Dragon Gate – Dangerous Gate 2017 (18/9/17) Review


It’s one of Dragon Gate’s big shows featuring a Disband match between Jimmyz & VerserK and Mochizuki against Yamato for the Open the Dream Gate Title.
I hadn’t really made definite plans to watch this show, but I happened to wake up really early this morning, so thought I’d go for it and post my thoughts along the way.

Match 1 – Shachihoko Boy/GAMMA vs. Hyou Watanabe/Shun Skywalker

Decent tag opener, had a couple of clunky bits but action was mostly enjoyable and it worked well enough. Skywalker picks up the win which is big for him since he’s hardly won match since debuting last year and getting the victory over a Dragon Gate veteran makes it especially important. Both him and Watanabe seem to be coming along well.
Winner: Watanabe/Skywalker (via Moonsault) **3/4

Match 2 – BxB HULK/Kzy vs. Jason Lee/Don Fuji

This Jason Lee’s TV debut for Dragon gate, I’m not all that familiar with him aside being in the CWC but it was a pretty impressive performance by him and the match was good overall too. They kept the action flowing throughout and it was very enjoyable. Lee ends up taking the fall but he earns the respect of his opponents afterwards.
Winners: BxB Hulk/Kzy (via EVO/Kzy Time Combo) ***1/4

Match 3 – Open The Brave Gate Title Match: Jimmy Kagetora (c) vs. Yosuke Santa Maria

Really solid title match which had a great little finish stretch with Maria looking like she had a good chance at certain points. Kagetora actually comes out wearing a plastic mouthguard, to try and stop Maria’s kisses. It proves to be effective too until Maria takes the mask off him and give him one big long smooch. Maria of course does some of her usual teasing and schtick but it’s kept minimal and match ends up being fairly competitive with Kagetora managing to retain in the end with his great finishing move.
Winner: Kagetora (via Genkonitteki) ***3/4

Match 4 – Over Generation (Kaito Ishida/Takehiro Yamamura/Eita) vs. MaxiMuM (Masato Yoshino/Naruki Doi/Ben-K)

Really fun 6 man match. Both teams gets a bit of control and then go into overdrive wit lots of fun fast paced back and forth action. Good stuff.
Winners: Maximum (via Ben-K Bomb) ***1/2

Match 5 – Open the Twin Gate Title Match: Dragon Kid/Cima vs. Big R. Shimizu/Kotoka

Big R and Kotoka try and step up to the plate to end the DG veterans long title reign. It’s a very good match-up one that’s a little more steadier paced than the usual DG affair. Both teams seem to be getting an even amount of control at first, but then Kid/Cima get control of Kotoka and start working his mid-section. He then continues to get beat up for the rest of the match with Big R having to do the brunt of the work for his team to stay in the match, but his efforts are not enough and Cima delivers a Meteora to Kotoka’s midsection letting him retain the belts with an almost sinister grin on his face. Cima/Kid continue their record tag title reign, who knows who’ll actually dethrone them. Anyway not your typical DG Match
Winners: Kid/Cima (via Meteora) ***3/4

Match 6 – 5 Unit Survival Race Disband ‘No DQ’ Elimination match: VerserK (Punch Tominaga/Lindaman/Shingo Takagi/T-Hawk/Takashi Yoshida) vs. Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu/Jimmy Kanda/Ryo ‘Jimmy’ Saito/H.A.Gee.Mee!!/JKS)

So the team that loses the match has to disband so alot is at stake. The match is chaotic from the outset and is pretty darn awesome. The match is no Dq and Verserk dress up in trashy deathmatch gear and bring weapons. Now when I say weapons, I mean that everything is covered in Barbwire. A baseball bat, a Chair, a table, a board even a rubber band. It all leads to a lot of spots and action.
In the end Susumu is left with Shingo & T-Hawk. the rest of Verserk take down all the ropes and Shingo & T-Hawk give Susumu hell including a piledriver through a barbwire table and Made In Japan on a pile of chairs, but Susumu refuses to stay down and a desperate Jumbo No Kachi on Shingo takes him out, leaving just Susumu and T-Hawk. Susumu then tries some last ditch efforts including a barbwire assisted Jumbo No Kachi, but it isn’t enough and T-Hawk proceeds to hit Susumu with some more big moves before finally finishing him off with a Cerberus Knee. And thus marks the end of Jimmyz 5 and half year history. Great to dramatic finish to a very enjoyable match. T-Hawk disbanding Jimmyz instead of VerserK’s leader Shingo is also quite a big point, that could potentially lead to something in the future.
Eliminations are as follows:
-Punch Tominaga via Rollup.
-JKS after getting thrown into a barb-wire board.
-Kanda via Indytaker from the Barbwire baseball bat.
-Yoshida via Backslide from heaven.
-Lindaman via SaiRyo Rocket with a barb-wire board on top of him.
-H.A.Gee.Mee via BT Bomb
-Saito via Nightrider
-Shingo via Jumbo no Kachi
-Susumu via Cerberus
Winners: Verserk (via Cerberus) ****1/4

-Jimmyz give their emotional goodbye.

Main Event – Open the Dream Gate Title match: Yamato (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

Really good main event to end the show. Mochizuki noted that this may well be his last chance at the belt and he did it!. The first time in over 6 years he managed to win the belt and end Yamato’s long 421 day reign. Well deserved too, very happy for him. It’s incredible how well he can still perform at age 47, he just doesn’t seem that old in the slightest. another great performance by him here too. Alot of the match is spent with both guys trying to work on each others legs and Yamato getting most control with it. Doesn’t prevent either guy from busting out the kicks though, especially Mochizuki  who delivers some very stiff ones at the end before finally putting Yamato away with a Sankakugeri. Can’t say that I was completely invested in the match, but that’s more than  likely my problem from not watching much Dragon Gate these days. So while the drama was somewhat lacking a little to me, it was still a damn good match-up.
Winner: Mochizuki (via Sankakugeri) ****

Very enjoyable show had some very big moments with Jimmyz disbanding and Mochizuki capturing the title and lots of fun action to enjoy. MOTN was definitely the disband match, but I didn’t have much problem with everything else and really liked the show overall, very gald I ended up watching it.



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