AAA Triplemania XXVI (25/8/18) Review


It’s time for AAA’s biggest shows of the year and like last year I thought I’d take a look and review. Let’s hope just problems are minimal and we get a fun show.

Match 1 – Key to glory match: Astrolux, Dragon Bane & Freelance vs. Aramis, Drastik Boy & Latigo

So this first match is where a bunch of guys from the indies are given a chance to impress and win a AAA contract, so this leads to a fun fast paced match with a fair amount of cool shit being busted out. There a couple of mistimed things but it mostly goes well and in the end Freelance hits a super ‘rana off the top to get the win.
Winner: Freelance/Astrolux/Dragon bane (via Super inverted rana) ***

-They hold a tribute to the recently diseased Villano III

Match 2 – AAA Cruiserweight Title Match: Australian Suicide (c) vs. ACH vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Shane Strickland

Lovely little clusterfuck with some fun quick paced action. Strickland makes a big mistake at the end where he ‘rana’s Suicide off of Sammy’s shoulder’s and then does a dropkick through the ropes to ACH outside leaving Guevara to capitalise on Stricklands move by hitting a 630 on Suicide to become the new cruiserweight champion.
Winner: Guevara (via 630) ***

-After the match Kevin Cross comes out and offers a Suicide a place in the MAD faction.

-They officially start things with fireworks and the parade of the founding fathers of AAA.

Match 3 – AAA World Mixed Tag Team Title Match: Big Mami & Nino Hamburguesa (c) vs. Angelikal & La Hiedra vs. Dinastia & Lady Maravilla vs. El Hijo del Vikingo & Vanilla

This was tornado rules so another chaotic match-up but it was a lot of fun. Features a few crazy dives like Angelikal hitting a springboard 630 plancha. Him, Vikingo and  Dinastia are so good and do some cool stuff. But you’ve also got some variety with the champs big Mami and Humburguesa squashing and throwing people about, though they also do the own dives at one point which was nice and in the end they successfully retain after Mami hits Vikingo with a big scrapbuster and Hamburguesa then frogplashes him for the pinfall.
Winners: Mami/Hamburguesa (via Frogsplash) ***1/2

Match 4 – AAA World Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Four Way Ladder Match: Team AAA (Aero Star & Drago) vs. Team ELITE (Bandido & Flamita) vs. Team ELITE (Golden Magic & Laredo Kid) vs. Team Impact! (Andrew Everett & DJ Z)

What a mental car crash spot fest this was. You’ve got a lot of good talent in there busting out a load of cool spots that includes some nasty looking bumps and there was even a moonsault fallaway slam through a table thrown in there. In the end Flamita helps throw up Bandido on to  the ladder and he gets the contract making his team the No.1 contenders. Enjoyed that a lot fair play.
Winners: Bandido/Flamita – ****

-After the match the MAD faction come down to the ring, they do a big heel promo and call everyone garbage…Pagano and Murder Clown come down to clean house but then quickly leave? Vampiro demands his music to play on commentary and then he gets in the ring to confront Konnan and there’s an exchange of words and Vampiro wants to fight Konnan. Why did Pagano and Murder Clown even come down in the first place then?

Match 5 – Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana) vs. Team AAA (Mamba, Maximo & Pimpinela Escarlata) vs. Team ELITE (Taurus, El Hijo de LA Park & Puma King)

More tornado rules here, This one wasn’t as chaotic butthe pace was still quick and it was still solid over featuring a few comical elements thanks of course to the exoticos and there was some other good stuff on the go, in the end del Norte get the win after ganging up on Hijo de La Park and finishing him with a frog splash.
Winners: Neuvo Poder del Norte (via frog splash) ***1/4

Match 6 – Lumberjack Match: Los OGTs (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly) vs. MAD (Jack Evans, Juventud Guerrera & Teddy Hart)

The lumberjacks all have belts so anyone going on the outside gets whipped and there’s even a part where the ref gets dragged out and whipped.
It’s a decent little match, the stipulation means there are actually no dives in this match which is rare for a lucha match so that makes a change, but of course you still got someone like Jack busting out the flippy shit. This is also partly worked like a normal tag match but then completely breaks down. At the end Neuvo Poder Del Norte come out to interfere and attack the OGTs who manage to fend them off and then Super Fly folds up Teddy Hart with a powerbomb to get the win. Whole thing I think went on a little too long but was still quite enjoyable.
Winners: OGT’s (via Powerbomb) ***

-After the match Neuvo Poder Del Norte and OGT’s continue to brawl each other.

