AJPW Champion Carnival 1993 Matches Review


So Last year, I started chronologically reviewing as many Champion Carnival matches as I could before the start of the 2017 CC. I ended up reaching the year 1992 and so with this year’s CC just around the corner, I’ve managed to go through the 1993 matches before it starts. So lets go!

25/3/1993 – Dan Kroffat vs. Davey Boy Smith

So to kick things off is the first match of the tournament on day 1 and it’s been clipped to just under 3 minutes, provides some pretty fun action with Davey Boy getting the win with his signature running Powerslam.
Winner: Davey Boy Smith(via Powerslam) NR – clipped

25/3/1993 – Doug Furnas vs. Kenta Kobashi

Another clipped match from day 1 and it’s 6 minutes of fun back and forth action, including an electric chair from the top. Kobashi ends up getting the win. hitting his signature Moonsault.
Winner: Kobashi(via Moonsault) NR – clipped

25/3/1993 – Steve Williams vs. Toshiaki Kawada

The one full carnival match from day 1 and already there is a 30 minute time limit draw. It’s a solid match-up and they take their time with things but it’s worked well. Kawada focuses on Williams’ leg throughout and when he first starts doing, he stays in control for a good portion, but Williams comes back with a desperate lariat and a backdrop driver, then proceeds to work on Kawada’s leg in retaliation though it’s not as effective as the damage done to his leg. Williams sells his leg hurt really well and twice fails to hit the Oklahoma Stampede because of it. The first time he hobbles to the one corner with Kawada but collapse from the pain, the second time he manages to hobble to two corners but falls into a small package. He then finally manages to hit it right at the end but the bell rings for the time limit during the refs count. Very good stuff.
No winner: Tim Limit Draw ***1/2

27/3/1993 – Johnny Ace vs. Dan Kroffat

On to day day 3 and this match has been clipped to just over a minute, features some fun action with Ace getting the victory via a pumphandle drop.
Winner: Johnny Ace(via Pumphandle drop) NR – clipped

27/3/1993 – Terry Gordy vs. The Patriot

Another clipped match from day 3 this one last just under two minutes with Gordy getting the win via Powerbomb.
Winner: Terry Gordy(via Powerbomb) NR – Clipped

27/3/1993 – Steve Williams vs. Stan Hansen

Final clipped match of Day 3 though this one is the whole second half of the match. Williams controls the first half of the match working on Stan Hansen’s midsection and back area, Stan gets back into things though after dodging a running attack in the corner but ultimately falls victim to an Oklahoma Stampede for Williams to get the win. Seemed like quite a decent match overall.
Winner: Steve Williams(via Oklahoma Stampede) NR – second half only

27/3/93 – Mitsuhara Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada

Final match of day 3 and it’s a really good one. They have a hot first couple of minutes with misawa even busting out a tiger driver, then Kawada knocks him out with a kick and gains control utlizing a few lengthy holds, Misawa comes back and has his own bit of control, but once that’s out the way, they starting busting out the big guns and it is some damn good shit, in the end it’s a sudden running elbow smash that knocks out Kawada and keeps him down for a 3 count.
Winner: Misawa (via running elbow smash) ***3/4

30/3/93 – Davey Boy Smith vs. The Patriot

Onto day 5, this is just a minute and a half of clips with Patriot picking up the victory with a diving shoulderblock.
Winner: Patriot (via diving shoulderblock) NR

30/3/93 – Doug Furnas vs. Terry Gordy

Only the last two minutes of the match which are pretty fun and have Gordy getting the win with a powerbomb.
Winner: Gordy (via powerbomb) NR

30/3/93 – Akira Taue vs. Johnny Ace

This just cuts off the first few minutes but shows the rest of it. Ace seems to have been in control working on Taues arm to begin, Taue then takes control before they go into a pretty good finishing stretch with Taue getting the win. Solid match overall it seems
Winner: Taue (via Nodowa Otoshi) NR – clipped

30/3/93 – Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Stan Hansen

Main event of day 5 and it’s a really good one. Misawa early on takes control of Hansen using various head and necklocks, but Hansen gets out of a triangle hold and starts taking apart Misawa’s leg, eventually Misawa gets back into things and they go into the finishing stretch, Misawa trying hard to get the win but Hansen stops him in his tracks and hits a western lariat for the win. Shame the leg stuff was disregarded by the end seemed pretty harsh.
Winner: Hansen (via Western Lariat) ****

12/4/93 – Steve Williams vs. Terry Gordy

We now skip ahead to day 12 since I guess nothing else made tape between that and day 5, now these CC matches were broadcast in TV but not in full, however handheld fancams are available of each match so that’s what I’ll be going off.
This one is a really solid match, Williams controls the majority of it, with Gordy trying hard throughout to get back into it but Williams keeps havng Gordy’s number. It’s only right at the end where Gordy finally gets Wiliams with a few lariats and a couple of powerbombs which gets him the victory after all the punishment he’s received.
Winner: Gordy (via powerbomb) ***1/2

