NJPW G1 Climax 28 Day 3 (16/7/18) Review


It’s G1 Day 3 with more action from A block featuring Fale/Okada and Tanahashi/White. Lets go!

A Block Match – Michael Elgin vs. Hangman Page

Great first Block match for day 3, Page gets a bit of control in the early part, but this was mostly back and forth and escalated really nicely with some good action and nearfalls on the go and the crowd getting more and more reactive as the match progressed. Page worked hard and kept up really well with the big man but in the end a big Elgin bomb puts him down for the 3 count. Page could have a great tournament if he keeps this up well aside from the losing of course.
Winner: Elgin [4] (via Big Elgin Bomb) ****

A Block Match – EVIL vs. YOSHI-HASHI

Really good match between these two. EVIL keeps targeting YOSHI’s injured shoulder but eventually YOSHI doesn’t give a crap and tears off the tape from his shoulder to show that he’ll fight through the pain. It was another spirited performance from him as he tried hard to get the victory and once again I was rooting for him. He came close but unfortunately he gets stopped because everything is EVIL.
Winner: EVIL [4] (via EVIL) ***3/4

B Block Match – Minoru Suzuki vs. Togi Makabe

Solid match-up. Guys right off the bat start throwing elbows at each other and the match is literally 90% just that which is exactly what you’d expect really. Though Suzuki also takes out Makabe with a chair on the outside at one point, making it a struggle for Makabe to fully come back. But he does and hits the 2 king kong knee drops to get the win. Match did lose me a couple of times and feel like Suzuki was the only one putting real oomph in his elbow shots. But I still enjoyed it overall.
Winner: Makabe [4] (via King Kong Kneedrop) ***1/4

B Block Match – Bad Luck Fale vs. Kazuchika Okada

Very good match. These guys always work well together so they delivered some solid action. The Tonga’s do get involved a few times with Roa interfering to help Fale get some control and then at the end Tama does a run-in while the ref is distracted to hit a gunstun, allowing Fale to hit the Bad Luck Fall to get the win as Okada loses twice in a row, not a good start for the former champ at all. Didn’t mind the interference, seems like it’s gonna be a common factor for these guys throughout the tournament which I know will disappoint a lot but they are a heel faction so it makes sense and as long its no senseless DQ like the Fale/Page match I’m ok with it. Other than that this was good stuff and I’m enjoying some of Okada’s little things he’s been doing, like his little lucha tease. he did.
Winner: Fale [2] (via Bad Luck Fall) ***1/2

B Block Match – Jay White vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Excellent main event that was better than their Wrestle Kingdom match. White Follows Suzuki’s way from day 1 and goes after Tanahashi’s leg, giving him control though as the match progresses though he begins to just punish Tana in general and it really becomes another struggle for Tana to really get back into the things. He’s still get some offense in but then there comes the ending then goes to the same as White/Okada with White trying to bring a chair in and the ref being thrown about plus some low blows added to the mix.
for the finish Tana gets up top for the High Fly flow but a groggy, desperate White throws the ref into the corner which takes down Tanahashi, Jay then throws the chair at Tana’s head and hits the bladerunner for the victory. Two massive wins for Jay already in the tournament, some people may not be fussed on the finish but I liked it and it certainly gets a reaction. I thought the rest of the match was laid out really well too with Jay coming out looking strong even as a dirty cheating. Great performance by Tanahashi too who really sold the punishment well as always. Enjoyed it a lot.
Winner: Jay White [4] (via Bladerunner) ****1/4

Really solid day for A Block, main event was definitely the best match followed closely by Page/Elgin. Everything else was still enjoyable though probably worht checking out if you have the time.

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