WWE TLC 2017 Review


Welcome to Bizarro Land, with what is perhaps the oddest PPV of the year thanks to some viral meningitis  or maybe it’s just a subliminal marketing campaign for WWE2K18. Either way Lets dive right in.

Kick-Match – Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

Simple match-up that was ok. Fox didn’t do too bad apart from trying to pin Sasha outside.
Winner: Banks (via Bank Statement) **1/4

Match 1 – Emma vs. Asuka

Nice little debut match for Asuka, Emma did really well here and it’s probably the most confident I’ve seen her in ring, she hasn’t really had much of a chance lately to show her skills so I’m glad she was able to showcase that here. Good performance from Asuka of course she gets the win and keeps her undefeated streak.
Winner: Asuka (via Asuka Lock) ***

-Backstage segment where Miz pep talks his team mates though Strowman and Kane aren’t so compliant,

-Elias tries to sing and Jason Jordan throws vegetables at him from a trolley…uh yeah.

Match 2 – Brian Kendrick/Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander/Rich Swann

Fun little tag match, crowd were actually quite receptive which was nice. It was pretty formulaic with Kendrick and Gallagher getting some control, but they worked it well and the last minute was some good stuff.
Winners: Cedric/Swann (via Lumbar Check) ***

Match 3 – Raw Womens Title Match: Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss (c)

This was solid, Bliss gets some control and works over Mickie’s arm which leads nicely into the finish where she’s pulls Mickie by the arm into the second turnbuckle and hits the DDT to retain the title. Good work from both.
Winner: Bliss (via DDT) ***

-In the locker room Ambrose and Rollins give Angle his own Shield Jacket!

-Elias tries to sing again and Jason Jordan throws vegetables at him once more.

Match 4 – Cruiserweight Title Match: Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto (c)

I mean, I guess this was ok. Crowd didn’t care much and neither did I. Enzo gets the win and gets back the making Kalisto’s title win in the first place a little pointless.
Winner: Enzo **1/2

Match 5 – AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor

Yeah this was pretty great. Just two superb wrestlers doing their thing in the best way they can, just a straight up super enjoyable back and forth contest. Sorry Sister Abigail.
Winners: Balor (via coup de grace) ****

Match 6 – Jason Jordan vs. Elias

PPV filler that was kinda boring to be honest, completely wrong placement on the card and wrong kind of match for this slot. Ending was odd too, ref seemed to force 3 count from a small package even though Elias kicked out. Ah well, shoulda stuck to the vegetable throwing.
Winner: Jordan (via small package) **

Main Event – TLC 3 on 5 match: Ambrose/Rollins/Angle vs. Miz/The Bar/Strowman/Kane

What an absolute train Wreck and I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it. Got angle in full Shield get-up looking a bit lost at times but doing pretty well overall, then Kane turns on Strowman and all the team end up dumping Braun in garbage truck and trapping him in there with the crow chanting that they just committed Murder. Couple table spots don’t go so well but they got some fun spots here and there and overall it was just a fun mess with Angle even helping hit the shield bomb to get the victory.
Winner: Sheild (via Shield powerbomb) ****

The show may have had it’s downsides but I had fun especially with the TLC and Styles/Balor matches. All the Womens stuff was very solid too, rest of it was a bit of a mixed bag but overall not bad for a rather odd ball show.



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