. In the en Sakata gives Sai a tombstone and double stomp before making him submit to a choke sleeper. Good stuff.
Winner: Sakata & Murahama (via choke sleeper) ***

-After the match Sakata and Murahama get on the mic to say a few words with Sakata trying to flirt with women in the crowd again.

Match 4 – Six on Two Handicap Hardcore Match: Flying Vampire #16, Giant Silva, Monster C, Monster J, Piranha Monster Omega & Wolf Man vs. Masato Tanaka & Tetsuhiro Kuroda

Tough challenge for Kuroda/Tanaka but quite an enjoyable match still nonetheless.. Kuroda and Tanaka get beaten up for the majority including Kuroda getting splashed through a table by Giant Silva, but they start mounting a comeback towards the end, only for the numbers to catch-up to them and just like last show, the full moon pops up on screen and wolfs howl leading to Jin-roh coming in and hitting a Chokslam STO to get the win. Tanaka and Kuroda still give it a good go though.
Winner: Monster Army (via Choke STO) **3/4


-They have a break and then Yinling comes out to start the second half of the show, which gets interrupted by Erica there’s a bit of back and forth dialogue which ends with Erica knocking An Jo out with a Uraken and then I guess offering a challenge to Yinling before leaving. Yinling says some final things and finishes off with the Monster pose.

-there’s a backstage segment with Taichi and Kawada, which of course involves Kawada having a go at Taichi and ends with him literally booting Taichi out of the door.


Match 5 – Fujin & Raijin vs. Taichi Ishikari & Toshiaki Kawada

If it wasn’t for Kawada getting at least a bit of offence in this would have been a straight up squash. Taichi was completely useless, none of his offence had any effects on the Monster’s, so he just ended up getting beaten up and taking the fall, as Fujin and Raijin continue to dominate.
Winner: Fujin/Raijin (via Last ride/diving splash combo) **1/2

-Back in the Monster Lair, Mark Coleman says he will beat up Ogawa and win.
-They then cut to the locker room with Nakamura talking to Ogawa.

Main Event – Mark Coleman vs. Naoya Ogawa

Decent little main event. Ogawa comes straight at Coleman as soon as he enters the ring, Coleman gets back into things though and takes control. Ogawa then mounts a comeback and hits the STO, but Shimada drags the ref to the outside and Monster J and C get involved and attack Ogawa. Coleman misses a splash and J & C try to attack again but Ogawa takes them both out, a distraction by Shimada also doesn’t work out and Ogawa hits the STO for a 3 count. Simple match-up that was perfectly fine, did have a bit of an awkward strike exchange at one point though.
Winner: Ogawa (via STO) **3/4

-After the match, General Takada’s music hits and Ogawa runs down the ramp to attack him. It turns out to just be An Jo dressed up as Takada though and the real General comes up on the screen to address Takada before ending things saying ‘Bad Luck.
-Kawada and Otani then say some things on the Mic before ending the show with the HUSTLE Pose.

Decent show overall, nothing spectacular but it still had it’s fun moments as usual and every match was enjoyable to an extent. I’m quite glad I took a break from watching it as I definitely think I enjoyed this show more because of that. So yeah good time.

Until next time….DO THE HUSTLE!!




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