NOAH Global League 2017 Day 1 (14/10/17) Review


It’s Day 1 of NOAH’s Global League. Shame that Okabayashi is sidelined with an injury and can’t compete now, but I’m sure there’ll be some good matches produced, though I don’t think much of it will actually be airing. Anyway lets delve into day 1  featuring Kenoh/Nakajima and Marufuji/Shiozaki!

Match 1 – Hajime Ohara & Masao Inoue vs. Minoru Tanaka & Sheldon Jean

Match was clipped but still provided some fun action, this is Sheldon’s first match with NOAH, I’m not all that familiar with him but he did well here even though you only seen a limited amount of him.
Winners: Tanaka/Sheldon (via cross armbreaker) NR

Match 2 – Hitoshi Kumano, Mohammed Yone, Quiet Storm & Yoshinari Ogawa vs. XX (Hi69 & Taiji Ishimori), LEONA & Maybach Taniguchi

Simple fun tag match that kept the action flowing with LEONA of course taking the fall.
Winners: Kumano’s team (via Funky Buster Bomb) **3/4

Match 3 – Block A Match: Cody Hall vs. Mitsuya Nagai

Decent match, they wasted no time going at it and did a bit of brawling in the stands before getting back in the ring quickly going into a finishing stretch with Nagai picking up the win. Just a nice concise match to kick things off for the league.
Winners: Nagai [2] (via diving head block) **3/4

Match 4 – Block B Match: Akitoshi Saito vs. Masato Tanaka

This was good. Guys worked well together a delivered a back and forth contest that kept a good pace with some stiff strikes being thrown about and Saito even piledriving Tanaka on the outside. Saito really put his work boots on here and kept up well with Tanaka who was as consistent as ever. In the end it’s Tanaka who picks up the victory, but good effort from Saito.
Winner: Tanaka [2] (via Silding D) ***1/4

Match 5 – RATEL’S (Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke) & Masa Kitamiya vs. RATEL’S (HAYATA & YO-HEY) & Atsushi Kotoge

Solid tag match to break things up, though it did go longer the the first two Global League matches which is a bit odd, but the match does serve a purpose as RATEL’s does have their own little internal conflict going on. Anyway they delivered some fun action and Harada’s side got some control and picked up the win with Tadasuke pinning HAYATA.
Winners: RATEL’s/Kitamiya (via OutKast) ***

Match 6 – Block B Match: Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kenou

Well this was great. They wasted no time throwing strikes at each other right off the bat and keep up the stiffness throughout including some good exchanges. The match actually goes to a 30 minute time limit draw which I didn’t even think about til they started mentioning the time towards the end it, so they definitely used the time well and it was a very even match that was highly enjoyable.
No Winner: Time Limit Draw ****1/4

Main Event – Block A Match: Naomichi Marufuji vs. Go Shiozaki

Very solid main event. Looked like it was clipped at one point, but I think they just cut out a bit of time of them going back in the ring from the outside. Anyway it was an enjoyable back and forth match that I think lacked a certain spark to prevent from being great but was still some good stuff overall. Marufuji gets the win hitting Shiozaki with an exposed Ko-oh Knee.
Winner: Marufuji [2] (via Ko-oh Knee) ***1/2

Pretty solid start to the Global League I think, definitely recommend Nakajima/Kenou. everything is skippable but that don’t mean it weren’t enjoyable cause it was. Solid stuff overall.




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