WWE Smackdown Live (14/11/17) Review


Survivor Series is this Sunday and I’m pretty darn hyped for it with the most stacked SS card I’ve seen in ages. So since this blog as been a little quiet lately I decided to review the Smackdown go home show.

-Show opens with Shane O’ Mac hyping up the Smackdown Roster backstage and asks members what they are gonna do Sunday with them spouting out one liners before ending with New Day bellowing that Smackdown Rocks with everyone.

-Daniel Bryan comes out for the first time since being attacked by Kane. He talks about what happened with the attack and says he and Smackdown don’t stay down. He calls Raw afraid and embarrassed and after being ransacked, he says Raw may invade tonight but they are not afraid. He talks about the SS team and then introduces the new WWE Champion AJ Styles.
-Daniel asks AJ if he wants his own personal advocate tonight like Lasnar does, Syles agrees, so Daniel starts hyping up Styles like Paul Heyman and he does a great job.
-Styles then speaks for himself and says he will beat Lesnar and prove Smackdown is the A-show. Enjoyable segment that hyped up the SS Main event well.

-Jinder Mahal bumps in Styles backstage and claims that he will win back his title.

Match 1 – U.S Title Match – Baron Corbin (c) vs. Sin Cara

This was a fun match, they kept a good pace and some solid action. I’ve quite enjoyed this little Cara/Corbin mini feud, though it was definitely difficult to see Cara winning the belt. this was still a nice little match though.
Winner: Corbin (via End of Days) ***

-Shane and Daniel Bryan talk backstage, they discuss cohesion and Daniel says he and Shane need to have a discussion after Survivor Series is done.

Match 2 – Smackdown Womens title Match – Natalya (c) vs. Charlotte

Solid match-up between these two, they kept it back and forth and delivered some good stuff. They were in Charlotte’s hometown so the crowd were firmly behind her and she ended up getting the win, capturing the title from Natalya. You may groan at there being yet another sudden title change, but I don’t mind so much, Charlotte/Alexa is a different match not really seen before,  plus hometown victories are sweet.
Winner: Charlotte (via Figure 8) ***

-Charlotte gets interviewed after the match about Survivor Series, so she talks about beating Alexa and then talks about her dad saying it was for him.
-she starts leaving and her dad actually comes out to embrace her in a very touching moment. Awwwh!

-We get a Bludgeon Brothers promo and they are coming next week.

Match 3 – Chad Gable vs. Jimmy Uso

Usos cut a standard promo beforehand about their match at Survivor Series.
This was decent, Gable throughout picked apart the leg he took out last week which was a nice continuation and he was keeping it varied with different ways. In the end though a distraction allows Jimmy to hit the superkick and get the victory.
Winner: Jimmy (via superkick) **3/4

-Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are in the locker room and complain about not being on Survivor Series, but they agree that it doesn’t matter which brand is better since this is the Sami and Kevin Show. Really intrigued to see what these two end up doing, something is bound to happen at Survivor Series.

-New day now comes out to hype their SS match with The Shield. Fun little promo that does its jon.

Main Event – Zayn And Owen vs. New Day

These guys actually have a decent match for a fair amount of time, but then of course the Shield come out wearing god awful half raw, half Shield shirts and Zayn and Owens make their exit, so New day and Shield start brawling and more superstars from both sides start coming down and getting involved. They then show  Raw Women taking out the Smackdown women in the locker room and then cut back to the ring, where Braun Strowman makes his entrance and helps clear house, until it’s just Shane left in the ring. Angle does the thumbs up, thumbs down and Shield give Shane a triple powerbomb, then Angle gives him a Angle slam and Shield give him another triple bomb, before they all leave with the Smackdown roster laid waste. No sign of Orton or Cena though. Anyway this was a good way to end the show and hype up Survivor Series as well as allowing Raw to finally retaliate to look strong. Crowd were very into it and so was I.

I thought this was a solid go home show for Smackdown, we got some good matches, a title change and they did well in help hype up the show Sunday and I am very much looking forward to it. Here’s to hoping it delivers.







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