WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 2 (12/9/18) Review


Time for more first round match-ups from the 2018 MYC and after a solid start last week, lets see if they manage to keep it up.

Match 1 – Priscilla Kelly vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Pretty solid match. Deonna runs rings around Kelly in the beginning with some impressive agility, Kelly then get a bit of control before Deonna gets back in it and transitions a Russian legsweep into a Fujiwara Armbar to get the win. Very simple match that was executed well with Deonna certainly standing out.
Winner: Purazzo (via fujiwara armbar) ***

Match 2 – Aerial Monroe vs. Zeuxis

This was ok, I don’t think the two meshed very well with things going a bit awkward and sloppy. Aerial had heaps of charisma though, which was one of the main highlights especially with her getting pissed as Zeuxis constantly grabbing at her hair. So yeah It weren’t too bad just things felt a bit off. Spanish fly that Zeuxis uses to win was nice though.
Winner: Zeuxis (via spanish fly) **1/2

Match 3 – Reina Gonzales vs. Kacy Catanzaro

This was pretty good. Kacy is considered a underdog here due¬† her lack of experience and the considerable size difference between and Reina. So she ends up getting thrown about for most of the match but also gets to showcase flashes of her impressive athleticism and in the end manages to overcome Reina countering her with a victory roll that gets the 3 count for upset victory. It was a nice little David vs. Goliath type story, Kacy certainly has good potential though you can still see she’s a little green and Reina played her dominance role well too.
Winner: Kacy (via a victory roll) ***

Main Event – Ashley Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez

Good main event. Very back and forth though it was odd with some of the moves they were busting out. For instance Mercedes does a version of a Storm Cradle Driver really early on which felt out of place considering that usually is straight up finisher, also Ashley seems to hit a cutter as a normal move and n a different promotion maybe that wouldn’t have phased me but it’s weird to see those moves just thrown into a match in WWE. Mercedes ends up getting the win after hitting a fisherman buster, solid showing from Rayne though, interesting seeing her out of a TNA setting and Enjoyable match overall.
Winner: Mercedes (via fisherman buster) ***

Not as consistent as last week but still a pretty good episode overall. Not sure what I’d say was the best match since 3 out of the 4 were all on a very similar level, all of it being solid stuff so whatever takes your fancy really.

Thanks for reading.


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