12/4/93 – Akira Taue vs. Toshiaki Kawada

This one goes to a 30 minute draw and is solid overall. They definitely pace themselves and stretch things out with some lengthy holds, Taue then gets a bit of control after hitting a Nodawa Otoshi on the floor outside. Things really pickup though in the last 10-12 minutes when both guys really try hard to get the victory which is some good stuff. At the last second Kawada hits a powerbomb, but the bell rings as soon as the ref counts 1 making it a draw.
No Winner: Time limit draw ***1/2

12/4/93 – Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi

Main event of Day 12 and it’s a great one. Kobashi wastes no time coming right at Misawa, hitting a german suplex in the first few moments of the match and following up with a flurry of offense that puts him in control, eventually Misawa gets back into things and gets his own bit of control, before the match turns more back and forth and we get some really good action on the go with some nice sequences, transitions and moves that flow ever so well. Never any denying the chemistry between the two. After some damn close nearfalls Misawa manages to hit a tiger suplex to get the victory.
Winner: Kobashi (via tiger suplex) ****1/4

14/4/93 – Doug Furnas vs. The Patriot

Day 13 and this first match is just 2 mins of highlights and it looks like it would have been quite good as a whole. Furnas gets the win with a frankensteiner.
Winner: Furnas (via Frankensteiner) NR – clipped

14/4/93 – Dan Kroffat vs. Steve Williams

This is just the end of the match, a fun minute and a half with Williams getting the win with a Oklahoma Stampede.
Winner: Williams (via Oklahoma Stampede) NR – clipped

14/4/93 – Kenta Kobashi vs. Toshiaki Kawada

Only the last 10 minutes of this match is shown and it’s a damn shame cause these last minutes absolutely rule, just lots of great action going on as each guy vies for a win, until Kawada hits one final powerbomb to get the win. Crowd were super hot and its just superb stuff.
Winner: Kawada (via Powerbomb) NR – only part

14/4/93 – Akira Taue vs. Stan Hansen

This is also just the last 10 minutes of the match, and while not quite as exciting as the previous one, it’s still some very good stuff, with Hansen getting the victory.
Winner: Hansen (via standing Western Lariat) NR – only part

14/4/93 – Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Terry Gordy

Last match of Day 16 and the only one in full It’s a great one though. First 10 minutes Misawa controls most of it, constantly going for headlocks and chinlocks to keep Gordy at bay, eventually Gordy gets back into it and things start heating up, Misawa still seems somewhat have upper-hand as they approach the end, but then he goes for a German suplex and only part gets it as some of Gordy’s body lands on Misawa’s face, this gives Gordy the opportunity to take charge, though Misawa still has an admirable amount of fight in him, he manages to kick out of a powerbomb, but it’s a final lariat that keeps him down for the 3 count.
Winner: Gordy (via Lariat) ****

16/4/93 – Toshiaki Kawada vs. Davey Boy Smith

Onto day 18, a day that never aired on TV, but there are fancams available of two of the matches, so yay!. This match however is kind of boring, it picks up in the last couple of minutes, but most of it is made up of lengthy holds and its only 12 minutes long, so not much effort in it at all really. Don’t think Davey Boy was a good fit for 90s All Japan to be honest.
Winner: Kawada (via Powerbomb) **1/4

16/4/93 – Doug Furnas vs. Mitsuharu Misawa

Must have been one of the quieter CC Days as again this isn’t best of matches, last few minutes are decent but a lot of it consists of Furnas locking in a fujiwara armbar for long periods, so yeah it was fine but not all that interesting.
Winner: Misawa (via Tiger Driver) **1/2

16/4/93 – Stan Hansen vs. Kenta Kobashi

Last two match may have been a little weak, but this was a real good, like awesome. Kobashi gives hell to Hansen’s right arm and manages to dominated a lot of it, Hansen really struggles as Kobashi really just keeps coming at him and Hansen barely manges to scrape a win after catching Kobashi with a lariat when he jumps off the second rope. I really enjoyed this alot. superb fancam gem
Winner: Hansen (via Western Lariat) ****1/2

21/4/93 – CC 93 Final: Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Stan Hansen

We skip right ahead to the final as no other match seemed to be broadcast, there may be fancams of a few somewhere but I don’t know, anyway this is a great final and I’d say a little better than the final match these two had the previous year, just seemed a bit more concise and worked really well. The waste no time going at it before the streamers are even cleared from the ring and the match goes pretty back and forth though Hansen seems to have a little bit of dominance, that is until Misawa blocks a lariat with his elbow, which really hurts Hansen’s arm and becomes the target of Misawa, much like in their match last year, Hansen begins to struggle relying on shoulder tackles but does manage to hit a lariat, only for Misawa to get his foot on the rope during the pin. In the end Hansen fight through the pain to deliver a powerbomb and almost collapsing right into a cover which gets him the pinfall and wins him the tournament yet again. Absolutely loved the last few minutes of this, Hansen did a tremendous job of portraying that his arm was hurt.
Winner: Hansen (via Powerbomb) ****1/4

So that’s it for the 93 Canrival and there are some really good matches to enjoy here my favourite is actually the Kobashi/Hansen fancam followed closely by the final Kobashi/Misawa, nearly all of it was good though.

All these matches are currently available on the fan made All Japan Archive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bwpbsa8C2iSmZXJuaE44bm40eHc

I’m not sure if I’ll have another of these written up before the 2018 one starts but we’ll see how it goes. As always thanks for reading.









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