AJPW Real World Tag League 2017 Finals (12/12/17) Review

ajpw world tag league

So its been a little quiet on here lately and I’ll be making an update post, but I’ve been hearing good things about this show, so I decided to bust out a little review for it. Now I haven’t watched any of the tag league this year, so I’m not sure how its been going altogether, but I’ve managed to not seeing any spoilers for this show, so that makes things exciting. So lets delve right into it.

Match 1 – Masanobu Fuchi, Osamu Nishimura & Ultimo Dragon vs. Koji Iwamoto, Atsushi Maruyama & Fuminori Abe

Decent enough little opener, the older veterans control the majority of the 6 minutes, which includes Fuchi doing his usual shit and despite a small-ish come back from the younger lads, Dragon lands a La Magistral to get the victory.
Winners: Fuchi/Dragon/Nishimura (via La Magistral) **1/2

Match 2 – Atsushi Aoki, Hikaru Sato & Yusuke Okada vs. Yohei Nakajima Kotaro Suzuki & Keiichi Sato

This was fun, certainly had a bit of heat in it with Aoki (who is now masked?) and Kotaru having a little spat and Okada wanting to take on everyone himself even takin gout his partner Hikaru a couple of times. In fact it’s Okada who spends the most time in the match out of his team, he shows great determination, throwing several elbows and dropkicks but his inexperience and overzealousness are his downfall, as the numbers overcome him and when he and Kotaru are the final two, a running elbow takes him down for a 3 count. Pretty good overall.
Winners: Nakajima/Suzuki/Sato (via running elbow) ***

Match 3 – World tag League: TAJIRI & KAI vs. Manabu Soya & Black Tiger VII

Another fun little match. Soya ad Tiger try to ambush TAJIRI & KAI at the entrance way with chairs, but they sneak out the other entrance up behind Soya/Tiger. Action was kept constant and was solid. Tiger kept trying to hold one of their opponents for Soya to hit a Wild Bomber, but they kept moving out the way so Soya would hit his partner instead. At the end they start arguing over it, so Taijiri tries to sneak up and grab Soya but he reverses and locks in a Cobra Twist. Soya tells Tiger to run off and hit Tajiri, but instead Tiger runs and boots Soya in the face which makes him fall into a cradle position with Tajiri, which gets him and Tiger the 3 count. Really liked the stuff between them two alot. Short and sweet.
Winners: Soya/Tiger [6] (via cobra Twist Cradle) ***

-After the match Black Tiger and Soya continue to argue, Tajiri then blows green mist in Soya’s face and he and KAI start beating on him, Tiger stops them and throws Soya out the ring, he then too sweets Tajiri before throwing a chair at Soya and leaving.

Match 4 – World Tag League: Zeus & The Bodyguard vs. Ryoji Sai & Masakado

This was a good match. Had some enjoyable action with Zeus and Sai having a nice little exchange and Big Guns are pretty dominant for a lot of it, but Sai & Masakado manage to hold their own and end up getting the victory after a couple of close falls, which stops the Big Guns from being able to win the league. Solid stuff.
Winners: Sai/Masakado [6] (via Yodogawa Bridge) ***1/4

Match 5 – World Tag League: Joe Doering & Taiyo Kea vs. Jun Akiyama & Takao Omori

Another solid match, starts out a bit steadier than the other matches, but picks up well. both teams get their own bit of control and there’s some good action in there. In the end Akiyama and Omori pick up the victory. Not much more to say really, it was enjoyable though.
Winners: Akiyama/Omori [10] (via Axe bomber) ***1/4

Match 6 – World Tag League: Naoya Nomura & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani

Well these Tag League matches keep getting better and better and this one was very good. It’s back and forth, kept a good pace and had some nice exchanges throughout. Everyone just worked really well together, the crowd got really into it  and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hashimoto and Kamitani end up getting the win, which gives them good potential to win the league.
Winners: Hashimoto/Kamitani [12] (via Shining Wizard) ***1/2

Match 7 – World Tag League: Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu

Well this was awesome and perhaps my second favourite All Japan match this year. The crowd were hot and everyone had their working boots on including Yoshitatsu who looked more motivated then I’ve ever seen him.
The match starts out even but soon enough Suwama and Shuji take control of Yoshitatsu and really lay it into him, once Tatsu get the hot tag though, things really fire up with a really exciting long finishing stretch with some great close calls and action, but in the end Suwama hits a Last ride on Tatsu to get the victory, so now him and Shuji face Hashimoto and Kamitani in a finals match.
Winners: Suwama/Shuji [12] (via Last Ride) ****1/2

Main Event – World Tag League Final Match: Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani

Great final match, the guys wasted no time getting right into things with Shuji and Kamitani barging each other and throwing elbows from the start. They went for an 11 minute back and forth sprint and packed it out with action which was really enjoyable, the previous match was better, but this still ruled and loved all the stuff between Kamitani and Shuji. In the end Shuji get the win, making him and Suwama the winners of the league. Awesome.
Winners: Suwama/Shuji (via Giant Slam) ****1/4

What a damn good show from top to bottom, everything was very enjoyable and the last two matches were top notch and definitely recommended especially Suwama/Shuji against Kento/Yoshitatsu. Yeah one of All Japans best top to bottom shows of the year.


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