NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 2 (15/7/18) Review


Day 2 of the 2018 G1 as we kick off B block with a bang as Ibushi takes on Sabre jr. and  last years finalists Omega and Naito face each other. lets go!

B Block Match – Tomohiro Ishii vs. Toru Yano

Honestly loved this it was genuinely very good and a little different to your usual Yano affair as he decided to try some proper wrestling with his CHAOS teammate even manages to down Ishii with an elbow and pops up from a german suplex. Of course he still utlises some of his dirty tricks including the exposed turnbuckle and a few different pinning clutches and at the end he tries his ref distraction back kick low blow but fails and instead it’s Ishii that does it to Yano and then follows it up with the La magistral cradle to get the win. Just really fun stuff and one of Yano’s best match.
Winner: Ishii [2] (via La Magistral) ***3/4

B Block Match – Juice Robinson vs. Tama Tonga

Solid match. Was a struggle for Juice throughout who still has an injured hand but also had to deal with interference from Roa which kept helping Tama get control. Juice has a couple of comebacks but at the end Roa gets up on the apron as a distraction, Juice brings him into the ring and lays him out with his punch combo, he then goes for Pulp Friction but Tama has recovered enough to roll out of it and hit the gunstun for the victory.
Juice always works well as a babyface in peril but Tama’s control stuff is never that super interesting and I didn’t have much care for the interference. But it was still good overall.
Winner: Tama Tonga [2] (via Gunstun) ***1/4

B Block Match – Hirooki Goto vs. SANADA

This was really good. SANADA’s swiftness gives him an edge early on allowing him to get control but Goto is soon back into things and we get some solid back and forth with a lovely exciting finishing stretch that I think really brought the match up a level. At the end Goto hits a nice rope hanging Ura GTR and then goes for a normal GTR, SANADA tries to flip out of it like he did earlier but Goto blocks it and sucessfully hits the move to get the victory.
Winner: Goto (via GTR) ****

B Block Match – Kota Ibushi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Excellent match. Had some lovely tech in the beginning and Ibushi having the upperhand with strikes, then Zack stops Ibushi from doing his moonsault plancha and drags him onto to the apron in a heel hold and from there keeps locking Ibushi’s leg in various submissions throughout as Ibushi fights back in whatever way he can to stay in it. You could argue his leg selling is a little inconsistent but I think he did well with it mostly and there was a lot of really nice counters on the go. In the end though it’s a Kamigoe with the exposed knee that gives Ibushi the victory.
Really like how the match was played out and executed, very engaging and superb work by both.
Winner: Ibushi [2] (via Kamigoe) ****3/4

B Block Main Event – Kenny Omega vs. Tetsuya Naito

Last years finalists main event day 2 in another fantastic match-up. Love the little taunting and mocking they do of each other early on and from there it’s a lots of good back and forth with an incredible finishing stretch where Kenny keeps blocking the Destino and eventually hits the one winged Angel to get the win. Just great chemistry from these guys as always making for a very exciting match-up that had the crowd fully invested and was on a similar level to their previous G1 encounters.
Winner: Omega [2] (via One Winged Angel) ****3/4

Well what a great start to B Block with a nice variety of very enjoyable matches, those final two are definitely highly recommended though I personally just about preferred Sabre/Ibushi. Ishii/Yano and Sanada/Goto are also worth checking out too though depending on how invested you are in those talents. All in all though a very good day 2.

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