NJPW G1 Climax 28 Final (12/8/18) Review


It’s here the 2018 G1 final as Kota Ibushi Take on Hiroshi Tanahashi, now since there’s only one G1 match I usually would review the rest of the undercard, but I slept later than intended and aren’t bothered about watching them back so I’m just gonna jump into the final.

G1 Climax 28 Final – Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kota Ibushi

And what an amazing final this was. A 35 minute epic that absolutely flew by and did not feel that long at all, but that’s what you get when the atmosphere is incredible and the excitement is at a high.
Omega was of course out in Ibushi’s corner but Shibata also came out to be in Tanahashi’s corner which was lovely. They had a nice feeling out process and then Tana starts going after Ibushi’s leg. Ibushi does his best to fight through the pain and seems intent on crushing Tanahashi’s sternum with his feet, but once Tana fails to make Ibushi submit with the Texas Cloverhold he abandons the legwork and sticks to other means to try to win.
There was a great little slap exchange which to start out had Ibushi on top slapping Tana into the corner but then Tana pops up with all the fire in the world and starts absorbing Ibushi’s slaps as the crowd goes wild and the emotions really stirred up in me. I’ve said before that Tanahashi as embodied the ‘be a survivor’ line for this years G1 and he was doing his best to survive some of Ibushi’s tough offence including that brutal moonsault double kneeedrop, but after some more great back and forth it looked like Ibushi was finally gonna get it as he sets up Tana for the Kamigoe… but Tana still has fight in him and counters Ibushi into the Twist and Shout, he hits another and a dragon suplex for a nearfall and then finally finishes off Ibushi with 3 High Fly Flows, one to the back, one while Ibushi is standing and then one final normal one that gets Tanahashi the win.  Tremendous performance from both men, I was heavily invested and they delivered big time. I’m sure quite a few are disappointed that Ibushi lost but his time his sure to come soon, Tanahashi on the other hand has the spirit but is definitely getting more worn down as he gets older and so his chances of winning such big thing are only getting slimmer and slimmer, plus Omega vs. Tanahashi is a match that has only ever happened once so it seems a good fit for a Wrestle Kingdom Main event. But hey there’s a chance that things could change in the next few months so we’ll see but I’d certainly be happy with the match we currently have.
Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi (via High Fly Flow) *****

So yeah another a tremendous final with a great atmosphere that is definitely worth your time as we end another good G1 tournament that had it’s fair share of awesome matches as well a nice bit of trashy OG bullet club stuff to sit along side it.

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