Match 7 – Street Fight: Joe Lider, Murder Clown & Pagano vs. Los Mercenarios (El Texano Jr., La Mascara & Rey Escorpion)

Man this was some real good trashy hardcore fun, loved it. You got trash cans, light tubes, skewers, thumbtacks, tables, a powerbomb into a shopping cart, an exploder(?) off the ramp through a flaming table and then to top it all off Texano J’r wins the match whipping Lider with a flaming bullrope. An awesome match for fans of hardcore stuff.
Winners: Los Mercenarios (via Flaming bullrope) ****1/4

Match 8 – Mask vs. Hair Match: Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani

This was a really solid. At first Faby is just beating the hell out of Shani utilising the chair and the help of Taurus who is in her corner. Hamburguesa is in shani’s corner but gets taken out and injured by Taurus so La Park comes down to help and that point Shani manages to get back into things and so the match becomes even. However the ref happens to be corrupt and in the favour of Apache making fast and slow counts and helping her reach the ropes during a submission, he accidentally gets taken out by Apache’s missile dropkick and Taurus gets involved once more so Shani is laid out but La Park takes him out again and a new ref comes out, who confronts and takes out the old ref before Shani hits a lungblower and gets the win so Faby now loses her hair. Quite rough and bloody contest and it was an all around good time.
Winner: Shani (via lungblower) ***1/2

Match 9 – AAA Mega title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Brian Cage vs. Fenix vs. Rich Swann

Well this odd. Old man Jarrett was of course kept a limited role mainly just uses his guitar, showboats and takes a couple small bumps, that leaves every one else to do the work and they bust out some fun stuff. At one point Jarrett is showing off on the outside and the owner Marisela throws beer in his face, Fenix then does a tope con hilo and ends up flying into Marisela which I’m not sure if he was meant to do that or not but they sell it like she was injured. At the end Jarrett takes out the ref with a guitar  and does a low blow on fenix for the pin cover and out comes a ref dressed like La Park which is what happened when Jarrett won the title as Konnan was the one where the Park masked, but this time it turns out to be Dr. Wagner Jr. who was the man Jarrett screwed out of the title and so a shocked double J gets hit with a cutter from Fenix and Wagner makes the the pin count making Fenix the new AAA mega champion. Whole match just didn’t seem to mesh that well, Cage and Swann were literally just there so Jarrett didn’t have to do much and so some interesting stuff would happen. It was still enjoyable though to a certain extent mainly thanks to Fenix.
Winner: Fenix (via cutter) **3/4

Main Event – Mask vs. Mask Cage Match: El Hijo del Fantasma vs. LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Psycho Clown

So in this match once two people have escaped the cage, the cage is lifted and the two left go one on one with the loser having to remove his mask. This was a somewhat enjoyable spectacle that was also a bit all over the place. In the cage they basically do some hardcore stuff including a table and chairs. Pentagon is the first to escape after throwing a fireball in Psycho clown’s face and then Psycho clown escapes leaving Park and Fantasma to go at it. Things get a little rough and bloody and the rip each others masks. The corrupt ref is back however and load of shit happens with him, probably too much but in the end Park hits a spear and gets the win so Fantasma is the one who loses his mask. Decent enough but wasn’t super into it crowd certainly were though.
Winner: La Park (via spear) ***

-After the mask is removed Dr. Wagner comes down and challenges La Park to a mask vs. Hair match!….nice.

Well that was definitely a fun show AAA mega title match was the weakest part but pretty much everything else was good to great. Favourite match was definitely the street fight which seemingly over-delivered and exceed my expectations.
Fair dos AAA a much better show than last year.

Thanks for reading.

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