WOS Wrestling 2018 Episode 8 (15/9/18) Review


Time for more modern World of Sport featuring the battle between two power couples and a mask vs. mask match.

Match 1 – WOS Womens Title No.1 Contenders match: Viper vs. Ayesha

Decent match. Was pretty much a battle of power and strength with lots of clashing and Viper getting a bit of control. She also ends up getting the victory after managing to hit the Michinoku driver on Ayesha. They kept things pretty simple but it worked well enough.
Winner: Viper (via Michinoku driver) **3/4

Match 2 – Bea Priestly/Will Ospreay vs. Kay Lee Ray/Stevie Boy

This was a really good and one of the best matches WOS have had so far. It was consistently paced and packed with fun back and forth action even including a cheeky reverse ‘rana and canadian destroyer, although for some reason they cut away from a running boot and elbow shots(?) but not the head dropping moves? their whole censor system makes no sense. But yeah everyone was on form here and really delivered something very enjoyable. Ospreay gets the win for his team hitting the Stormbreaker.
Winners: Bea/Ospreay (via Strombreaker) ***3/4

Match 3 – British Bulldog Jr. vs. Iestyn Rees

Solid match. Things are very even in the beginning with them even going for a test of strength. Rees then gets the control working on Bulldog’s arm although they cut away whenever he stomps on it cause you don’t want them old ladies calling Ofcom complaining about arms being stomped on. Bulldog eventually comes back and we get a good bit of back and forth (though the armwork does get disregarded) with Bulldog ending up with the win hitting a powerslam.
Winner: Bulldog (via powerslam) ***1/4

Main event – Mask vs. Mask match: Crater vs. Robbie X

So to win this match you actually have to unmask your opponent. This was a pretty good big man vs. little man match though with Robbie getting to fly about but also taking a bit of a beat down and Crater even busts out his own dropkick which was pretty surprising given his size. They worked the dynamic well and at the end Robbie manages to hit the X express and unmasks Crater for the win.
Winner: Robbie X (via unmasking) ***

-after the match Crater keeps his face covered with his hands and takes the mask back from Robbie and puts it back on, making the whole thing a little pointless but I guess they want to continue teasing his identity.

-Stu Bennet then gets on the Mic and says he has breaking news so you can call me Breaking News Bennett (ha). Says next week all members of the male roster will be in a never before seen match and whoever wins gets a title shot against Rampage Brown…so a battle Royale? but also what about the whole thing they’ve been doing with Justin Sysum? surely they were booking it all for him to get another title shot and it’s just been completely disregarded…Ah well.

Another solid episode this week, enjoyed all the matches they produced especially the mixed tag which has certainly been of the best thus far, though the booking still remains inconsistent and their choppy censoring is bit mind boggling. But at least the action was good.

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