Wrestle-1 Tour 2018 Outbreak (13/6/18) Review


It’s more Wrestle-1 goodness as Yusuke Kodama takes on Seiki Yoshiaka for the cruiserweight belt and Kuma Arashi goes after Manabu Soya’s Wrestle-1 title in the main event. Lets go!

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NJPW Best of the Super Jr. 2018 Semi-finals & Final (3/6/18-4/6/18) Review


I haven’t done any reviews for the BOSJ this year, so I thought I’d at least do one for the final two days.
I’ve managed to keep up with most of the tournament but haven’t watched every match, but here’s a list of one that I have really

Taiji Ishimori vs. Will Ospreay
Dragon Lee vs. SHO
El Desperado vs. Hiromu Takahashi
Dragon Lee vs. Hiromu Takahashi
Will Ospreay vs. YOH
Chris Sabin vs. Dragon Lee
Hiromu Takahashi vs, Ryusuke Taguchi

Now onto the the Review:

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