NOAH Global League 2017 Day 1 (14/10/17) Review


It’s Day 1 of NOAH’s Global League. Shame that Okabayashi is sidelined with an injury and can’t compete now, but I’m sure there’ll be some good matches produced, though I don’t think much of it will actually be airing. Anyway lets delve into day 1  featuring Kenoh/Nakajima and Marufuji/Shiozaki!

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NJPW King of Pro Wrestling 2017 Main Matches review


It’s  King of Pro Wrestling, New Japan’s last big show to feature an IWGP Title match until Wrestle Kingdom as EVIL takes on Okada.  Now I’ve had to spread my time a lot thinner lately so for this, I’ll only be focusing on the big matches of the show. I did skim through the rest of the matches which all seemed pretty fun and noted a couple of highlights, so lets jump right into it.

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Hell In a Cell Matches Ranked Worst to Best


The following is is my ranking of every Hell in a Cell match that has occurred  in WWE from worst to best which I shall try to keep every time another Hell in a Cell match happens.
As usual this all my opinion and is mainly based on my enjoyment of the matches, I also wouldn’t say it definitive and you could probably swap a few around, but here’s how I rank them currently,

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